Sadda Haq 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritika does sanyu’s make up. Sanyu says thats enough. I don’t have to go to a fashion show. Kritiak says you have to walk in front of Aryan anyway. Sanyu says what you mean?Kritika says we all know something is going to between you and aryan. Sanyu says we are just good friends. Kritka says to sanaya like you and randhir are just friends. Sanaya says sheikhu and i.. Sanyu says what between you and arjun. kritika says what? Sanyu says you were following him that day. Randhir calls sanaya.
Randhir says she will take whole day. He comes to room and sees sanyu.
Joy says I have even invited my friends. Arjun says where is the party? Arjun says aryan is on a secret party with sanyu. Aryan says comes and unlocks the gate. He says lets go. He blows the whistle. The place is all decorated. Everyone drinks. Kritika says where is arjun.
Arjun comes to becky. Becky says this baglow is of my ex. Arjun says really? She says keep guessing.

Aryan holds sanyu’s hand and says lets cheer for our lead. Everyone is dancing. Sanaya gives them all brownies. sanyu says they are so nice. Sanaya tells sumit that brownies had alcohols in them. He says give one to randhir as well. Sanyu says to randhir I made them. He says no thanks. sanaya says eat one please. he eats it. Becky comes and says thank you for the brownies. I love them so much.

The dance starts on, larki beautiful. Arayn dances with sanyu. Randhir is on the side with his drink. Aryan dances close to sanyu. She is uncomfortable. Sanyu leaves. Aryan says in heart I can’t even tell you how good I feel. Aryan says to sanyu I am sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Sanyu says its okay. Sanyu says shots? He says yeah. Randhir takes one and says cheers. Its a lovely party. Good arrangement. Can I dance with the one you have arranged this party for. Aryan says if she doesn’t mind. Randhir says come on sanyu be a support.
Randhir dances with sanyu. He zip is unlocked. Randhir zips it. He says I just came here to show you how hopeless you are. He shoves her.

Kritika sees arjun. He says why you come after me? You are not of my type. Krtika says go to hell. She comes back to sanyu and sanayaa and drinks. Joy comes and says may I dance with you?Aryan says lets dance sanyu. Randhir drinks and takes sanaya for a dance.
All couples dance on janam janam. Sanyu sees randhir with sanaya.

Precap-Randhir says sanaya what are you doing alone in pool? I could give you company. He takes of his shirt and says you look gorgeous and comes close to her. He is about to kiss her.Sanyu is seeing all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. How rude sanyu!u were uncomfortable like really!
    jab dekho tab aryan ko hug karti rehti hai!
    Oh God….Seriously Sanyu is a mad!
    And Rd!!using sanaya.don’t care about others but according to me this time sanaya is not at fault.RD is at fault.huh.
    but episode itni acchi kiyu thiiiii…..i just loved it……

  2. Rd is making Sanyu jealous and he still cares for her
    Aryan is also cute

  3. What an episode. Moreover the dance!Guys wht do u think how was the party??

    1. Jyotika bhanushree

      Sanyu what are u doing i mean really you feel uncomfortable rd ko kiss karte time to esa kuch nhi hua aryan really love u yar ab uske sath dance to kr hi sakti ho na anyways nice episode .

  4. Guys…
    Mon,Randhir kisses Sanaya to make Sanyukta jealous.
    Tue,Randhir challenges Sanyukta.
    Wed,Sanaya confesses to Sanyukta about her relationship with Randhir.
    Thur,While Sanyukta leads the team during a mission, Randhir has plans to ruin it.
    Fri,Randhir is disturbed when he notices Aryan helping Sanyukta

    1. Nice.. The drama of jealousy when it will end.. I hope they both realises their love towards each other

  5. The wow wud be then when rd saw Sanyu dressed up… I m dying to see the episode…..

  6. About to kissss…..
    Seriously thats what gonna make sanyu jealous…..
    He shouldnt hav crossed his limits nd I kno he ll not…gud track..

  7. Hii guyzz i m commenting after 4-5 days.. where r u all karina princess bk dhruv sheena liya n evry1 else…. todays epi ws dhansu!!!! Eagrly waiting 4 rd to make sanyu jealous.. harshita looking beautiful in her off shouldr top…

    1. Hiiii …. Swarna dear welcome back 🙂

  8. Rd making sanyu jealous …. Umm … Not likeable ! I would only like to see rd jealous ! ? ?

    I think aryan was a little too much…. ? No wonder rd was burning wid jealousy ? ? ?

    But have to say the party was awsome ! ?????

  9. RD is making sanyu jealous by using sHaNaYa!bnot bad
    i loved Aryukta dance.. killed it.Aryan was soo decent. he said sry for making her uncomfortable. cute yrr

  10. Spoilers r here…..

    Monday- randhir kisses sanaya to make sanyukta jealous

    Tuesday- Randhir challenges sanyukta

    Wednesday – Sanaya confess to randhir about her relationship with randhir

    Thursday – while sanyukta leads the team during a mission … Randhir has plans to ruin it…

    Friday – Randhir is disturbed when he notices Aryan helping Sanyukta …

    :)… Probably it can help for guessing next week’s episode 😉

    1. no wonder yrr now sandhir is a laughing stock!Rd kissed sanaya.yuck disgusting,cv has gone mad.
      I love the show anyway bcz cv haa much experience more thn us.problem is RD is not getting jealous, he is disturbed.i hate the kisssss??????????

  11. Spoilers are here guys..
    Mon – rd kisses sanaya to make Sanyu jealous
    Tue – rd challenges sanyukta…
    Wed-sanaya confesses to sanyukta about her relationship with randhir..
    Thursday – while sanyukta leads the team during the mission, rd has plans to ruin it….
    Fri – rd is disturbed when he notices aryan helping sanyukta…

  12. oh one more thing!Sanyu was jealous? i mean she saw thm before also that to at closely state and smiled???
    don’t know!!

  13. And sanyu was looking sooooo gorgeous !
    Our poor rd couldn’t help but stare at her !
    And she even tied up her hair just to tease rd ! Ok may not be to tease him but out of frustration… But still ! ? ? ?

    Those old sandhir days …. Yaar just miss those cute sandhir fights yaar ! Our sherni sanyu … And our cute rd !

    I’m happy ki sandhir reunion hone wala hai ?

    Afterall hum jealous tab hote hai jab Hume kisi se behath pyaar ho !!! ?????

  14. Hii guyzz..whr r u all??? Karina princess bk dhruv sheena sanyu liya n all others… 2days epi ws awsm… waitng 4 sanyu 2 gt jealous… wat do u all think???

  15. Wow what an episode.. Its gud to see rd jealous.. they will be uniting soon 🙂 And Aryukta dance just killed it… & Aryan is too well mannered. he even says sorry to sanyu.. Luv both aryan and sandhir…
    SHQ rockz.. 🙂

  16. Dead dead dead
    Hrtbrokn hrtbrokn hrtbrok…..
    Will rd teally kiss sanaya….
    Goshhh I was lyk weepin….sayin time to leave d earth…..
    Ohhh godddd save me…I cant bare thisss…..I may not evn see that part…

    Mujhse bura haal toh sanyu ka hoga….
    Hope she dosent see them….but in precap seeing them….whats in ur mind rd sweetheart……

    Heyyy liyu mayu sur deareeesss thanksss for the spoilers….

    I think everyone is shoked nd feels tge way im seeing….

    Sanyu+rd sandhir..
    sanaya+Rd ranaya…

  17. Nyc episode…but hw can he kiss sanaya even it is making sanyu jealous…. i dont wanna see mondayz episode….

  18. It’s just like history repeating itself…
    I would like to see sanyu jealous…(hate that rd kissing sanaya,I really don’t like her)
    I like both aryan and rd….I don’t want to see both of them with any other girl is than sanyu..
    Both aryunkta and sandhir look awsm……
    It is really difficult to decide with whom I want to see sanyu with…..
    Cv has created such a confusion….both aryan and rd are cute….???

    Request to cv…..I m dying to see sadda haq old caste…..plzzz at least show them even once…

  19. Thank u liya n mayuri for the spoilers…bt this week is gonna upset me…

    How r u my frndz????
    Dhruv, maddy n mukti all the very best to u guys for ur exams.. Do well..n when u all comeback, we’ll have fun…till then study hard?..luv u all

    1. Welcome dear 🙂 …. Yaah!!! It will be but let’s see every episode contain twist … And the seven days challenge … 😉

  20. Haha sanyu ke liye gaana…
    Kiskiso pyaar karuu haaye kaise pyaar karu…baba kitna pyaar karu..haye mai toh mar gaiyaa

  21. Finally it’s sanyu’s turn to be jealous that’s tit for tat thanks for this and making rd centre of attractions not ssanyu or anyone else
    param u’ll be always a heartthrob whether ranaya or sandhir
    Friends necer make u feel uncomfortable till our comfort matters to them then their pleasure

    1. umm…well said???

  22. Hi Nishu,richu,rakshi,ayeesha,dhruv,swarna,karina,mayuri,ayaana,sheena,aparna,liya,,shreya,
    Geeth,enasanyukta,suranjan,richa Do u guys remember me I m princess 🙁
    Well how r u all.
    Today ep was so,,, nice
    Gud night to u alll
    Well guys which games do u play in your tab,laptop etc
    I play sim freeplay,superstar life,fashion design world

    1. Heyy roseyy princess..whre wer u??
      N dont u come here dear??

    2. Hiii dear … No way … How can I forget u sweetie… And yes I like to play games mine is cooking dash, fashion design,etc 😉 …
      And good night dear 🙂

    3. Gud night utoo mayuri love u. U always reply to my comment 🙂

  23. i think randhir and sanyukta is together for season two

  24. Actually it’s not cv’s fault either. Do u remember mtv kaisy yea yariyaan?
    I was a big fan.Season 1 was superb.Season 2 took new Lead Actor.But we were dying to see the old cast,romance, old lead.on our demand they were forced to bring the old cast and crews.but no story!the show flopped and it aired within 2 months.
    maybe cv took a lesson 😉 frm that.That’s why they r making the show like this.
    moreover RD had 2 years and made a biig fan following. but Aryan had 2 months and made a huge fan following (obviously less thn RD) .maybe that’s why cv is giving more importance to Aryan

    1. No offence but its ONLY the fault of CVs…coz noone said that they couldnt bring a new cast but was it really necessary to remove ALL the old cast…i think if CVs would have kept VidArth and Yoyo in S2 and bring the new cast as well everybody would have been happy…just my opinion didnt me to offend anyone…

  25. Anyone of u have idea , Do Randhir will realy kiss sanaya? ( lip kiss ?????)

    1. No no no…
      Maar daala…rd can never do this. …
      Eww disgusting…the promo is full oposite of the shows…

  26. i know u guys might hate me for this but at this point i ship aryunkta <3

  27. The cvs r creating such a confusion yaar……….
    SanDhirians…first they show rd sanyu opposite the the useless ranaya kissss……….really dissapointing for sanyu fans….

    Aryukata fans first they sjow false hope of love. …we all kno SanDhir reunite…..that’s dissapointing. ….

    Well lets hope for d best….

  28. Aryan was disgusting, just because he apologise it doesnt make it good of what he was doing,
    If Randhir doesn’t deserve Sanyukta so is Aryan
    Ayana Randhir has more fans that Aryan, where did u get that Aryan has more fan following!
    Sandhir will always be a winner and Aryukta will remain as friends I’m glad Sanyukta cleared it up today that they are just good friends!!

    Those stares Sandhir were giving each other while dancing with the latter’s its so cleared that they wanted to dance with each other so bad. They love each other

    When SanDhir were dancing together, that anger, passion between the two, best chemistry no offence to Aryuktas fans but SanDhir are unbeatable

    1. Hey dear correct ….
      The passion in rd sanyu dance was not in aryukta dance…..

    2. i said Randhir has fan following more thn first clear your confusion. i just shared my point of view.Aryan said he is good. randhir is just hurting sanyu.I said ds to Rd(the character) not don’t take it seriously. moreover at ds point RD is acting like a villain. so where is my fault!! m just saying wht m watching.I haven’t made ds track!??plz be nice with all.we can’t have same choice, it’s natural

  29. Heyy everyone dint u realize aftr sanyu dhruv nd all goin this site has becom a little low……
    Not that taste is left….I think im alone here. …

    1. Heyyyy Dear wht shd I do if all gone..
      Hmmm I thnk I too need to keep laptop aside n sit in library..
      No one left..
      Very sad…hope we meet again in life..
      Anywys guys if my frnds ntcoming whts the use of coming..
      Hey richu di by u too gone

    2. Hiii…. Dear… Yes I do think that… But no problem I m here 🙂

  30. No only silence is left here……
    I hav a little work for som days everyone. …
    Ill not be here…keep commenting…ill surely read if possible….gud luk…
    Byeee byeeee..
    Will visit u aftr som days

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