Sadda Haq 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 29th April 2014 Written Update

Dadi’s friend says she will be back to India after few weeks and they can talk more after that. Randhir runs and falls in Dadi’s feet. Dadi asks him who he is. He says, he’s Ankit’s friend. Dadi says that means he should know good stuff about Sanyukta. Randhir praises her and says she is very shy, never comes out of home, etc etc. He remembers Sanyukta in Indian dress and tells Dadi that she looks very pretty when she gets ready.

Sanyukta is hoping Dadi will say no. Dadi comes back and says even though Sanyukta needs to learn a lot of stuff, they will go ahead and do the engagement. For the engagement date, she will talk to a priest and find a good day in a month time or so as she wants to wait for her friend. Randhir smiles. Dadi hugs Sanyukta. Randhir comes back and looks in from the window. He gets lost in some thoughts.

He returns to the college and cannot concentrate on anything. He says to himself what kind of roommates he has got, with one, he doesn’t feel like talking, and other won’t understand anything. He says to himself why would he care whatever happens in Sanyukta’s life. He tries not to think about her. Other hand, Sanyukta cries. She returns to the college and remembers time that she spent there. She says in couple of weeks, all her dreams will be shattered. She recalls how her dad scolded her despite her saying that she worked on the model to help him. She had no other reason. He asked her not to interfere and at least spare him so he can face himself in the mirror.

Jiggy wakes up and sees Randhir sitting on the floor and sleeping. He thinks what kind of roommates he has got as Randhir never shares his problems with him and Parth is never in the room. He thinks of waking Randhir up, but then changes his mind.

Parth hears Dean scolding peons for not knowing how professor Rao’s room gets opened. There’s important stuff inside. Dean asks peons to get new lock which is unbreakable. After Dean leaves, and peons get busy, Parth goes to check. Vardhan comes there and asks if he forgot direction to the classroom. Parth tells him what he heard. Vardhan says him that he got curious after hearing Dean’s conversation, but what about that Vardhan keeps saying him. He reminds Parth of his responsibilities and asks him to get serious. Parth leaves from there. Vardhan closes the door and leaves.

Kastuki comes to Sanyukta and says she was so worried. She asks if all went fine. Sanyukta says yes. Seeing her sad, Kastuki asks what’s the matter. What was urgent work? Sanyukta says there was nothing urgent and tells her everything. Kastuki asks what she will do now. She will quit studies? She has hardly any days left. She can’t say no to her dad. She wishes that she could do something for Sanyukta. Sanyukta says in her mind, she will do whatever needs to be done. She won’t shatter her dream this easily. She will fight. But before all that, she will need to top in her exams in this time.

Sahil is back. Vidushi says he was lucky to miss the task. He asks they finally completed the task, right? Jiggy says yes, but it was pain. Sahil asks why they are gathered then. Vidushi says Parth asked them to, who knows they might have another “interesting” task. All other students come there. Sanyukta wipes her tears. Randhir goes to her and says that she will soon become Mrs. Mittal from Ms. Sanyukta. He tells her to enjoy her last few days in this college. Sanyukta doesn’t respond to him. Randhir’s smile disappears. He tells her to ignore him as she doesn’t have guts to face the truth. He gets irritated with her silence. He says he is happy that she is doing what she should have done long time ago. She is still quiet. He says in his mind, he knows she has a lot to say, but staying quiet. He will see for how long she stays quiet. He goes away and throws paper at her. Sanyukta still doesn’t react.

Parth comes and says he has a special announcement. He alerts everyone to be prepared for Vardhan’s next task. Sahil, Vidushi, Jiggy complain that they just completed a task and their exams are coming up. Randhir tells Parth, mediocres like him have to be prepared, not him. Parth ignores and says they should plan how their dream car would look like, its features, and stuff. And for that, they need to research. Randhir says, you all do research, I am out of here. Parth stops him and says, you’re also a part of this team. Randhir says, he has already read the whole book, he knows what’s in there. Parth says, you can help other students, we will save time. Randhir says, right for the first time in your life, but what’s the use? He looks at Sanyukta and says, your dream team students are already weak and distracted, no matter how much research you do, how will you implement? They need some serious help. Parth says, when you know all, then how can you go leaving the team alone? Both stare at each other.

Precap: Randhir throws something at Sanyukta to get her attention. Vardhan throws a chalk at Randhir and asks him to leave Sanyukta alone. He asks Randhir to get out of his class. Seems like Parth is trying to cheer Sanyukta up by playing his guitar. A peon comes and tells Parth that Vardhan is calling him. Parth leaves. Sanyukta finds a paper. She looks for Parth, but he has left already. She looks at it and reads, love Arpita, on it.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. Thanks for the update

  2. this randhir is such a stupid guy. don’t understand what does he thinks of himself. anyways I don’t care. I’m just excited to watch how sanyukta completes her engineer and becomes a top engineer. just want her to top the batch, aur fir randhir ka expressions bhi toh dekhna hai. 😀

  3. nic episode…i jz liked it….precp wz intrstin..waitin egerly fr 2morow….nd thnx fr d updt tina….

  4. I wsh sanyu n parth fall in love. I think he s gud n cool unlike Randhir wu is so arrogant

  5. rndhir is vry bad he doesn’t care of her feelngs.m wtng whn he realizd tht he did wrng wth sanyu i thnk.. he is only who helps sanyukta

  6. Very nyc epis0de…

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