Sadda Haq 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to her room. She says in heart why didn’t he understand that this money would save our both careers. Vidushi says in heart scholarship should be given to the one who wants to study. sanyu says deserving one wins. She says I needed the fees like you. I don’t have mu family. She says my family is none of your business sanyu.

Next morning sanyu wakes up. She has to pay the fess before 9 am. Sanyu rushes to the counter. She has to pay fees of both randhir and her. She says he had to attend the lecture. Take this fees he will give you the Id. randhir comes and says you don’t have to pay my fees. sanyu says it was decided that winner will pay the fees. Randhir says no it was decided that I will pay for both of us. He says just pay your own fees stop worrying about me.
Sanyu says I am paying the fees stop arguing. He says show everyone. SAnyu says I ma paying it for you because I am not a stranger for you. A guy says sanyu is paying for Randhir. He never took help from anyone. SAnyu pays their fees. Ranhdir leaves in anger.

Parth is talking to his mom on phone. Vidushi comes and puts hands on his eyes. Parth says what are you doing? He disconnects the call and says I care for my family I am not like you. Stop disturbing you. you don’t know what family affection is. Vidushi says in heart yes I hate my parents and you won’t understand.

Randhir asks sanyu to stand up from his chair. sanyu says why are you behaving weird? you have helped me a lot of times without asking. Randhir says don’t create a scene. Why are you creating so much confusion. Just accept it. you dominate like a bf yet say we are not in a relationship. randhir says I don’t wanna accept anything. sanyu says you will have to speak your heart randhir. yoyo says randhir hits the sixer and kill the confusion. Randhir leaves.

Parth says to randhir why don’t you propose her. When you love her. He says why should I propose her? Parth says you are the guy you have to propose her. Ranhdir says she likes to become a guy then she yhas to do this as well. parth says she expects you to propose on your knees with rose. he says I won’t ever be on knees for that sanyu. Parth says don’t ruin your feelings.

Sanyu is shouting in anger. Vidushi says go out with your problems. SAnyu says he doesn’t understand. He says I love you but never comes in a relationship. vidushi says I have a lot of problems, sanyu says related to parth? its all related to boy. Vidushi says yeah he always solves my problems but says he hates me. sanyu says and he expects me to propose him. They both talk about the ego of boy. Vidushi says randhir Is not going to do anything you have to take the initiative. SAnyu says he is the guy he has to propose me. Vidushi says the keep waiting he never will. Vidushi says when they hated each other they fought who will top., parth says now they love and fight who will propose.

Maya is rummaging in Vardhan’s cabin. He comes in and says you are a dean and you are stealing something like students steal exam papers. she syas I came to look for a cigarette. he says tell me the truth. maya says rishi is out of jail and he is on a rampage. He can ruin my life. She starts crying. she says he was saying he will destruct everything. I don’t know what to do. Vardhan hugs her and says don’t worry nothing will happen. we will handle him together. Maya leaves afterwards.

Sanyu and Randhir collide with each other. Randhir says in heart keep thinking I wont propose you sanyu. sanyu says show tantrum but in the end you have to pay.

Scene 2
Sanyu is collecting her love percentage with randhir in library. Its turns out to be 40%. She says its just because of his ego. But well he will propose me. Randhir is standing there and says show me this paper. Its has my name. Sanyu says what if write your name on wall? will you take it home? He tries to snatch the paper from her. Ranhdir says this equation will not satisfy you. stop thinking I will propose you.

Vidushi is looking at her mom’s number and says I should delete it. sanyu says vidushi don’t I look good? I have no one to talk to. Vidushi says you redefine problem. Thank God you realized at least you will yourself better. sanyu says he shows like he is favoring me by loving me. vidushi says you never made him realize your importance. make him jealous and show him that he can lose you. sanyu says do you do that to parth as well? vidushi says yeah sometimes. Vidushi says you are just an ordinary girl. it would be someone idiot like randhir to love you.

Precap-parth is topless playing basketball. sanyu says teach me basketball as well. sanyu hugs him, ranhdir says to parth later what were you doing with snyu? parth says I was teaching her how to play. Do you have any problem? You shouldn’t. you aren’t in a relationship with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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