Sadda Haq 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randhir say you just wanted to porve you are the ebst, sanyu says i never wanted to prove any6thing but if you want i can. Randhir says okay then prove in the final round. Sanyu says yeah see whose innovation will be the best. Vardhan summons them all in.

Vardahn says you are all so lucky to reach the final. You have to tell judges about your innovation. They will ask you question.

yoyo presents his car. Its a toy remote control car. When he starts the car its breaks. He says i have made this delicate so kids can fix it. Roshan says don’t waste our time. Vidushi comes after him. She says I have made these cars’ ball bearing. Roshan says he mentioned that product should be practical. It looks expensive. Vidushi says we can re work on it to reduce the cost. Roshan says i don’t think so. Jiggy comes after her. He says I have made a laptop. 50% of it is made from crap. Roshan says have you conisdered the cost of plastic recylcing. Jiggy says its eco friendly. Parth has made a welding machine. He says its eco friendly. After him, its sanyu’s turn. Sanyu says i have made a machine that can calculate the composition of anything. Roshan says what is its purpose? sanyu says it can calculate any composition. Roshan comes to her and says not bad show me the demo. Sanyu connects the machine. Its working. SHe brings a metal and shows him his composition. Everyone is impressed. Roshan says well done. sanyu says I am glad you liked it. He says I loved it. Now I know you why you are defending champion. No matter what ryouesults are I appreciate your innovation. Randhir says I have made an induction machine that will separate the metallic components. It will melt them on their melting points and separate them. He says does it work. Randhir says yes lest check it. Randhir puts roshan’s hand in the machine. Vereyone says stop him Randhir please. Sanyu says what are doing. Randhir says you touched her from these hands right? Now I will show you. Sanyu picks a rod and hits Randhir on the head. He falls on the floor.

Scene 2
Later randhir is sitting out. Renuka comes there and says are you calm now or will you harm others? He says you harm others actually. She says what satisfaction gave you? Randhir says now I know you left dad for that man. she says I am a human too. I need love too. I could never live with him. Roshan gave me love and understanding. Randhir says I am not interested in your history. His head hurts Renuka says why you hate me? What if harsh moves on? Randhir says dad isn’t shameless like you. she says but he can need someone. He says you never became them someone. Renuka says you will understand when you love someone. Its upto you to accept roshan or not. i can’t force you neither you can stop me. I wanna say that roshan is in my life because of love.

Maya comes to FITE and sees Renuka. She says how is roshan now? renuka sys he will be fine. Maya says I am sorry at what happen. We will rusticate him. We can take even strict action. Renuka says please he is my son. Don’t rusticate him. He has no life outside this college. Maya says but he need punishments. Renuka says for sure. Maya says I hope it wont effect our relationships. Renuka says this is the last year of YSA> but that was decided even before the competition. Here is the name of winner and the cheque.

Maya calls sanyu in her cabin. She says you have won it like last time and here is your cheque. Maya says we have suspended Randhir for one week. SAnu says please don’t do this. He has some emotional problems. Maya says then he shouldn’t have participated in first place. He deserves punishments because of him there will be no more YSA competitions. Sanyu says ma’am you know his personal story. Maya says stop defending him every time. I can’t let the college name ruin because of him. He should have rusticated ideally but renuka ma’am stopped us. Now go and celebrate your triumph instead of crying for him.

Sanyu goes out with her scholarship. Vidushi says look she is the favorite of renuka. Vardahn says she deserved it. Yoyo congratulates sanyu and says its like your hobby to win. Parth says are you okay? She syas yeah. parth says are you worried for randhir? She says he is suspended for a week and there will be no more YSA. yoyo says lets party, sanyu says surly but I have to go somehwre.

Sanyu goes to randhir and says should I submit fees of both of us? He says don’t need to. Don’t intrude in my life. sanyu says you are shouting at me. Randhir says yeah I will. But you won’t ever understand its easy to talk. sanyu says I should be sorry. I thought you will understand.

SAnyu says what you want? You say you love me but don’t want a relationship. Randhir syas don’t talk in front of everyone. She says i will. She says you say we are not in relationship but still you will govern me like a bf. parth says solution is eays. You have to propose her. Vidushi syas you should propose him sanyu if you want a relationship.Sanyu says why should I? Randhir says she always tries to be a boy? She can do all this as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What the hell..sab koi kaisi yeh yariyan ko Shq se compare krne me kyu jute hue h,fb pr bhi sb jhagad rhe h that kky is better than our Shq…..huh aesa to kuch bhi nhi h kal ke aaye serial ko hamare the great show se compare kr rhe h,shq is d best show forever n ever
    in kky they r showing only lust n romance or ise hi bahut accha bata rhe h sorry kisi ko bura lage to bt usme kuch bhi logical nhi dikhate n d lead actress nandini is like frightend all d time,she is nt as bold as our sanyu..

  2. Nidhi di, sabse pehle toh thnk u fr d title!
    Aur woh jiggy jignesh award partially apke liye hi hain. Aapko toh shauk hain na vms banane ka!
    Aur aap jo renuka ko kosvahe ho ja, jab woh sandhir luv story me cupid banegi na, tab bolna! 😉

  3. Aaj bak bak karne ka mood hain…any1 interested?????

  4. I LUV U @[email protected] changer…..

  5. Nothing to say about the episode!!!!Vidushi is really bad i seriously want to kill her yaar…..good precap

  6. i came across a comment saying YSA is to be won by sanyukta and only she deserves it cuz YSA stands for YOUNG SANYUKTA AWARD XD

    1. LOLZ!!!!!
      young sanyukta award! Haan, phir toh haq banta hain na 😀

      1. phir toh sab settle hai randhir ka kabhi chance hi nai tha 😛

  7. Hi Frnds, GdMrng to all Sandhirian,

    I couldn’t watch the episod yestarday & just now gone through the written update.
    I v seen all of your lovely comnts and its very interesting to see the guz who started today as a first comntor and ends himself at 1.39 am with a funny comnts. Its very interesting .

    Howevr its needless to make any comnts now as it enough for today all u made.

    I m here also a Sandhir fan (as u mean not only RD but to Sanyu also).

    I cant blame anyone evn to CV as offering us such a fantastic episod(in many cases we might not understand n support the way its showing us ) but expected something good to happen in next episd where our Hero can prove himself with coming out all of his shortcomings we v evr seen Him in some emotional situation & Sanyu I really appreciate her.

    dont like anybody should stop in watching this epi. Keep continuing .

    Lets see what CV shows us.

  8. randhir_lover

    Hello friends!
    I am new here and I would like 2 join u all……I come here sumtimes and read ur comments……u ppl form a gr8 group!
    so may I join? Thank u so much! And I also want to participate in the competition that (@saddahaqrox_) has opened. But why do u want to make so many comments on 25th November???
    The creative award
    the os competition
    detectives( I m faltoo in writing…the easiest category!)
    thank u cho much!

  9. Hi randhir lover, welcome. We want to make so many comments on 25 nov because is date ko ye show shuru hua tha. Are u new watcher of sadda haq?

  10. randhir_lover

    hi @shraddha!
    Yes, I started watching shq like….2 weeks back…So!

  11. U all r the blind supportter of rd after engngnt ep everyone blame on sanyukta.BUT now u only support rd whenever he broke the trust of sanyu he was behaving like kid.he can not find anything fom his foolish works.we know the script written from the writters and directed by directors but we r discusing abt the show characters so I totally blame on loser rd.(from tdy ep only).but such a foolish work done by randhir singh sekhawat. It is from my soul .

  12. Hey friends, our rd means param is not well. He got chest and throat pain. So pray for him.

  13. first,
    @randhir_lover, Welcum 2 TU!
    Ye kya ho raha hain shq actors ko…pehle harshi ko dengue n ab param……

  14. get well soon dear param…….

  15. hello mere friends!!!!!!!!!!!! I m here. Missed me?????
    waise, I need 2 tell u ppl sumthing. And that sumthing is that, u ppl, jo @saddahaqrox le piche piche kutton jaise ghoomtey rehte ho na, who tumlog bohoth galat ho. That shqrox, jisko tumlog ne TU DT ka mentor bana ke sar pe Chadha rakha hain, she is blo*dy pr*stitute.Jisko tumlog 13 saal ki samajh rahe ho na, who kisi brothel me kaam karti hain. 21 yrs ki hain. Pata nahi kis kis kaise kaise ladkon ke saath soi hai. She is a blo*dy cheapster, an idiotic mother f**ker. She will f**k anyone and evry boy around. Pls tumlog use sar pe na chadhao

  16. Hey @shqrox!
    Jo @ samidha bol rahi hain, kya who sach hain? Agar hain toh gimme ur no na? I wud luv 2 have a night with u. I will pay well don’t worry

  17. What the hell you both are saying. You don’t have some manners. This is not your personal place where whatever you want you can write. And amit here so many people are below 18 so please mind your tounge.

    1. i am sure that was not Amit!

    2. yes,@samidha this is too much,yar tell me one thing aisa kr k tujhe kya milta hai????teri koi selfrespect nahi hai kya???mat kiya kr yar ye sab plz… aur mujhe pata hai wo Amit wala cmnt bhi tera hi hai…… theek hai jo usrname tu use krti hai wo tera nahi hai bt kya tere dil me khud k liye koi rspct nahi hai…to plz stop it!

  18. What the hell is going on here? @samidha, why don’t u just get out of here? I m getting seriously hurt by ur comments. This is not sum personal websie of yours. And how dare u say those things about me? What do you think u pl r? And why the hell do you always have 2 target me? Why???
    please, it is my humble request 2 u. just get out please. U have no right to post such things about any1 here. I always get hurt with your comments, so mission accomplished! Congratulations! But today u hv really done it. If u don’t get out of here today, then I will because I seriously m fed up now and this was d last straw. Please go now or else face the others if I go away.

  19. Hey saddahaqrox we know that they are lying. So be nervous. And who is samidha.

  20. Agar ye amit vala comment bhi samidha ka hi he to am sorry amit. But usne kya post kiya he.vo padhake kisiko bhi gussa ayega na. So firse sorry.

  21. Guyz this link shud cheer up if u r feeling fed up of samidha (I m and it did!)

  22. yes,@samidha this is too
    much,yar tell me one thing
    aisa kr k tujhe kya milta
    hai????teri koi selfrespect
    nahi hai kya???mat kiya kr
    yar ye sab plz… aur mujhe
    pata hai wo Amit wala cmnt
    bhi tera hi hai…… theek hai
    jo usrname tu use krti hai
    wo tera nahi hai bt kya tere
    dil me khud k liye koi rspct
    nahi hai…to plz stop it!

  23. and this one is ashiqui 2, sandhir style!

  24. Hey saddahaqrox we know that they are lying so don’t be nervous. We like to read your comments.

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