Sadda Haq 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randhir say you just wanted to porve you are the ebst, sanyu says i never wanted to prove any6thing but if you want i can. Randhir says okay then prove in the final round. Sanyu says yeah see whose innovation will be the best. Vardhan summons them all in.

Vardahn says you are all so lucky to reach the final. You have to tell judges about your innovation. They will ask you question.

yoyo presents his car. Its a toy remote control car. When he starts the car its breaks. He says i have made this delicate so kids can fix it. Roshan says don’t waste our time. Vidushi comes after him. She says I have made these cars’ ball bearing. Roshan says he mentioned that product should be practical. It looks expensive. Vidushi says we can re work on it to reduce the cost. Roshan says i don’t think so. Jiggy comes after her. He says I have made a laptop. 50% of it is made from crap. Roshan says have you conisdered the cost of plastic recylcing. Jiggy says its eco friendly. Parth has made a welding machine. He says its eco friendly. After him, its sanyu’s turn. Sanyu says i have made a machine that can calculate the composition of anything. Roshan says what is its purpose? sanyu says it can calculate any composition. Roshan comes to her and says not bad show me the demo. Sanyu connects the machine. Its working. SHe brings a metal and shows him his composition. Everyone is impressed. Roshan says well done. sanyu says I am glad you liked it. He says I loved it. Now I know you why you are defending champion. No matter what ryouesults are I appreciate your innovation. Randhir says I have made an induction machine that will separate the metallic components. It will melt them on their melting points and separate them. He says does it work. Randhir says yes lest check it. Randhir puts roshan’s hand in the machine. Vereyone says stop him Randhir please. Sanyu says what are doing. Randhir says you touched her from these hands right? Now I will show you. Sanyu picks a rod and hits Randhir on the head. He falls on the floor.

Scene 2
Later randhir is sitting out. Renuka comes there and says are you calm now or will you harm others? He says you harm others actually. She says what satisfaction gave you? Randhir says now I know you left dad for that man. she says I am a human too. I need love too. I could never live with him. Roshan gave me love and understanding. Randhir says I am not interested in your history. His head hurts Renuka says why you hate me? What if harsh moves on? Randhir says dad isn’t shameless like you. she says but he can need someone. He says you never became them someone. Renuka says you will understand when you love someone. Its upto you to accept roshan or not. i can’t force you neither you can stop me. I wanna say that roshan is in my life because of love.

Maya comes to FITE and sees Renuka. She says how is roshan now? renuka sys he will be fine. Maya says I am sorry at what happen. We will rusticate him. We can take even strict action. Renuka says please he is my son. Don’t rusticate him. He has no life outside this college. Maya says but he need punishments. Renuka says for sure. Maya says I hope it wont effect our relationships. Renuka says this is the last year of YSA> but that was decided even before the competition. Here is the name of winner and the cheque.

Maya calls sanyu in her cabin. She says you have won it like last time and here is your cheque. Maya says we have suspended Randhir for one week. SAnu says please don’t do this. He has some emotional problems. Maya says then he shouldn’t have participated in first place. He deserves punishments because of him there will be no more YSA competitions. Sanyu says ma’am you know his personal story. Maya says stop defending him every time. I can’t let the college name ruin because of him. He should have rusticated ideally but renuka ma’am stopped us. Now go and celebrate your triumph instead of crying for him.

Sanyu goes out with her scholarship. Vidushi says look she is the favorite of renuka. Vardahn says she deserved it. Yoyo congratulates sanyu and says its like your hobby to win. Parth says are you okay? She syas yeah. parth says are you worried for randhir? She says he is suspended for a week and there will be no more YSA. yoyo says lets party, sanyu says surly but I have to go somehwre.

Sanyu goes to randhir and says should I submit fees of both of us? He says don’t need to. Don’t intrude in my life. sanyu says you are shouting at me. Randhir says yeah I will. But you won’t ever understand its easy to talk. sanyu says I should be sorry. I thought you will understand.

SAnyu says what you want? You say you love me but don’t want a relationship. Randhir syas don’t talk in front of everyone. She says i will. She says you say we are not in relationship but still you will govern me like a bf. parth says solution is eays. You have to propose her. Vidushi syas you should propose him sanyu if you want a relationship.Sanyu says why should I? Randhir says she always tries to be a boy? She can do all this as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Done with the show sanyukta won the competition on the other hand randhir lost….
    Its like Randhir is the joke of the show he is the no 1 student of FITE for namesake….
    Showing again Randhir is incapable of anything!!
    blo*dy Annoyed :\ :\

    1. ttly agree!!!

    2. funny in spite of what happened tdy, there is going to be a proposal scene tom… with Parth advising Randhir and Vidu asking sanyu to take the initiative!!! lolz!!!!

    3. Vidhushi the double face loser i am sure encouraging sanyukta to propose randhir she definately has a some motive behind it…

    4. arre Amit ji – i forgot the tagline of this show – HIS STORY IS NOW HER STORY!!! issi liye har bar sanyu ban jaathi hai mahaan!

    5. Amit ji plzz dnt say that i m a teenager call me amit…. 😀
      Going by the tagline meera sanyukta should have been lunatic here

    6. Meera the thing about the captaincy of dream team i totally agree with u and i wouldn’t be surprised if that happens…

    7. o meera , [email protected] changer, amit what do u think about urself really this is a female protagonist show not ur randhir’s show so i would like 2 recommend to stop commenting bcoz i hate randhir and he don’t have any respect 4 any1 and if u cant c this show so start watching kaisi yeh yaariyan on mtv man-fri @ 6:30 pm recap 10o’clock…………. i m sure u will like the plot and specially manik and nandini that is manan……. i luv them …………l;’,./,

    8. I can understand its a women oriented show but the show should be balanced both of them are rivals and lovers at the same time and most importantly both are the important element of the show…
      If one keeps on improving and the other one no improvement at all then it will spoil the fun of the show there has to be some moments where Randhir has to prove himself and his skills to backup as the no 1 student of fite but his actions doesnt show such i am randhir all the way but i dont hate sanyukta
      but assuming from ur comment “i hate randhir” u wont understand what we are trying to say ! :\

    9. if u have dare then reply faster and lets start the debate on sanyu and randhir i mean sandhir

    10. I understand that this show is about sanyukta but sidetracking others is not acceptable. can’t see sanyu as mahan everytime. I expected randhir to ignore renuka and concentrate on his work. but the cvs turned the whole thing upside down. I never expected this. i’m sure london dream team competition ke liye bhi sanyukta ko credit milega. kya yaar..

    11. dude agreed

  2. Tdys epi was def OTB – i hated it…
    wth was that???? what is the problem with CVs… fir se sanyu ban gayi mahaan!!! mahaan ban gayi renuka sanyal!!! and Randhir a guinea pig, a scape goat… i simply hated it… i did… ek week ke liye suspend kar diyaa gayaa hai… 🙁 🙁 🙁 sanyu hits randhir with a rod (?), woh dekh nahi paa rahi thi – RS ki fiance ko randhir hurt karte hue… i remembered the earlier epi when RD was beaten black and blue by Ankit and the securiy guards aur woh chup chaap dekhthi rah gayi.. zaraa se bhi asar nahi padaa..

    1. Randhir is good for nothing…
      Randhir is my fav character in the show for the first time he makes a decision and he fails on the other hand sanyukta made a decision and she is progressing all the time!!
      Randhir Ftw.

    2. he is being portrayed that way.. mark my words — i somehow feel Parth wl withdraw from captaincy fr the intl. DT competition due to his nervous problem and Maya wl not allow Randhir to be the captain after all these hungaamaa and naturally sanyu wl be made the captain…..

    3. 1 of the viewers comment at if :

      What the hell just happened?? I wish my TV had broken down before I could see all this crap!! I was
      kinda getting annoyed with some of the things being shown in a few episodes, but ,you just hit the last
      nail in the coffin! I mean I know CVs have the reputation to show unpredictable plots,but this has
      reached a new low.. How the hell can they show Randhir behaving like a raging lunatic?? I understand
      his pain and anger but isn’t there a better way to show this?? This is blo*dy over over the top
      melodrama. Gosh, someone please stop me from breaking into a harangue!! Come on CVs , this is not
      Also, DD if you can make a blo*dy ” metal composition analyzer” in 20 minutes flat, please please I am
      gonna send you a check for a million dollars, even more so!! I am gonna recommend your name for the
      Nobel prize next time!!

  3. sanyukta ka charactr to aise dikha rahe hai jaise Einstien kii maaa …really funny !!!1/2 hour me innovation wow grt…………..aur rd ka charactr spoil kr rahe hai…i just hate it!!

    1. 20 mins 2 b precise! in Renuka sanyals words : no extra time sanyu ! ha ha!

    2. And the sad part is Randhir was shown as a prodigy in the show who had a talent for the engneering..

  4. another blooper of SH… earlier v got to see blooper SCENES but tdy, the epi itself was a blooper!

    1. Totally agreed!!

  5. I support u meera & amit….

  6. I dnt feel like watching the show anymore even thou its the proposal arch 2mrw i dnt find it interesting anymore!!

    1. pls dont do that.. do watch SH atleast for RD. i got hooked to RDs character n is the sole reason i watch this show… may b v wl get to see some awesome scenes during intl. DT competitions… after all RD is rank no.1…

    2. I want to watch but the thing is they are just making a fool out of Randhir all the time :\ :\

  7. mujhe lagta hai sanyu ka IQ 170 hoga……isiliye to bina kuch soche mind pr pressure dale use innovative ideas aane lagte hai…aur aise charactr ko plot krne wale CVs ka IQ 180 hona chahiye bina kuch soche kuch bhi dikhate hai jo k logically acceptable hi nahi hai……ye log kya hum ko pagal samjhte hai

    1. i am ROTFL!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. I hate this cvs. Inhone to randhir ka caracter hi spoile kar diua

  9. Oh come on guyzz….why are u all angry at sanyu??? After all its her serial…because for her only the show was started itself…and we loved it but when randhir lost the competition u all are angry with her for winning??? In yesterday special epi randhir clearly said that I can’t do it sanyu..tats y sanyu came into the competition…if she had not joined it then both would be outside fite without money…and meera dr..I can see that u r a die hard fan of randhir bt still lets show some support for sanyu also..good dayz will come in sadda haq like Samir’s character went out and both sanyu and rd confessing their let’s not come to a conclusion that the show directors are intentionally making sanyu win every competition…. Cheers…

    1. Ash dnt you think that sanyukta has achieved a lot already say about the YSA or the tasks or the emotional trauma whereas randhir has only failed the whole time and i agree with u that the show is women oriented but then the director shouldn’t have shown the rivalry between randhir and sanyukta and the sad part is Randhir was portrayed as a prodigy of engineering and seeing Randhir is now is just pathetic for the first time he made and he failed again

    2. *He made a decision and he failed

  10. I agree with u @ash

  11. @ash u didnt get wat we want to say…i m also a sanyu fan bt we r angry on CVs i mean kya aapko nahi lagta hai k jis tarha se sanyu ka charactr dikhaya jaraha hai us thoda bahot logic bhi hona chahiye???? i mean how is it possible yar jab uska dil bolta hai wo 15 min 20min new machine bana leti hai….. come on yar dnt u think k hum ek common girl k struggle se rltd serial dekh rahe hai na k supr girl ka…

  12. well amit we are all sandhir fan not only rd or sanyu’s fan na??

    1. I am sandhir fan too but there is something called as character development too and the wau Randhir’s character was shown most of the viewers had a high expectations for him and so did i and between sanyukta and randhir i am a Randhir fan all the way and considering the fact that they both are the main leads of the show…
      And all they are doing is ruining the character of Randhir the last thing i wanted was Randhir to overcome his emotional ordeal especially after the fact vardhan praised randhir and said how strong he was that was the time i really thot that Randhir will succeed in overcoming his trauma and what we get today just made a joke out of Randhir…
      Dnt u agree?

  13. Kk I give up @ amit and [email protected] changer… And seriously lol on ur last comment game changer…u r really funny

  14. and one more. starting me rd ka charactr ek genius confident guy ka tha aur phir cvs ne achanak se use looser bana diya…

  15. Since I’m having my xams 2mrw I think I should be preparing for tat now…so catch u guyz at 2mrws epi..byeee guys…I will read all ur comments after preparing for the xam …byeeeee

  16. hey @ash best of luck dear….
    even i was studying bt sh ka aaj ka epi dekhne k baad to khud ko cmmnt krne se rok hi nahi payi

  17. hey @ash best of luck dear….
    even i was studying bt sh ka aaj ka epi dekhne k baad to khud ko cmmnt post krne se rok hi nahi payi

  18. Sanyu won YSA, its nice. Precap is awesome.

  19. Omg same here also game changer …even now I can’t stop seeing all the comments and replying to it…I better stop now…and thankz for the wishes @ game changer see u tomarow..byee

  20. 6th november ko parth means ankit ka birthday he.

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