Sadda Haq 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritika is getting ready. Joy comes in and says you look so pretty. She says really? He nods. Kritika says thanks. I am doing something important. Joy says what? She says I will tell you later. Joy says I thought we are friends. Kritika says okay.. actually I am going to confess arjun that i love him. Joy says you know he.. She says I don’t care i just want no regrets. Joy says he and becky. Kritika says I don’t expect anything from him. Joy says you will be hurt. Kritika says what does it matter to you? Joy says because I like you.. She says did you say something? He says yeah that you deserve better than arjun.

Aryan asks randhir where is sanyyu? He says in sick room. Aryan says you have just seen my patience. I am warning you. you almost killed her. If anything happens to her I will kill you. Randhir says I am not scared of your threats. Aryan says grow up randhir. Randhir says you are wasting your time. Sanyu can never love anyone. She can’t forget me. You know her very well. She still loves me. You will never get her love. Aryan leaves.
Kritika asks how are you sanyu now? Sumit says I told you nothing happened. Sumit says we know you are girl and need attention. And kritika diverted attention by faiting. kritika says sumit.. Sanaya says don’t be so insensitive. Sumit says he is right resting in room. Sanyu says when did i ask? SAnyu says where is aryan? Aryan comes in. Aryan comes and sits next to her. He says sumit is right. You have got enought attention they all laugh.

Kritika comes to cafe. Joy says come sit with us. Kritika says before I tell him he fought again. Joy says he is a monkey. Sanaya says its not that difficult. Kritika says he doesn’t believe in talking. Sanaya says then kiss him. Joy says ew she won’t do that. Kritika says i can’t do that. There should be a difference between and becky. I am not comfortable with that.
Joy says I am a guy.. Sanaya says are you sure? He says shut up. Joy if he fights a lot then it means he takes you as sister. Sanaya says get out of here.
Aryan makes sanyu eat. sanyu says I can’t eat more. He says doctor said you have to eat.
sanyu says since two days you are spending so much time with me. Don’t leave your work. He says you are most important for me. How can I leave when this pretty machine is not repaired. Sanyu says I am blessed to have you in my life. She hits him and says I was checking if you are real. How can someone be so perfect. He says my company may affect you too. Sanyu hit him again. Aryan says you wanted to say something then you didn’t..Sanyu says nothing. He gives her water. Sanyu says in heart he loves me so much and what am I doing to him? This is so unfair to him. Ayran says it was not nothing but take your time. I am sure you will say it. Sanyu says I wanted to say.. Randhir is on the door. He warns her. sanyu stops. Sanyu says I am fill now. You are very sweet.

Sanyu says to harsh I can’t meet you all the time like this. Harsh says I don’t wanna annoy you but I have no choice. Only you can fix things between me and randhir. Please help me.Sanyu says I could help you but.. I don’t even wanna see his face. He has troubled me enough. This is not the right time I cant help you. Harsh is leaving. Sanyu says okay I will try to talk to you. He says thank you for your help. I just want to make it okay with my son before leaving.. sanyu says what you mean? Where are you going? You can tell me what you meant. Harsh says I am dying. I have fourth stage liver cancer I don’t have how much time do I have. sanyu says why didn’t you tell me before? He says you won’t even believe. sanyu says why didn’t you tell randhir? He says I don’t want to trouble him. Doctors tried to do a liver transplant. I deserve this. If I had focused on love and relationships instead of drinking I wont have been this way. but I want to reconcile with my son.

The post man asks sanyu can you help me for whom this courier is for? sanyu says there is no name. He says Please take it.
sanyu opens it. Its a bill for randhir. Sanyu says it is of the day randhir took me in the car. She calls on the number and says I am talking on randhir’s behalf. For whom is this bill for? He says randhir rented our car and modified it the way if you take hand off steering it would go on pilot mode. Sanyu says so there can be no accident? He says yes. he says when will I get the payment? She says soon randhir will pay off everyone.

Sanyu comes to randhir.. he says well done. I am proud you haven’t committed to that aryan. You know what.. there is a theory behind all this. You never loved him. You are using him to make me feel jealous. You never moved on. sanyu says you have anything else? After that you will only listen to me. Sanyu says honestly I am very tired of fighting. I hope you understand things I want to tell you. 1. I know your dad wants to reconcile with you.

Precap-Sanyu says I am serious about aryan. He is so good and respects. You can’t stop me from committing him. I will do that on his birthday. Randhir says I won’t let you do that. Sanyu says how can you stop me. Why you command me. He says because I still love you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. what randhir really wants ? anyway param u r too hot too handle ! love u ! <3 <3 <3

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  3. aww finally rd reveal but I am feeling bad bcoz he is pretty dominating .if you love her you can’t blackmail her lyk this

  4. Precap awesome finally rd is confessing thanks cv’s for drifting the story towards sandhir

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  6. waw…..finally randhir accepted dat he lv sanyu…

  7. Again rd is doing drama
    he said that sanyu never can love anyone
    n now he is showing love lair

  8. Here the seasonal love starts again

  9. Btw the courier was from nirman…. I’m sure this time… because it was without any name and moreover the courier man only find sanyu for help… how can it be

  10. Wow!!! Going awesome … Confession of randhir and commitment to aryan … Wtf!! Sanyu now has to choose odd one out πŸ™‚
    Liver cancer in fourth stage it’s quite critical and I think we all guessed what is gonna happen in the story but still waiting for a big twist

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  13. Wierd cv himself is very confuse what to show and what not to show in such a short time

  14. Wow!! Eagerly waiting for next epi… Thanks Sheena for ur appreciation of me ;))

  15. Finally randhir said that… plz show more sandhir moments every day…

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  17. may be again rd z trying to stop to sanyukta ‘s cmmtmnt… BT I hope it will be his real cnffsn…no other game is going in his mind….coz I really want sanDHir back….hope so CV will do something gud to unite sanDHir

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  21. If Aryan isn’t a true lover,if his love is for only sacrifice, Thn i am not going to love anyone?
    it’s jerk
    Aab RD ko payar aa raha hai bohot!
    and suddenly! he still loves her?majak ki bhi haad hoti hai.
    dear writers, agqar Aryan ka dil tod na hi tha then why r u dragging all these.we r viewers, we r not baggers for God sake
    Do something Better!??
    otherwise stop this.. and show something linked with the dreams and mission also

  22. Do any one has spoiler of next week

  23. hmmm,i must say,,,CV is confused himself :-
    and Sanyuktas heart??it melts so easily
    Sometime it beats for Randhir,,sometime it’s for Aryan,,,Dear do one thing;u go with Randhir…leave Aryan for us,,,,dude he was crying today,,,Aryan is a bad kismat wala??Just protects,cries, waits,helps,and loves…but gets Nothing…over n all,m loving the track a little little as cv is confused himself??

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  28. Aryan v love u…u deserve much more…sanyu dnt ditch him Yar plss

  29. Finally Randhir said those words we were waiting for. He confessed his love…………….Guys hopefully, now we will get our Sandhir back.

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