Sadda Haq 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
adda places a bunny toy on her desk and settles. She gets a call. someone says we couldn’t crack this virus but that guy did. Ranawat comes in. Adda says good to see you. Ranawat says i am here to clear the point, you are such a great scientist. He takes the bunny. Ranawat says why you left all research and came here? Adda says because i like it, and this is no ordinary college, it has produced geniuses.

Ada only allows randhir in her class and says to rest of them to crack a code. she says whoever cracks it will be allowed in my class.
Vid says sanyu come on fast. sayu is working. Sanyu says yes i did it. Tania says really good.
sanyu comes to class and says cracked the code, the new teacher says you are late for this class. And randhri i want solution of this class. And sanyu don’t get demotivated, I am sure you will be sitting in my class next time. She calls someone and says the boy is genius.

Ranawat sees parth texting and takes his phone. Parth says sir adda madam sent these codes and asked us to solve it, i was stuck in the loop. Ranawat solves it and gives him the phone back.
Randhir is sitting with boys. Yoyo says what did adda ma’am taught? Randhir says she taught me about time machine, she has 10 times more knowledge than an average engineer. Sanyu overhears it.

Adda says on call there is a guy he can work for us. Sanyu comes to her room and says i wanted to ask something. Adda says yes what? sanyu says i could ask ranawat, but he would be mad. Adda gives her water and says its all right. You can ask whatever you want. Sanyu says you are such a genius. Have you ever heard of premasons? She says they don’t exist. My colleagues were working on them, these are all rumors. They sank with titanic. Sanyu says okay ma’am. She says i think you are not convinced with my answer, you can ask ranawat. Sanyu says no i trust you.

Precap-The man says on call, sanyu doesn’t trust you. Erase her memory and plant a new one. Sanyu comes to her room and sees smoke and a laser, She coughs and faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This storyline is getting very farfetched.

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