Sadda Haq 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan says snayu please wake up. Nirman comes in too and says randhir get up. Nirman says take them out. Aryan picks sanyu and take her to medical room.
Aryan says to doctor I wanna go in please. I wanna see her. He says no you can’t. She is out of danger now. Aryan says I will wait here. Aryan says remember a kid lost his leg because of you. And closed the case with your force. Doctor is dazed. Aryan says so when I come here at night you won’t see me okay? Doctor in tension nods.
Aryan goes back and recalls his time with sanyu. He comes to his room. Aryan is in tears.

At night, Randhir gets up and looks at sanyu. He says I am sorry it was my mistake. Everything in these two years was my mistake. Sanyu says what you mean? He sits and says I know I have lost you in the past. in the task there was a moment I thought I would lose you forever, I couldn’t breathe. I accepted it as the end. I closed my eyes and then I saw your face. She was wearing umatched clothes with grease on them. A nose that had anger and a beautiful smile that made me forget everything, you know who is that girl. He makes her stand and holds her hand. Randhir says you. My imaginary engineer. What I did with you after competition was my mistake. I don’t deserve you but what I feel.. I have to say it. He holds her hand.
Sanyu says I love you and I always will. Do you love me? sanyu says I.. Randhir says give me one last chance I will fix everything. Sanyu hugs him, Sanyu says I love you. I love you randhir. Randhir puts her on bed and she sleeps again. Later, Aryan comes and sits by her. Aryan says sanyu are you okay? Can you hear me? Sanyu randhir.. randhir.. Aryan is dazed. Aryan leaves.

Sanaya is in her room. Kritika brings her coffee. Sanaya says for a moment I thought I will lose randhir forever. Kritika says we saw death so close. Of people that are close to us. Sanaya says we humans take everything for granted. I fight with randhir on everything. I realized today how wrong we are. We don’t accept failure.What we have today won’t be with us tomorrow. We never sit down and talk to our parents. Never think what they feel. We shouldn’t have regrets. Sanaya says I am boring you. Kritika hugs her and says you are making sense. She looks at Arjun. Sanaya says do you feel for arjun?Then why don’t you tell him? At least you won’t regret. Just imagine you seeing him after 30 years with his wife. Kritika says its not that easy. Sanaya says what can he do? Just say no. We shouldn’t have any regrets. Kritika says he with becky. Sanaya says we both know why they are together.

Nirman is throwing stuff in anger. he says their connection will fail my mission. becky says why are you so against relationships? It might work positively.Nirman says I could never be part of mars mission and that was because of relationships. Becky says they are youngsters. Nirman says just leave. They are my team.

Precap-sanyu calls somewhere and says I am talking on randhir’s behalf. Why have you sent this bill? The man says he rented a car from us and modified it. That way it could never meet an accident. Sanyu says that means randhir never put his life in danger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. y confesdion real tha ya mai sapna dek rhi thi

  2. y confession real tha ya mai sapna dek rhi thi

  3. and i didn’t understand the precap.. help sm1

    1. The precap means
      RD risked his life 4 sanyu when sanyu was going to commit aryan .
      He met with an accident ,N blackmailed sanyu not to commit aryan.
      Actually that was a Drama ,he didn’t meet any accident. He modifired the car ..????

    2. hi aastha, i wish i could help u.
      but even i dont get the precap.
      a car,accident nahi hone wala.
      Is he cheat dream team?or he is only acting in test driving(test driving of cars that could survive accident)?
      i just shared what i find,my own findings

    3. I guess after dream team accident when Randhir was working at some garage he was trying to rectify the dream team car accident type problem and he succeed.

  4. RD is such a liar
    Sanyu is confused
    N Helpless also
    Itni helpless to star plus ki Gopi bahu bhi nai thi???

    1. For a moment, I felt victory ✌, but then I realized that it was all her dream!! I thought finally we get back our sandhir! But… I guess we will have to wait..

  5. wo confession imaginary tha lollol.rd will never change

  6. what the hell is this?? Is the confession a dream?? I didnt understand the precap.
    Can anyone pls tell me clearly

  7. I hate this nirman sir… How he can be so rude!? Why he is against relationships… He is not a good mentor.. Such a selfish man…hate him

  8. kaash ab sanyu ko rd ki reality pata chale nd vo aryan ko choose kre.Sadda haq is gonna end . 30th may is the last day for shooting as told by ashwini on instagram.

  9. Kushagra I have given the answer of that debate in which u spoke see their on 25th date page ….

    And what!! Is that confession was real or just a dream … And sanyu .. This is getting confusing and confusing … Sanyu is now totally confused what to do now so as me … And that accident blackmailing was a trick not the reality what in the world randhir is doing ….

    1. Accident drama nahi tha, to bill Nirman ne bheja hai

    2. nirman ko aisa nhi karna chsaiye……phele se situation kam complex h jo ye aag me ghee dal rha h…..i hate nirman

    3. Iwell I appreciate it’s your pov but NOTHING is more important than COUNTRY’S FUTURE
      after all these can be the reasons of some not all as what I have experienced or seen is that those who themselves not study they didn’t let whole class study .I have witnessed it myself when worst section of 9th became best in 10th afterall one rotten apple spoils the whole basket and some weak students defame the whole class .sorry If I disrespected you

  10. Bechare aryan ka toh mzak bna rakha hai.. can’t she identify real love and fakeness!?

  11. what is this confusion now.. sanyu.. I relly want to know whom do u really love.. ARYAN OR RANDHIR..?????

  12. Sanyukta dream hi dekh rahi thi,right?

  13. true Ena 🙂 🙂

  14. Confused????plzzzzzzz somebody answer these questions..
    1. The confession was a dream?
    2. Rd really want sanyu Back?
    3. Is it all rd drama to win the bet?
    (Rd doing all this for bet then sanyu should definitely choose aryan)

  15. I just hope this confession is just a dream . After doing so bad with sanyukta randhir shouldn’t be forgive so easily . What aryan mistake in this ? Why should he suffer ? He always supported her unconditionally , came in her life when she was alone and there was no one to support her . He made her passionate about engineering again
    So i want either it should be aryukta end or sanyukta should be alone just focussing on her dreams

  16. Kash confession randhir ka real hota , but I regret it was a dream sequence , now I ‘m in doubt whether sandhir will be together in end r not . I really love sandhir ………. God knows wat randhir is up to seriously wat CVS have made him , just see d episodes of season 1 n season 2 , it appears as if randhir shown in both d seasons r different, he was egoistic , but he never pretend to die instead he saved sanyu from death many tyms , wat is wrong with him??? Why don’t he accept he loves her ???? Now sanyu will not believe him more even if he regret for wat he had done though she loves her. Pl CVS I hope we will see our sandhir chem , charm at d end. Hope sandhir will patchup ………………. ;::;;:::;; fingers crossed as after seeing precap it is very difficult:::

    1. Totally agree with u but after seing precap I dont think that sandhir will unite again 🙁 🙁 🙁

  17. Gosh !! Atleast they shld mention in the wu that the confession was imaginary…

    Anyways…hello frnds !! Dhruv bro, revu cutie, mukti, maddy, rits, nishu, mayu, shivu, richu, bk, raj, vishal, sanyu, aaliya, aastha, ritvik, rochelle n nysha !!
    How r u all?
    Revu dear!! Luv uuu!! U r sssoooo adorable!! Haha…u n dhruv remind me of the bond that me n my sister share… ??

    1. N aishu dear…dont be sad…we all will try to meet on ffs… 😀

  18. Pretend ** pretended **** typing mistake………………………………………………… But for sandhir union one last hope is Aryan according to me as he heard randhir’s name from sanyu , when she was unconscious , so may be keeping beside his feelings for sanyu he will unite sandhir as sanyu just love randhir only n hope everyone soon get to know about sandhir marriage n sanyu’ s tatoo …………..


    1. Yes dipshikha… I also think so… Aryan can unite them if he is not selfish.. Like sanaya realize how much Randhir loves sanyu, Aryan should also realize sanyu loves randhir… Both sanaya and Aryan can do that before nnirman’s plans become successful… Hope for the best,..

    2. Dipshika, u r right. I mean,”absolutely ” right! Randhir should accept that he still loves her.

  19. Heybicky u say when sh season 2 will reach its half they will show sandhir scense but they had not shown them Still now
    Today ep was so hurt broking. And precap they shown once again sanyu will hate rd again
    Feeling so sad. I wish both rd and sanyu died instead of showing aryukta

    1. today cv’s show na sandhir reunion… in Sanyu’s dream… he he he… lol…. just kidding princess…. just wait… coz next month full of sandhir month.. coz.. next month z, sadda, haq s2 6mnths

  20. Aryan plz try to understand sanyu.. She really loves randhir… She was taking his name when she was unconscious… She was thinking about their reunion … Don’t be selfish in your love… Help her in uniting with her love.. And about precap it is sure that nirman started his plan of separating sandhir…

  21. Sanyukta and randhir might share a good chemistry but only Aryan deserves sanyukta. He was the one who stood for her, supported her and helped her in everything when nobody was there for her. And what randhir is doing its just can be called possession not love. Ihe is doing to just win the bet not to win her heart.

  22. Plz make sanyu commit to aryan n make sayan lovetheir pair is so good plz no randhir n sanyukta plz….

  23. What is happening in the show
    Cv’s what are you doing go get some better ideas

  24. Aryan is so sweet.I know after listening rd name from sanyu he
    Will unite them.Aryan is true lover as he is ready to forget his love fr his lovers happiness.I really wish fr aryukta I think it will never happen.Rd is disgusting.that accident scene is a drama to win the bet.there is no way to compare Aryan with rd.he will never reach to Aryans hyt.I never thought rd will stoop to such low level.I hate rd.whatever b the end
    Aryan is the bestt .

  25. hiii guyzzz gd evng to all…… 2days epi… z mind blowing…. sanyu’s dream about her love. just amazing…..
    and precap…. i think nirman doing this to separate sandhir……
    after watching today’s epi….
    Thought to not post about it!
    Still posting!
    Aryan lovers still want to do the lamest trend after today? ?
    Go ahead! ?
    1of my best scene of 2day epi. z
    Aryan after listening to HER murmuring Randhir’s name be like-“Tere Pyaar me mujko kya milaaa babaji ka thullu “???
    sryyy if i hurt aryukta fans……. btt i cntt cntrol myself…… sandhirrrr

    1. Wow..???. …bk uhrr comment was so true and uhh portrayed it so well…….after all the show is about sandhir????and we are true sandhirians?????n epiii was too good……….

    2. thank u so much kristyy…. and yeh this show belongs to sandhir…. afterall they r lead…

  26. Want to say 1 thing writers cmpltly spoiled the sh2 .unnecessarily gave more importance to the character which they don’t want to give lead role n made the lead character to turn into villain:-(((

  27. hey shenu di yup…bhai n me r very ap hamra zagda dekhogi na..hahahahaha..we fight like animals..
    di u hv real sistr?????younger or elder???

  28. kushagra i thnk countrys future lies in the hands of all youths n not only brilliant ones…ya all students r not well at studies bt if proper guidance iz given all do well..
    n i too dnt support this policy of all pass till 8 or 9..i dnt know much abt india cz i live in i hv read n i also thnk that it is important tht we must know the basics first so that we can excel in life…n this all pass thngs gives false hope to people n thy get affected in their 10+2 class cz of unclear basic if thy get less marks thy must repeat..aftrall we want people with knowledge n knowledge cnt be gained by passing all…n it helps these students also..its for their own good..they can undrstand their capabilities more profoundly if they really knew whre thy stand..n all pass policy is opposite to this..

    1. Even I am saying from class one students should be failed then brilliance will itself come from every child

  29. If nirman is doing this….I’ll kill him! Already sanyu ki life kam jhand thi ki ab ye aur bhi problems create kar rha hai? Pls somebody telle is the confession real or not?


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