Sadda Haq 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says couldn’t you see? He says you are on me. You fell. sanyu says why don’t you get up. randhir says its your mistake why should i get up. They start fighting, VIdushi comes and picks sanyu up. randhir says here is your walking stick. vidushi says you must have shoved her. sanyu says come lets check the main board. Randhir finds sanyu’s earring stuck in his vast. He says I have checked it already. Vidushi says couldn’t he tell before. sanyu says i am sick of fighting with him. SAnyu says lets go and ask admin.

Students are protesting against management, PKC says calm down, everything will be all right tomorrow. sanyu says at least tell us the reason. PKC says technician will check it tomorrow. randhir says we have checked the main board. PKC goes out to pick a call. sanyu asks randhir have you seen my earring? He says have you seen my socks? sanyu says what? He leaves.

PKC says dean i can’t control the situation. Eklavia says we will find a solution i am talking to trustees. PKC says if we don’t find a solution it will be worst nightmare of FITE. sanyu and vidushi ask pkc what is it about? are you concealing something? pkc says leave me. There is no issue. Sanyu says please sir tell us. Vivek comes in and says who are you to ask him sanyu? and just for your information, it might be a task. you don’t need to be curious. just go to your rooms now. Sanyu and vidushi leave.

Vidushi says PKC can’t lie. Sanyu says his expressions made it clear that he was concealing something. sanyu says how will we sleep. They lie down but wake up irritated. vidushi says i can’t sleep like this. she calls parth. Vidushi says come meet me i am so irritated. Parth says i feel sleepy. Vidushi says how can you sleep in so hot? Parth falls off the bed with a thud. vidushi says are you up now? come and meet me outside. sanyu gets up and calls randhir, she cuts it and says why did i call him? randhir sees her missed call.

Scene 2
Anju recalls what agarwal said. sanyu calls her. sanyu says were you asleep? anju says i was watching your photos. i miss you a lot. sanyu says is everything okay? Anju says yes i don’t feel sleepy. why haven’t you slept? Sanyu says its a power cut here, i can’t sleep. tell me is there any problem? anju says everything is okay. anju says have you called for investigation? Everything is okay here. now go to sleep. I am sleepy as well.

Vidushi is waiting for parth. Parth comes and sits with her. He gives ice cream. Vidushi says thanks. randhir and sanyu watch them and recall their time together. Parth hugs vidushi and holds her hands.

Sanyu goes to lab and says to incharge i was frustrated so i want to do a practical? He allows her. sanyu starts working. Grease falls on her. She goes out to clean it. Vidushi says how will you take bath there is no water. Vidushi says go to boys’ hostel.

PKC says to eklavia what did trustees say? Eklavia says its out of their hands. PKC says we have to tell students otherwise they will be out of control. Eklavia says i am trying my best, you just have to control them.

Agarwal’s lawyer says your papers are free you can name it to ankit anytime you want. you need consent of your family. anju says i wanna talk to you. agarwal says go bring something from lawyer. Anju says i will bring it but first i wanna talk to you.

Scene 3
Sanyu goes to boys’ hostel washroom. the boys are shocked to see him. sanyu says i want to fill a bucket of water, there is no water in our washroom. sanyu fills the bucket. A guy says let me pick it up for you. He holds her hand. randhir comes and starts hitting him. He says want to help anymore? He asks all the boys to get out.
Randhir takes sanyu bucket. He says why do you want to become heroin every time? you could has asked. sanyu says why should have i asked you? and why would you bring it for me? He says you want water? He pours the bucket on her and leaves. They start walking in opposite directions.

Precap-ankit says to sanyu maa is fightint with papa not to name factory and house to me. Papa is really mad at her. randhir says to sanyu you can’t go home and confront the problem because you don’t have those guts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. The episode was okay in my opinion. I dont see the logic sometimes in indian show. Sadda haq is the only Indian soap opera I watch mayb thats y.. bt pls someone enlightene me how can a girl jst enter a guy’s washroom being in one of the TOP clg? Its just seem so idotic.. pardon me.

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