Sadda Haq 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says you are overreacting. sanyu says why you always hurt me. Randhir says fight with me later but.. sanyu says why you avoid what i feel? randhir says you only wanna fight with me I am hurt as well. sanyu says i made a mistake but giving you a chacne. I forgot that you hurt me everytime. Randhir says i love. sanyu says this is your love? you can’t control yourself. randhir says you are like others you never realize why i am like this, this is why i end up hurting you. sanyu says yes you hurt and thats my mistake, just to remind you, you almost killed my dad. Randhir says go tell him i will see what your dad can do. sanyu hits him and says what did you say about my dad. randhir says he doesn’t love you. Vidushi and parth come to stop them. sanyu says you can’t love. randhir says not the way you want. Parth and vidushi take them to rooms.

sanyu says to vidushi i can’t stay in relationship with a man like him. He doesn’t even respect my dad. Vidushi says i know its difficult but please control. Randhir is hitting the punching bag, recalling what sanyu said. He says I and you can never be one, its impossible.

Yoyo and his men are working in lab making a robot. Aister is with his as well.

Scene 2
Next morning, vidushi says to sanyu wake up or should we declare it a sunday. Sanyu says i am not in mood to. Vidushi says mood can’t run us. sanyu says i don’t feel good. Vidushi says why are you thinking about that idiot. Apply all your lectures on yourself. Vidushi says you should become professor, you lecture everyone but never do it yourself.

Parth leaves for the class and sees randhir hitting the punching bag. Randhir goes to canteen, vidushi says to him you will never be okay? you got a chance after so long, you have to keep your ego everywhere. Randhir says mind your own business. do you want sanyu to do something for you? because a mean girl like you can’t feel for anyone without a reason. vidushi says mind your tongue. Randhir says you don’t know about your life but giving life coaching to others. Parth comes and says relax guys. He takes vidushi with her. vidushi says you all men are same. He says why are you being at me? She leaves, parth turns to canteen. Vidushi comes back and says to randhir why are you here if you think you are right?go to class and face sanyu. she leaves.

sanyu sees in mirror and says its not my mistake, without him my life was normal, it will still be normal.
yoyo is telling his village stories to his pals. sahil says to vidushi look, there will be flying cars in 2017. will you race with me? Vidushi says i will slap you. parth says the way you showed concern for sanyu its looks good. I saw you work for them but they can never be one. Randhir and sanyu are fighting in the class. parth says see enjoy the bull fight. Sanyu and randhir sit together. Sanyu says how cool i am sitting with the person who ruined my life and mood and everything. Randhit touches her bruise. he holds her hand. Vidushi says what is happening? Parth says just wait. Randhir looks in sany’s eyes. Peon comes and says all lectures are cancelled for today. Everyone is glad.

Eklaviya says we can’t conduct lectures in this situation. PKC says how will students react when they get to know the reason. Eklavia says you have to handle them and i hope we fix it before they get to know.

Scene 3
Agarwal’s lawyer gives him factory papers. Anju says at least give sanyu her right in factory. He says i have got these papers so i can name it to sanyu. Anju says what happened to you. Agarwal says she thinks she has right in everything. sanyu says she has right in factory. agarwal says don’t intrude in my decisions. Sanyu will get her right but this factory is of ankit. sanyu says because of sanyu the factory was saved, sanyu can handle the factory better than sanyu. don’t give her share in this house but if you give factory to ankit i wont tolerate it.

Vidushi is talking to parth on texts. sanyu says have you patched up? she says somehow, i want to clear about arpita. Vidushi says to parth you wont text me if arpita comes. parth replies i love you, you are so nice from inside. vidushi asks sanyu what you think about yoyo and asiter? Sanyu says they are made for each other. Vidushi says i feel the same.

aister and yoyo are on stairs, the power cuts. its all dark. Sanyu says its been half an hour why are they not repairing it. randhir says there is some major fault, i need to check it. Randhir and sanyu go out to check the fault. randhir is working on the power house, he says fuse are okay. sanyu slips and falls on him. she says sorry.

Precap-students are protesting against management. PKC says calm down, it will be okay by tomorrow. PKC says on call i am handling it but if they get to know it will be worst nightmare of FITE. sanyu and vidushi says what are you concealing sir?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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