Sadda Haq 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu asks parth has he seen Randhir? Parth says he wasn’t in room last night. Sanyu says if you see him ask him to call me its urgent. Sanyu says in heart why i feel that you are troubled. Sanyu looks everywhere but he is nowhere. Sanyu goes to his room and sees that he has left his phone in the room.
Sanyu waits in the class. Randhir comes and says don’t you have a class? Sanyu says whats going on in your mind? he says go from here. Sanyu says i have to talk to you. He says i dont wanna talk to you. Sanyu says i will wait for you in store room till you come there.

Its night, sanyu awaits randhir. he says i can’t risk your life, i have to stay away from you. Sanyu says how long will you take? Please come. Sanyu sits in the store room in tears.Door opens randhir comes in. Sanyu hugs him and says thank you so much for coming. She says you are selfish. If you loved me you would have shared your pain with me. I wont ever talk to you. I hate you.She says i love you, you don’t understand anything. If you do something like this i wont see you again. Randhir says can’t you leave me alone for few days? She says why? He says i dont have an answer. SAnyu says you are selfish you are the reason. I wont leave you ever. He says i can, randhir shoves her he says you know I am bad but i can be an evil. SAnyu kisses him, he says do you have any self respect. SAnyu says just kill me. Sanyu says i read that letter i know everything.
Sanyu recalls reading the letter. randhir says why did you spy on me? sanyu says why dont you get that i love you. I can’t live without you. Sanyu hugs him. Randhir hugs her and says will you always love me? She says yes.
Randhir says the secret group really exists, they are very dangerous. Sanyu says what will we do? he says i have to destroy them. Sanyu says i am with you. He says this is why i wasn’t telling you. Sanyu says we are one. He says you have to listen to me. Sanyu says i know. He says when will you understand that i love you. Sanyu says we are one in life and death.

Adda comes to her cabin and sees that randhir and sanyu are close. She says okay store room.
Randhir holds sanyu’s hand. He says we will be together promise. SAnyu says you will make me part of all your fights? He says okay. They come close to kiss. Someone knocks at the door. Adda says randhir open the door. I know you are inside with sanyu. Admin comes and asks whats happening? Adda says someone is inside open the door. Admin says the door is open i guess its jammed. Adda says break it.
Adda comes in no one is there. she says how is this possible? Admin says i told you no one comes here. She says just get out.
Adda goes out of store room. she goes back to her cabin. She looks in her laptop they are still being shown there, she says there is something wrong with tracker maybe.
randhir and sanyu hide in the ground. Randhir says how will we do this? Sanyu says there is a way. Sanyu says if adda comes on our side then maybe we can do something. Randhir says she wont be trapped? Sanyu says we can find her weakness through which we can blackmail her then maybe we can do something. Randhir says she doesn’t have any weaknesses. Sanyu says yes she will be. she is a member of secret group but there must be some weakness. We have to find it our once. Randhir says okay we can try it. I will make a tracker that gives us info of all her movements. sanyu says this is a brilliant idea. He says she is really smart. Sanyu says you are more genius. Randhir says you really think so? Sanyu says trust me. He says thank you and winks. he says when we are together no one can win from us.
Randhir is working on the tracker in his room. Ada comes in, randhri is dazed.

Precap-Randhir says to adda its over she wont ever meet me again. ada says yes she went today but what if she comes back again? Make her hate you.Adda says go slap her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Randhir should get rid of ada and masons….poor sandhir

  2. Sanyukta rather die than be without Randhir 🙂 😀

    Param and Harshita are doing an outstanding job as Randhir and Sanyukta!

  3. That’s true.they r doing grt job…

  4. omg randhir have to give to salp to sanyukta

  5. Nice episode really getting interesting..
    nice story line is going..

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