Sadda Haq 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 25th April 2014 Written Update

Sanyukta and parth are walking through the forest and they came across a fork in the road. Sanyukta’s too tired and Parth says she should wait there while he checks out which road is the one for them. Sanyukta whole waiting hears a horn and decides to go after it.

While running Sanyukta trips and a viper bites her. She calls out for Parth. Parth comes running and not finding her where he left her gets worried. He eventually finds her and sees the snake. He’s really worried and sucks off the poison. Sanyukta’s looking like she’ll lose consciousness in a minute. He picks her up and carries her to the nearest Emergency. Parth is feeling dizzy as well.

While talking to the Doctor, Parth faints.

Mr. Agarwal is getting angry and Anju calls Sanyukta. When she doesn’t pick up, Anju’s worried. Mr. Agarwal orders Ankit to get everything ready (prolly for the engagement)

Meanwhile Randhir has decided that Parth’s with Sanyukta she he should maybe go back to college. But halfway he thinks if he gave up too early and if they are in a trouble. He goes back and looks for them.

Parth – Sanyukta arrive at Sanyukta’s house and she tells him to hide in the storeroom so that she can take care of him. Ankit’s shown outside the storeroom and SaRth hide behind the curtains (and there’s a scene between them *cough*)

Randhir decides to go to Sanyukta’s house and he’s standing outside the gate thinking how he’ll now if she’s there or not. Parth is walking out as well and they both see each other
Sanyukta enters the living room and is surprised to see the prep going on.

Precap: The Mittals are shown arriving at the Agarwal’s house. Sanyukta and Randhir are standing in a room and Sanyukta’s angry at him and asking him to leave. She’s accusing him of being a villain and he tells her he’ll show what a villain can do in her life now that she’s given him that credit.
Randhir goes and falls at the feet of an elderly woman (who arrived with Mittals I think :P) and she’s asking him who he is.

Update Credit to: themockingblue

  1. Precap is awsm…. i think randhir usse bolenga ki woh sanyu ki lvr hain…..omg!!! Par Ankit and sanyu ki family members ki legenga ki Parth hain woh ladka …….

  2. Even i think the same!!
    I just hope that the engagement gets broken n sandher be happy!

  3. Catherine Lawrence

    Very exicited 4 monday epi.

  4. i really don’t know if writer bring new twist and made parth and sanyukta couple omg……..crying……..

  5. i wnt to see sandhir tgethr nt sarth

  6. I think sanyukta will get engaged wid the guy and randhir will be shocked and telk her that I luv u

  7. i thing that randhir love saukta

  8. Well that’s. Intersting

  9. I like parth and sayun jodi. I think they luk great. I feel Randhir has lot of attitude

  10. Guys what ever abt sandhir but parth and sayu loook best………i go agree with gauri

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