Sadda Haq 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir is staring at sanyu after the drink. Yoyo gives one glass to jiggy. He says I don’t drink. he tries and says its so bitter. Parth gulps in too. Randhir says yoyo pass me too. Vidushi goes in the camp and says I don’t have any warm clothes. She looks in parth’s bag. She finds his gf picture on his phone. She says when will he forget her. Sahil offers a glass to sanyu. she drinks it. Randhir drinks more. Yoyo says okay we are all done. I have to go to meet kaustuki in my dreams. jiggy says why will she come to you. Parth goes in too. Sanyu stands up and sits near fire. Randhir gazes at her. SAnyu goes towards stream and sits there. Randhir follows her. Randhir sits with her. Randhir says I can do anything for you sanyu. Don’t you love me? I heard your conversation with parth. SAnyu says I don’t. first you promise me that you don’t love me. Randhir says I promise I don’t love you. She says so don’t I. They have both crossed their fingers. They come back to the camps and go inside their respective camps. Parth comes out and feels like Arbhida is sitting there. He goes closer to her. Its vidushi parth says I miss you so much he kisses her. Vidushi hugs him. She is in tears.

Scene 2
Next morning, vidushi comes with a bucket. yoyo says thank you for water. Viduhsi this is for me not for you two. There is a tap near lake go and get yourself water. Viduhsi says where will I take bath? I can’t shower in open. Yoyo says look a mosquito bitten her. She says its not mosquito parth did it. Sahil says oh wow. Please give me some water as a treat. she gives him a mug. Parth comes there and takes her to a side. He says I was drunk last night. There was nothing between you and me and there will never be. Yoyo and sahil start playing with water.

Vardhan is explaining the solar plan to people. He says you can use this electricity for schools, mills everything. A man sees all of the team playing with water. He comes to Vardhan and says your students are wasting out water. Its takes ages to fill tanks for us and they are wasting it. Vardhan comes to them and says stop all this. There is no water for the villagers to drink and you stole water from their tank. I was right about you all. You can exaggerate the problems not solve them. Leave before I ask villagers to send you. SAhil says I don’t think he will come after this with us. SAnyu says he is giving us a real life challenge if we can purify their hard water. He is talking about real life world and challenges. If we solve the water problem it might help him with the factory thing. Jiggy says we should talk to him. Randhir says I will handle the purifying thing. sanyu says you promised you will work as a team. Randhir says we will put a cloth that will help us in filtering the wate. sanyu says I will arrange that from village. Vidushi and parth go in jugle to find rest of the stuff. Sanyu collects the cloth. She hears some people saying the professor called us. how can he do something that government can’t do. SAnyu listens vardhan saying I need your help in all this, I will tell you what to do. An man says who will run our houses. vardhan says I am asking just a few hours. A man says our children are idle without school. a man says you will have to do this alone we can’t do this. they all leave. vardhan says listen to me. they leave. Randhir and sahil are working on pipe molding. randhir says where is this sanyu, We can’t proceed. sanyu comes randhir says we got late because of you. sanyu says we have to teach the children. Yoyo says how can we? sanyu says vardhan needs man power to make solar panels. Vilagers can’t help him. The women are after their children all the time. if we teach the kids women will help their men and they will help vardhan. Randhir says I can’t do all this. sanyu says you vowed about team work. he says okay you handle the kids I will teach the kids. the purifier is working perfectly. SAnyu says this will save time of women. Now our next task is kids.

Precap-Randhir scolds at kids so did parth. Thr kids are annoying they all. One takes jiggy’s phone. Randhir says I will teach them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. todays show i loved every bit of it….cutest moment randhir and sanyu lying to each other and kept there fingers crossed
    is it me or everyone feels the show the is going thru a deja vu???
    Randhir ftw.

  2. what the hell cant you update fast we are waiting yaar

    1. She is updating as fast as she can so be in your limits and thank her for updating it…..

  3. OK, precap mislead me y/day… sanyu did hv a small peg…
    rest of the epi – honestly don’t know what to say.. a few words from me to CVS : no ullu banaawing, ham sandhirians ko no ullu banaawing!!! jab dekho, hame lollipops dethe hai with small sandhir scenes.. Sanyu still hasn’t realised RDs value i mean ♡ aspect…

  4. atiba what are you doing babes makes it fast my darling

  5. Wht was it???? 🙁 kya kya sapne dekhe mein aaj ke epi ke bare me aur kya nikla :'( anyways it was nice and waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s epi with the naughty kids

    Arpita was beautiful I liked her

  6. Whts this….I thought today sandhir will confess their luv but wht the hell…they dont…..worst episode

  7. I have a doubt the dream team is only behaving like kids e.g fingers crossed while telling lie, playing with water how will they manage the real kids

  8. @Meera u r right dear… CVs hum ko hr bar ullu bana rahe hai…..

    1. actually yaar
      hell episode…….

  9. nice epi but jaisa expect kiya waisa nhi tha 🙁 btw vids aajkal badi hot lg rhi h

  10. yup agree

  11. vidushi – cld see her ♥ right in her eyes for Parth,when he hugged her thinking it was Arpita in a drunken state…

  12. absolute sanyuktas fans do check this post :

    1. I agree wid that post bt still can’t connect wid Sanyu…I know our parents r respectable for us and also experienced bt at a time they also should give some space to their children to take their decisions themselves..!!!

  13. Its beautiful meera really girls are pride for their fathers

    1. I m also a girl bt my father is nt like dat.He gave me proper space to choose my carrier option and ya he even guide me to take my decision.

    2. did u check for spoilers???

  14. guyz can anybody answer my question..i know its too wierd qustn pr agar kisi k pass is ka ans ho to rply zaroor krna………..
    jaisa luv Parth Arpita se krta aur jaisa luv in movies aur serials me hota hai hai kya waisa luv real life bhi hota hai?

    1. sorry, no experience.. itnaa keh sakthi hoon – Parth fell in ♡ at a very young age, he is still very young n lots to be seen in his life… so at one stage, he has choose a girl and move on.. i mean a dude of his age and like him…. i do not think it is possible to spend the rest of your life as a bachelor, u need a companion to care for u when u r old right??? this is just my POV.. serial love – does it really happen in real life – 99% : NO…

    2. btw, y this sudden doubt??? kyaa chakkar hai meri jaan???

    3. ha yaar hota hai,maine dekha hai.mai ek larki ko janti hu ,bo bohot blessed hai use sachcha love mila hai uski life me.uski love story ko dekhkar mujhe to biswas hi nahi hota ki real life me bhi aisa hota hai .par believe me ye sach hai .pata hai jab bo 13 -14 saal ki thi tab use ek bimari (almost like parth) hui thi, us bimari se bo aaj tak puri tarha se thik nahi ho payi,par docter ne bola hai bo thik ho sakti hai,us larki ki lovestory college se suru hui thi,par pahele bo dono bohot jhagra karte the, ek dusre ko bardast nahi kar sakte the,aisa us larki ne mujhe bola.or ye bhi bola ki uska bf uski bimari ke bareme janta tha phir bhi us se pyaar kia.aise moke me to sab sath chor dete hai lekin uski bf ne uska sath nivaya,usko himmat di ki sab thik ho jayega. uski bf use itna pyaar karta hai ki usne usko hamesha support kia or uska love fake nahi hai.or ab to bo larki kafi had tak thik bhi ho gayi larke ki family ke log unke riste se khush nahi the reason us larki ki bimari hi log un dono ka breakup karbane ki bohot kosis kiye,par us larke ne kabhi us larki ka sath nahi chora.larke ki family balone us larki ki bohot insult kia taki bo larke ko chod de,larke ko samjhaya,immosonaly blackmail karne ki bhi kosis kia,lekin un dono ka rista nahi tor larki bohot lucky hai.par maine jitna dekha hai bo larki jitna pyaar karti hai us se bhi jyada bo larka us larki se pyaar karta hai.or good news ye hai ki un dono ki pyaar ki jeet hui hai.larke ne apni family balo ko mana liya hai,or uske gharbale bhi man gaye hai unke risthe ke liye.or november me unki shaadi hai.mai ne kabhi nahi socha tha ki mai ye sab tumlogo ko bataungi,pata nahi tumlog kya socho ge,lekin mai game changer ko batana chahti thi ki true love real me bhi hota hai.maine apni ankho se dekha hai.par sab ke sath nahi hota .bo log bohot blessed hote hai jin ko true love milta hai.

  15. hota hai….

  16. I think sanyu should tale a stand nt for her love bt for her carrier,for her bright future(incleded RD) bcoz shhe better know that sameer ke saath uska koi future nahi hai aur ek bar life spoil ho gayi to mom dad nahi honge whole life uske saath usko pamper karne ke liye…

    1. aur waise bhi bade hone ke naate jaruri nahi hai ki humare parents humesha sahi ho kabhi kabhi wo bhi galat ho sakte hai as we all can see sanyu’s father that ”how immature his decision is..???”
      so unhe blindky follow karne ya unse darne ke bajay better hai unhe convience karne ki koshish ki jaye…

  17. kabhi kabhi khud ke liye stand karne ke liye betray karna galat nahi hota.???
    At least mera point of view to yahi hai bcoz “life is mine than last decision should also be mine.”

    I don’t know how many would be connected with me Bt I really don’t think that I m wrong:)

  18. haha……@Meera ji koi chakkar nahi hai….and its nt a sudden doubt actually i m quite confused yar …..are luv and attraction same things????….aur agar diffrnt hai to luv kaisa hota aur agar aapko luv hota to pata kaise chalta hai ……qk care to hum sabhi frnds ki krte hai ……yahi hai wo confusion jis ka. na jane kitne dino se kahi koi solution nahi mil raha…

  19. i m vry sorry guyz lagta hai mai ne kuch zyada hi confusions share kr diye…..

  20. i m vry sorry guyz lagta hai mai ne kuch zyada hi apne bakwas confusions share kr diye………..

  21. aaj ke epi mein jab sanyu aur rd fngrs cross kar rahe the it was cute but i was nt expctng it ……
    precap looks intresting i think is baar bhi sanyu hi koi solution nikalega bache wale prblm se …

  22. gd night and sweet sadda haq drms guys !!! 😀

  23. I think this time randhir will manage to control the children in his own way……hope so….gn sd

  24. @Amit,
    Hehe……i too feel d same…aisa lag raha hai jaise puraane,mare hue epis ko firse zindaa kar ke dikha rahe hai. And bringing sarth back was totaly d last straw!
    Par aaj itne mature, love related discussions kyu achaanak?
    And achu,aap kahaan chali jaati ho baar baar?!
    Aaj ka epi acha tha,kal luks interesting

  25. Good morning ……..

  26. gud morning 2 every1

  27. don’t u all think crossig finger is very childish

  28. @meera @dishant @priyanka thanx buddies…

  29. Happy Navratri …to all sandhirians……..

  30. Hi guys i m new here ! Can i join ?

  31. hey

  32. welcum @Aisha…ofcourse you can join us…..

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