Sadda Haq 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu takes randhir to store room and checks him, she says i want to check if someone has placed a chip or something into you to keep an eye. He says whats wrong? sanyu says someone is spying on me. These are all not coincidences. There are some premasons. he says are you mad? sanyu says i knew you wouldn’t trust me, I thought I would share with you and get some stress released. Radhir holds her hand. SAnyu says papa had to resign from CEO position he thinks I am responsible. Randhir says i am sorry, I am glad you shared it with me. I trust you, I will help you with all this. we will find out who did this. Some is hearing them through recording. Randhir hugs her. Randhir says you want you dad to get back his position? She says yes. Randhri says we will do it, we have won all the challenges we faced together.
Randhir sets up a computer, sanyu says we will do this from an analog computer and they wont even know. Will we be able to recover the files? randhir says we can try.

A man reads a text, someone is trying to enter into our system. The man sits on a computer. Randhir says yes, here is the info of your company. Suddenly all the data disappears. Randhir says there is a virus, it will crash the system. Sanyu says how will we tackle it? randhir says its not easy to terminate it. sanyu says now what? randhir says we wont give up. Sanyu says do you remember that code language? randhir says no I dont. She writes something on randhir’s hand. He says you remember it completely? She says yes. they start terminating the virus. Sanyu recovers all the files, she hugs randhir and says thank you so much. He says all your stress is over. sanyu says who would do this? Randhir says this was just a virus nothing else. Your cheeks look like tomato. Now ask your board to give your dad his position back. Sanyu says thank you.

Parth stops randhir and says where were you? Randhri says sanyu missed something we were looking for it.
The man texts a girl who is this boy? She replies, dont know but he is smart.

The board says we have to elect a new CEO, MR. Agarwal is not in position to head this company. Sanyu comes in and say Mr Sehna please sit on your seat that seat belongs to my dad. And about our info that was stolen. A member says you are wasting board’s time. Sanyu says i am a member and I have right. There is our data. They all look at the data. Sanyu says everyone organization has problems but we have to believe in our leader. she asks a man to make a press release about all this. Sanyu says call my dad and ask him to resume his position. I respect you all but I can’t stand a word against my papa.

The new guy says to parth why didn’t randhir empty this shelf? I asked him a weak ago. Parth says he is randhir, he does things with his mood. He sees randhir’s teenage photo, and is a bit shocked. Parth asks were you in randhir’s school. He says yes just for a week. Parth says after that? He says after that I left the school.

PKC says in class now solve this, he sees randhir sleeping. Sanyu wakes randhit up. Randhir says i know the answer already. PKC says you slept in whole semester. Because of you whole class gets distracted. Randhir says give me free attendance then. PKC pulls his ear, randhir says okay I am sorry.
After a while PKC turns back and sees randhir is not there, he is asleep in sanyu’s lap.

PKC comes to dean and shows him mail, he says anaa sharma wants to join FITE, Dean says the famous scientist? PKC says yes. Dean says this will boost our reputation. Arrange a meeting and quickly get the arrangements.
Yoyo tells all the students a new professor is coming to our college. a woman in black attire comes in.
Dean and PKC welcome her. Dean says did you have problem in coming? She says not really. It feels good to be back to students. Dean says i will get you a tour of FITE, she says i know what i should. Ranawat says I am sorry to be so forward but I have feelings that I have seen you somewhere before. Anna says quite possible, I am famous. There is an article written by me in the magazine you are reading right now.

Precap-anna says to randhir take your seat. Randhir says you will conduct class with one student? She says at least one deserves to sit in my class.
Tania says to sanyu boys have all the control in a relationship. Sanyu says no randhir listens to what i ask. Tania says then ask him to wear a pink shirt and propose you in public.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Wow lagta hai clash between titans hone wala hai… Ana vs Asr ….

  2. Interesting track…cant wait to see what ll happen next…

  3. Nice episode,but now sanyukta life has too much complication.

  4. Nice episode 🙂 who is spying on sanyukta ???????? :-I

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