Sadda Haq 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is shocked to see Randhir. He turns back. Sanyu says randhir stop. SHe runs after him and falls over him. She says what are you doing here? Randhir says I never expected you will find this. Vidushi comes there and say7s guys come on see whats going on here. Everyone comes there. hi says I see why sanyu had to come here so these love birds can have some privacy. Randhir says what the hell are you saying? Vidushi says I can’t undo what I have seen. Randhir says she just tripped over me. Sanyu says if you are evil that doesn’t mean we are too. Viduhsi says I am not talking about today. Let me show everyone the reality. she plays sanyu’s engagement video. Everyone is shocked. Jiggy says randhir you drank there? He says yes I did. Whats your problem. It was all sanyu’s mistake. she even kissed me. SAhil asks did you sanyu? she says yes I did. Everyone is shocked.

Vardhan comes there and asks what the hell are you guys doing here. yoyo says sir we are here to take you back. Sponsors have left too. Parth says maya has dissolved the team as well. SAnyu says we need you. Vardhan says you think this can take me back? Randhir you need me? You just need you ego. And sanyu you just need maturity. We are here just because you showed immaturity. You all are those useless parts that have rust of ego only. Forget about team and me. Do you even know me that here is a sugar cane factory that has closed because of egoistic people like you. Potential engineers my foot. I came here to help these people. Don’t waste my time and leave. He leaves.

Vidushi gets a text its says that there will be no more extra classes. Exams are near. Vidushi says lets go back please. SAnyu says I can’t go back without him. Vidushi says failing doesn’t matter because your place is in kitchen we have to work. We can’t fail. Parth says you can leave if you want we are here. Sanyu says I will stay here it was my mistake. Randhir says thank GOd you realized. I will apologize too it was my mistake as well. Vidushi says randhir you are not even student of FITE. what will you say to him? Sanyu leaves. Vidushi says I am sorry I didn’t want to hurt you. but sanyu did so wrong to you. she is mean and selfish. I played that video so people will know what she is. Randhir says what is your agenda? why are you showing fake affection to parth. I don’t need you. I will handle my and sanyu’s problem myself.

The people say to vardhan how will we run the factory without electricity. Vardhan says we will make our electricity. SAnyu comes there. Vardhan says we will make our solar panels. he says where will the money come from ? Vardhan says we will do something. He says we can’t go against government. They will destroy us. Vardhan says just trust me we will not lose. The man asks are these kids with you too? Vardhan says no I am here alone. I will start working by tomorrow.
Sanyu comes back. SAhil says we need to get water. jiggy asks did vardhan agreed? Sanyu says no but I won’t give up. He says sanyu place your tent and yes do think what you have done. Sanyu gets a call form Samir. SAmir asks why is there so much disturbance. she says I am in a village. He says what for? Sanyu says there is a project. He says you said about college and now you are out. Sanyu says its a project. He says I don’t like you to go out with other people. He says you are in name of project on a picnic. SAnyu says why are you over reacting. You can come here and see what are we doing here. She disconnects the call. sanyu says in heart why did kaustuki leave she stays with me in all the situations. SAnyu ties her rope. Randhir trips, he says you did that deliberately. sanyu says I have a lot more things to do. He rectifies sanyuy’s tent’s knot. sanyu says did I ask for help? He leaves.

Scene 2
Vidushi and jiggy are fighting for the tent. Vidushi says please leave I will stay in this tent with parth. Jiggy says go to sanyu. Vidushi says i tolerate her all the time in college. I wont stay with her here. Parth says come out jiggy she will sleep alone. I will sleep out. Jigy says I will adjust anywhere else. I cant sleep out in cold.

Parth sees Sanyu sitting alone outside. he goes and sits with her on a stone. Parth says, if you want to say anything feel free to. Sanyu says I don’t know what will you all think about me after seeing the video. But what randhir did was unacceptable. Parth says bu you loved randhir? SAnyu says yes I did. But I couldn’t see my dad insulted. I can’t hurt him for my feelings. You know For a girl her dad is her hero,pride and ego. How could I tolerate that randhir insulted my dad like that. We could have sorted out. Parth says yes all that was wrong. From your point of view randhir is wrong from his you are wrong but I know what you and your family must have felt. Sanyu says you still understand me even we weren’t friends. Randhir over hears their conversation. Sanyu stands up and goes in her tent. Parth turns back and sees randhir. Randhir says there are some people who apologize I went there to apologize. Everything is not what sanyu showed you. Jiggy comes out and says its so cold even in tent. Sahil says I don’t even have blanket. Parth says the bonfire has blown as well. Randhir says lets get stems and burn it again. They burn it again. Yoyo sings a song. Sanyu comes out. yoyo says I loved to go to hunting in village. yoyo takes out drink. Vidushi says now you will make us drink this. Yoyo says don’t insult it. He says sahil bring the glasses. Randhir takes the bottle from him and gulps in a large amount.

Preacap- randhir says to sanyu I can di anything for you sanyu. don’t you love me. sanyu says first you tell me that you don’t love me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I just dnt understand why sanyukta is not able to see the fact that what he did was for her and yaa randhir was way to direct but whatever he said to sanyukta’s dad was all right her dad is killing her dream by letting sanyu marry samir….and cant she see that his dad is still not accepting the fact that she wants become a engineer even after all this….
    Randhir was never wrong sanyukta but ur ego is to big to accept the fact randhir was rite and u r wrong making excuses that he insulted ur father even thou he went to apologize…
    Sanyu u annoy me :\
    Randhir ftw

  2. Wow,i just love todays epi,n waiting fr 10,epi miss kr diya,coz i ws travelling,sanyu to every angle se immature h 😛

  3. Jiggy i simply ♡ed u tdy…

    Sanyu still thinks & justifies ONLY abt RDs insults to her dad n her family!!! dumbo sanyukta!!! i somehow feel she is going to marry Samir just for her family!!!


    precap – what was that??? RD to sanyu : mi tumhaare liye kuch bhi kar sakthaa hoon… (what sacrifice his true ♡ for samir???) sanyu to RD : pehle tum mujhe dekhkar kaho tum mujse pyaar nahi karte???

    1. Shes just blind and has too big of a ego to admit that randhir was rite….

  4. Ye sanyu itni bhi halki fulki nahi hai jo sara time becha re rd pr girte padte rehti hai….ab gir bhi gayi to koi baat nahi kam se kam jaldi se uth jana chahiye na lekin nahi madam ka to irada rd ki bachi hui haddiya todne ka hota hai……..

  5. Omg!!Jumping Jumping.. 😉 😀
    luv d precap

  6. Wowwwwww such an awesome episode…….finally vidushi aur parth k badolat sandhir pas to aye….precap was so exciting. Just cant wait for towworow….luv u sandhir

  7. aur ye vidhushi jaise khud to badi satisavitri hai…sandhir ko dekh kr aise chillai jaise alians ka eyelock dekha hai

    1. did u see ranyuktas tdys comment which was posted at 11am for U???

    2. kuch bi kaho, aaj jab vidu ne parth ke saath ek hi tent me rehne ke baare me sochkar, jiggy ko baahar bagaaya, i was lol!!!

  8. like vidushi today, After watching something like that me bhi chillane lagti 🙂 😉
    sandhir…. kya phir ek saath aa rahe hain . …

  9. I FORGOT SanDhir did remember the b4 engagement KISS N all the others had their mouths wide open – aaaawwwwww… when they heard it from RD……..

    1. guise I didn’t saw 2day’s epi so I wanna ask something that are they both in drunken state in the precap..??? bcoz i read that in last of today he drank full bottle..!!!

      plz clear

      1. not both, only RD

      2. SPOILERS ????

  10. Awesome……
    Waiting for tomorrow’s epi<3<3:-!:[email protected]}–@-}–:-D:-D

  11. ha @meera mai ne ranyukta ka comment dekha tha….bt at that time i was in college so i could nt watch that episode…

  12. Awestruck epi!!!! Precap was no word to say
    In precap I don’t think Randhir was in the drunken state though he drank but was in his sense

    I would like to thank my BFF for watching Sadda haq with me for my sake as she don’t see it even though see saw it with me my bond of friendship with her increased today

  13. Mission Vardhan Back to college turns into Mission Sandhir fall in love all over again
    Parth luv ssooooooo much …. Just wish Parth should get well soon 🙂

  14. Parth should get well soon but he doesn’t deserve vidushi ….come on guys…after all things she have done to others na she should not be wit parth….I want arpita to come back …but noooo way tat vidushi can take her place

  15. Today’s episode is perfect I likes so much and And all roles were played by everyone was nice and sandhir one was simply awesome agree with me?….. I am waiting for tomm epi and I want to know how to go into spoilers pls help…..

  16. Today’s episode is perfect I likes so much and And all roles were played by everyone was nice and sandhir one was simply awesome agree with me?….. I am waiting for tomm epi and I want to know how to go into spoilers pls help….. In Telly update only…not fb

  17. Sorry for repeating it…….

    1. ON TOP LEFT HAND SIDE OF THIS PAGE – THERE R : HOME SPOILERS POLL ZONE CONTACT US. click spoilers and all tv serials with spoilers IF ANY will appear. click the name of the tv show u want, simple…

  18. After seeing tdy’s epi i proved myself ri8 dat sanyukta never ever loved rd…nd i came into one conclusion dat d cvs r hell cnfused themselves..dey dnt evn knw wht dey wnt to shw nd wht nt..whn on tdy’s epi i saw i rd drinking one thing cm in mind dat on d freshers day party he drunk 5 shots still he was in his full senses dat didnt effect him a whn he drank on sanyukta’s engagement a little he lost his senses his controll ovr his mind..i mean how can dat even possible..!! Nd dis tm whn he drank wht i understood aftr seeing d epi nd precap is dat he has lost his controll over his mind but still he have his cn dat psbl..??do thnk about it guyzz for once..!!!

  19. Well first toh all of u r righto
    Aur i must say my expression( whn dey revealed dat kiss thingy) was same as of d others…
    And yaar ye marehue cheez ko,firse khodke zinda karneka kya fayda?
    And dis ws luking like d earlier tracks,where wevhad soo much of sarth.
    UFF!(vidushi eshtyle)

    1. @saddahaqrox ye niche bala comment kya tumhara hai?kiu ki ye nichebala user name black me hai?

  20. areee dear @pakhi. sari drinks ek jaisi nahi hoti hai kuch peene k baad bhi nahi chadhti hai aur kuch thodi peene pr hi us ka effect hone lagta hai(ye maine sirf suna hai exprnce nahi mujhe iska koi)…..may be frshrs party wali legal hogi isiliye nahi chadhi thi…..aur ye yoyo paji wali desi…… to chadhegi na….. 😉

  21. WOW 2days epi was awsome !!! eeeeee what a precap !!!
    jst ♥ed sandhir’s expressions yaar when they shwed the eng. video…. and the way rd was luking when sanyu ws talking to prth

  22. Guuz today when randhir drank he was in his sense…use koi chadi vadi nahi thi….he was in his ful sense

  23. gd night and sweet dreams dear sandhirians!!! ;D 😀

  24. GM…
    @Pakhi I also think CVs are confused and confusing us too… kabhi kuch dekhate aur kabhi kuch aur …eeeeerrrrr I have no guess wht is gong to happen earlier I used to guess and 75% of guess would be right but these days don’t know wht happening especially in mind of DD&SS(writers of sadda haq )

  25. Gud Morning ………Sandhirians…..

  26. @pradipta didi,
    Tumi (or any other bangalis,for that matter) ki kalke moholoya ta dekhecho??? DD Bangla e hochi lo.
    Khushi didi tumi????

    1. kya tum nupoor ho? By the way khushi is not a bengali. I think she is a malayali .yahape pakhi sayad bengali hai.

  27. I just love todays epi.

  28. i love randhir and sanyukta so much yaar…

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