Sadda Haq 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu goes to vardhan and says sorry sir but I got to know about maya’s divorce. Vardhan says its non of your business. You are no one to spy on her. SAnyu says I know how it is to go away from family. Why every marriage has to end with divorce. Why you don’t stop her. vardhan says what you think I am asking her to divorce? Go ask her yourself if you so want to ask.

Sanyu goes to maya’s cabin. Maya says what you want sanyu? sanyu shows her the papers. maya says how dare you to come in my cabin. Tell me right now or in will rusticate you. Vardhan says why don’t you tell her how you ignoring the violence in your life and tolerating all the abuse. Maya says you have no right to public my personal life maya. You may leave now and you too sanyu get out. SAnyu says I am sorry for intruding in your personal life. The last few days were the toughest part of my life. I tried to convince my parents that I wanna do engineering not marriage but they never listened. I have to leave my family for my dreams. don’t sacrifice your freedom and choices for anyone. be strong an independent that you are. I am sorry if I crossed my limits but I said what I feel for you. Vardhan says in heart I hope sanyu’s words effect maya. Maya goes through the divorce papers.

Sanyu tries to call her family again but still there is no response. Ankit receives and says your repetitive calls won’t change anything you are not my sister any more. Sanyu disconnects the call.

a student says to other this is YSA they will be asking difficult question. Randhir says to sanyu what you said to maya? Sanyu says I said what I should. There was just one suggestion. Randhir says that’s the only way to get out of that relationship. Sanyu says why you say the same things all the time.

Rishi comes to college and looks for maya everywhere. He comes to the class as well. Professor says how can you disturb the class. SAnyu and Randhir leaves the class. Snyu follows Rishi and Randhir follows sanyu. Roshi goes to maya’s cabin and says what the hell is this/ You want divorce from me? he says you know what will your family do when they get to know. I stay out of house for 9 months still you can’t tolerate me for 3 months. its my mistake I have given you too much freedom. Peon tells vardhna about rishi. Vardhan comes and says how dare you to come here. Sign these papers and leave. He says I am sure he must have suggested you to divorce. Resign from the post of dean and handle the household. Too much with this teaching. He drags her. maya slaps her. maya says I have been bearing your torture since so many years. I have decided to leave you. I will file a case of domestic abuse on you. I will make sure you stay in jail for rest of your life. Randhir says if you don’t want to be beaten by whole FITE then please leave. SAnyu gives him the papers and says sign them. He leaves in anger. Maya is in tears. She says thank you to all three of them.

Scene 2
SAnyu is in canteen Randhie comes and sits with his back against her. He sys you were saying I ignore what you say. Look in listened to you. Sanyu says you were wrong randhir you are not like people you give examples of. randhir says no matter good two people are in a relationship. Different in opinion and choice come in front of them.

Vardhan says maya you have taken the best decision. You will find a good partner soon. Rishi won’t ever enter the college again. Maya says I won’t be able to trust a man again in my life.

Randhir says in heart I love her but can there can a relationship between us? sanyu says in heart I love you randhir but where are we going? Tey look at each other and leave.

Scene 3
in the class randhir and sanyu stare at each. The teacher says deadline to subit ysa form is in 30 minutes. Everyone is and rush to submit the forms. Randhir stops sanyu.

Randhir submits the form and sanyu come there too. Randhir stops her and says why don’t you understand. I can’t let you struggle. sanyu says I can’t miss opportunity. You will be thinking about your mom about all the time. We both will participate and whoever win will pay the fees. He says I need you to support me emotionally in all this. I have asked something first time in the life. SAnyu stops him and says I know you will win this. She says I won’t participate. Good luck.

Precap-Vidushi says randhir what is sanyu doing? I heard she backed out from ysa and now she will is saying she left so she you can win.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Happy diwali!

  2. Oh man relationship is so complicated…. uhhh…. rd n sanyu kab ek sath hoga?…


  4. Happy Diwali…:)

  5. Thanks khushi,same to u! :-*

  6. Gr8 update tysm…
    it seems gr8 to c randhir and sanyukta together! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Hi Frnds , nice episod today,

    Maya got relief today.nice to see Sanyu accept Randhir Request.
    In Precp- I just want to kill “Vidusi”

  8. wish u all sandhirians a vry happy diwali 🙂 😀 n pls plz watch my new vm sandhir special n plz do cmnt n like also plz here is the link

  9. happy diwali to all of u

  10. By now Randhir should have understood vidushi. He should not fall in her words again n again. He should have trust on his love. Everyone knows how vidushi plays.

  11. Nice episode. Sanyu also care for rd. But ye vids hamesha un dono me aag q lgati he. She is so selifish. Use parh ke liye YSA jitana he isliye shayad wo dono ko disturb kar rahi he. Hi everyone and Abc, akshara, saddahaqrox.

  12. Hi shraddha di, wish u all a happy diwali, abt d episode – its awesum n precap i just hate this vidhushi

  13. Happy diwali guys

  14. Nd haa @nid ur vm was wonderful,juz luvd it

  15. just read in if the foll –
    I’m really confused
    About what???
    Whoz SanDhir
    Are they Students of FITE
    Problem solvers of FITE
    Celebrities of FITE
    Owner of FITE
    SanDhir has the right to come n leave the class anytime
    SanDhir can sneak anywhere and anytime
    SanDhir can interfere in anyone’s life from Peon to Dean
    SanDhir has the ri8 to give gyan n dhamki to anyone
    Mane I wonder even Maya has so much right as SanDhir

    link —

  16. U know wht guyz…….
    I think randhir shud and does trust HIS sanyu more than that stupid idiotic vidhushi. So guyz, chillax, and stayv tuned 2 shq fm….ie, only on channel V!

  17. @YSA,
    Cud u plz b a bit more specific?
    ps- i luv ur usrname

  18. good epi …. rd will handle ysa and sanyu will handle rd gd 1 …..
    gd night and sweet dreams dear sandhirians 😀

    1. Right an
      The dialogue:
      Rd- tum chinta mat karo sanyu fees ka main sambhaal lunga
      Sanyu- haan, par tumhe kaun sambhaalega?

  19. Anyone from here saddahaq forum member?

  20. Is der anyone who likes vidushi?

  21. Im a membr. Seenurox. Seenu yani ki meri best frnd and rox for my choti behen here(shrox)

  22. Choti dedicated 2 u
    phoolon ka taron ka
    sabka kehana hai
    ek hazaro me
    meri behana hai!

  23. Hi akshara ,Vidushi sirf parth keliye achi he. I think jo parth ko pasand karte he shayd wo log usse pasand karenge.I don’t like her. It’s 4th year but since she dosen’t know, who paid her fees of 1 st year. She took moneny from sanyu for just 2mins call. How selifish.

  24. The end i didnt understand!!
    Sanyukta backed out of the competition or randhir?

  25. Sanyukta backout frm comp

  26. the precap vidhushi u shud rot in hell

  27. Nice episode any news about special epi

    1. had posted this yday….. so sanyu will also participate in YSA!!!!
      Sadda haq special episode on sunday..
      Title- Yeh Saddi Dosti special..
      Spoiler- ysa takes place for the second time in FITE.both sanyu nd Randhir want the prize money.who will win..?
      Must watch.

      1. ignore that “2”… typo

      2. i want randhir to win it at any cost

  28. randhir and sanyu wer awesme. Specially wen sandhir can do anything for each other

  29. it should be tie between sanyu and randhir

  30. I thinkk.. 🙂 itz just a guess ..Vidhushii would win and then Vardhan sire would explain her how sanyu paid her fee in the first year from YSA …It can be a twist for the vidhushi to ecome a good girll ryt ?? 🙂

  31. @Nid,
    Awesum vm. I gotta go so cant cmmnt here bt check out this link fr cmmnt

  32. @Sdhqthotz,
    Abt ur cmmnt,
    1) i dont think even aftr hearing all tht vids wud help
    2)she wants d money fr parth n he is any day more imp fr her than sandhir
    3) Sandhir dont like favours but ofcourse they will accept frm d other 😉
    4) Vidushi needs money fr her OWN fees too.
    So thats why i, for one dont think that will happen
    Sandhir ftw

    1. I totally agree with u

  33. Achu, u r soooo sweet!!! Thnx fr that!!!! Luv u lotssssss
    Here’s one fr u
    Meetha laga seene mein rakh liya hai hai
    Chocolate ke tukde, honth hain tere
    Shehad ke qatre, Sweeta..
    Tujhse nahi koi meetha huh 🙂

    Sweeta, Sweeta.. tujhse nahi koi meetha
    Hai 😉

  34. @Abc,@nupoor thank u so much 🙂 😀
    i just luv sanam puri n his songs,bhut dino se mera sandhir vm bnane ka man tha,to socha is gane pr try karu!!thanx 🙂

  35. @saddhaqrox :

    She might do help sanyuktha to impress parth ryt..?? last tym the YSA amount was 5 lakhs.. so this time it would be big if Renuka sanyal has a plan for randhir ..:)..If vidhushii wins she will have enough ..I donno.. I just wanted to guess things .. Hehe..
    Ma offiz mates thinkk I am Mad when I discus ol dizz. ..:P

  36. i like it

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