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Sadda Haq 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Both teams read their chits and it’s a confusing clue. LITS captain gives their teammate walkie-talkie in case if he needs any help. Sanyu also tries to give one to Randhir, but he says he doesn’t need help. She tells him he better win it. LITS guys feel that chit is giving clue about library. Their teammate sees Randhir going to library as well. Both search for something in library. Sanyu is not happy. She tells Kastuki what’s use of walkie-talkie when their teammates don’t want to use it. She asks her to look at LITS, they are so organized. Randhir reads the poem again which says it means same thing in all languages, you can find answer to all questions from that thing. Randhir is not getting it either. He remembers Sanyu offering help to him and remembers her words and she saying “God”. He strikes that it has something to do with God. He finds a chit inside a book and it says he can proceed to the next task. LITS boy sees him leaving and feels Randhir found the chit.

Randhir returns and tells Sanyu, he said he doesn’t need anyone’s help, but she still helped him. Sanyu asks what she did. Vidushi interrupts and says good job. Sanyu gives next chit to Parth for the brawn task. Parth will have to separate parts from an engine without using any tool. LITS boy still has not returned. FITE team thinks it’s so tough to separate parts from that engine without any tools. In library, LITS boy finally finds the chit. He returns. LITS captains taunts him that he came too soon, whether he was celebrating in the canteen. LITS mentor gives glows to her student for next task. She tells Vardhan that’s not part of the toolkit and nothing is wrong in helping your students, but it seems like Vardhan has swore not to help his students. He says, he has taught them never to expect any help from anyone. Both students are trying open the engine. Sanyu tells Parth to be careful. Parth is first to find the chit inside his machine. His hands are bleeding. Sanyu asks him for the aid first. Randhir interrupts and says all that can be done later. Parth says he’s alright and asks her to give that chit to Vardhan. Vidushi forcefully checks Parth’s hand and ties her handkerchief on it. Sanyu is asking Vardhan for next task, but he stays quiet. She asks why he’s quiet. Time is running out. He says, it’s because next task is really difficult and when he says that, he really means it. He tells her she can back out. Sanyu is surprised. He says it’s because he knows she won’t be able to do it. She can quit respectfully. She says by quitting, she will have no respect. She won’t back up. If LITS team can do it, then she can do it as well. He tells her good. LITS boy finds the chit as well for next task. Vardhan says they will start the next task after an hour. All students seem tensed.

They meet outside and the bravery task is to walk on burning coal and go to the other end where they will find next task’s chit. If a student wants to rest in middle, they can and then continue from where they stopped, but they will only get 30 minutes. If they take more than that, then their team will be disqualified. Vidushi says what the hell, no one has ever got injured in FITE’s tasks before this. Vardhan says if they want medical attention in middle, they can go as well. He calls Sanyu and LITS guy in front. Randhir is not feeling happy. Vardhan asks Sanyu to rethink, but she has decided to do this. Randhir comes to them and tells Sanyu that they have won 2 tasks already, they don’t need to be crazy. He says this is real fire. Vardhan agrees with Randhir that this fire can burn you. Maya interrupts and asks if they shall proceed to the task or their player has decided to back out. Sanyu says she won’t back out. Randhir is angry. He walks away.

Time starts now. They begin walking. Sanyu thinks something and asks Vardhan if she can get a fan. LITS captain says, she has gone crazy, it’s not hot tea that it will cool down. Vardhan says interesting, very interesting, and gets her a fan. Maya taunts him and he tells her she can use one as well. There is no rule that says you can’t use a fan. She says, no thanks, that will be worst decision ever she would take for her team, if she uses the fan. Sanyu turns on the fan and it increases the fire. LITS captain tells him teammate to start walking now. He walks hesitantly. He puts first feet and jumps on the side holding his feet. Sanyu is still looking at the burning coal. 10 minutes are left. LITS student continues walking and on every step, he jumps on side and gets medical attention. Vidushi says she was talking so much, and now she looks so scared. Parth tells her if she had to do this, then she would know. Next task is hers, and they will find out. Sanyu thinks fan has done its work. She turns it off. LITS student is still sitting on a side, holding his feet. 1 minute is left. Sanyu prays and starts walking. She finishes it in one shot. Seeing her, LITS student runs and finishes the task as well. Vidushi is surprised. She asks Sanyu if she’s fine. She says she is fine and gives her the chit. LITS boys carry their student and puts him on the bench. Randhir asks Sanyu to sit and he has brought ice for her, but she shows her feet and says she’s fine. Vardhan says, this task required brain as well along with body, what’s the use of body if you have no brain.

Sahil asks Sanyu why nothing happened to her feet. Did she use any magic? She says she just used common sense. If you burn coal fast, then there is a layer of ash on top and nothing happens to your feet if you walk quickly. LITS team thinks why they didn’t think of that. Sanyu sends Vidushi for next task and asks Randhir for ice. He asks why? she said she’s fine. She says her feet didn’t burn, but still. He applies ice on her feet.

Vidushi asks for help on walkie-talkie. The task is to make an engine beautiful. She asks Sanyu if she will have to clean those dirty engines. Sanyu says no, beautiful must be meaning something else.

Precap: Sanyu asks Vidushi to check engine if it’s working after cleaning. It starts and they get happy. Sanyu tells her to return. Vardhan announces that the winner is.. and just then Vidushi’s engine bursts out. She’s shocked.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. Plz update with pictures

  2. Omg precap is horrible
    Is FITE going to loose and that stupid LITS boys are going to win??!!
    Omg this should never happen

  3. Sanyukta to walk on burning coal even though she has never done this before …..
    Sanyukta to jump off the cliff even though she has never done this before …
    Sanyukta trying to basket the ball even though she has never done this before ….
    Randhir, Parth, Sahil, jigi .. just the audience ….
    This SERIAL is becoming FEMALE DOMINANT .. there is no equality….

    1. ohh that means it can be a male dominant show !!

    2. Its clearly mentioned … “there is no equality” ….

      The Victory would be truely of Women ..if every woman on the team is the part of success …

      just showing one lady winning is not the equality among the women as well …Sanyukta comes up with the ideas for making chimey …

      Sanyukta coming up w/. the idea of making GPS tracker ..

      Sanyukta coming up w/. the idea of cycle generator to heat up the water …..

      Sanyukta coming up w/. the idea of making voice converter …

      Sanyukta coming up w/. the idea of breaking the lock of archive office to get the documents of Niharika

      Here Sanyukta is superior among all the girls in FITE …………..

      Everyone on the team should be treated equally and given a fair chance to participate .. winning/ loosing is the end story …

      Male and female dominancy is not the subject here … superiority which in turn leading to dominancy is the subject ….

      Need a change in storyline is the subject ….I would like to see something else rather than ….just showing the compitions.. winning Sanyukta …

      showing Randhir bechhara …I would like to see some ideas coming from other teammates too other than Sanyukta and Randhir … letting them prove their knowledge

    3. IS a women oriented shw and what they are showing is how sanyu fights everyone on hr way to fulfil her dream
      as for ideas yeah I think others should contribute too but then very few people like women-centric shows, they want a hero in lead & he shouldn’t cry….as if he is not some human but soe supernatural with no emotions whatsoever…..I can’t understand such people

  4. Tdy’s epi – it was lil’ filmy type….. but R was so adorable…. cld nt bear to see Sanyu perform such a tough task & comes back with ice cubes.. 😛 😛

    after reading the spoilers, i started thinking….. Randhir ka kyaa haal hoga? becharaa…. He was so tensed when Sanyu was about to start tdys task…. Fridays task wl b much tougher….

  5. Fite will win the hard task i amm… damp sureee…

  6. courtesy :

    P.C. Sadda Haq Crew Member (Cnt reveal d identity.. Sorry)
    This is not the end of Sarth …but yes who are expecting Sarth to be couple they will be heart-
    broken because the story is focused on Sandhir as a couple from day 1 and it will end up being so.
    but yes Sarth and Paran will end up being BFF. Parth’s entry was made to realize randhir,
    sanyukta’s value and his insecurities over her…and moreover we tried to show the necessity
    of having a true friend specially for a person who has to face new problems each and every single day (Sanyukta)

    Secondly Parth is not at all a supporting character . He is the parallel main lead just like Randhir.
    So equal screen space is given to Randhir Sanyukta and parth. So there is no partiality done
    to any of the characters. But Parth fans should not worry as Parth will be paired up with a girl
    he deserves…Sanyukta and randhir both will play major roles in it…their friendship will explore
    new dimensions … As far as Vidarth is concerned nothing has been finalized keep
    patience…… and love #saddahaq and moreover soon the mystery of prof.rao will be revealed and Parth will have a major role in it.

    Credits:Sandhir Cafe

    Enjoy…what ever we wanted is gonna happen soon…PaRan to soon come n Sandhir is already coming…..




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  8. i just do not understand. what course are they doing exactly?? i thot mechanical engg had something to do with mechanics. but here, they are showing ppl walking on coals, doing baskets etc moreover, hacking??? Lord, are they doing software engg or wat?? :O :O :O

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