Sadda Haq 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan has called a class on saturday. Vardhan says third year mechanical top 10 students are here. Final year students are doing internships and they will tell third years about their experience. They have come here with their hard work. Randhir says to sanyu being a factory owner’s daughter needs so much dedication. You need to know about the factory’s history. Vardhan says parth come and tell about first company. He says the first is Agarwal factory which is part of sanyukta’s group of industries. They are one of the leading companies. Mr agarwal named companies after her daughter whom he considers her lucky charm. Mr Ksihor believes in developing the company with workers.

Parth is outside a lab, he says vardhan sir? Are you there? He looks everywhere vardhan is no where. Parth says vardhan sir called me here in store by text and he is not here now. Suddenly vidushi comes in and locks the room. Parth says you called me here? She places her finger on his lips. He says what is all this vidushi? She lights candles. Parth says some one will come here. She takes off her dress and comes near him. He says have you lost your mind? Vidushi says this has to happen some day why not today? i know you are angry but you love me. He comes closer to her, someone knocks at the door. Rana says who is in there? Parth gives vidushi her dress. Parth opens the door. Rana says i am not amazed to see you here but you were not alone here. what was going on here? parth says everyone is not like you. rana says i know you have an affair with her? Parth says shut up and i didn’t lock the door it was jam. Rana says you can never be safe of me. He leaves. Vidushi comes out. Parth says vidushi we could have stuck,stop being so stupid. I admit that i was out of track, vidushi says out of tack? Don’t you love me? He says i need some time. She says i wasn’t trapping you. I was doing this all for you so you can forget past. He says its not that easy to forget your and varun’s relationship.

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Ishika is solving equations with her pals. Her friend says ishika why don’t you call randhir to come and solve this for us? Ishika says he is busy he doesn’t have time. Her friend says he doesn’t have time for you right? Or have you guys broken up? Ishika sees randhir and runs after him. She slips. Randhir helps her in getting up. She says will you drop me till hostel? i have sprained my ankle. Randhir picks her up and takes her to room. Ishika gives a smile to her friends. she takes a selfie, randhir says what is it? she says i want to capture every moment with you. He drops her and says no capture another one on the floor. randhir leaves. Ishika shares the picture on facebook. sanyu sees the picture and recalls her time with randhir. Vidushi says has randhir joined your dad’s company? Sanyu says after 4 years he wants to torture me more. sanyu says boys are so selfish. Vidushi says yeah they are okay till you live just as they want. sanyu says and when you say no, they go to somewhere else. Vidushi goes to her bed and says i wont let you go anywhere parth.

parth is hitting punching bag. He hears rana saying be careful. he opens the window and sees rana is taking some boxes with two men. Parth goes out and says who is this stuff at this time rana? Rana says i don’t need to tell you still its lab stuff delivered on urgent basis. Now leave. He asks the two men to go and drop the stuff in first room of left corridor. A packet drops, rana stands on it and says go from here now. Parth leaves. Rana says thank God he didn’t see it. Now i will make my own drugs.

Scene 2
Vidushi gets ready and says you can’t ignore me today parth. sanyu looks for her book. She finds a register. Vidushi says in heart i wont let our story become like sanyu and randhir’s. Vidushi goes to parth i library. parth says what is it now? She takes him to a side. parth says we could get caught in store yesterday? She says i don’t care if I get caught with you. she shows him her tattoo on neck that says parth. Parth touches it. He says it must have pained? Vidushi says it still does. parth says is it permanent. She says yes it will stay with me like you, forever. He kisses on the tatto. He comes closer and kisses her.

Vardhan sees randhir solving question. He says i am very happy randhir, i am meeting self confident and genius randhir i met at first day of college. the one who wanted to be the best. you have done it today. you have got internship in sanyu group of industries. I am happy for you and i am sure you must be happy as well. there is a small advice for you, sometimes we are running after something we think we want, but we actually want something else, i hope you know what you are doing.

Sanyu gives nikil some papers and says please arrange them one by one. randhir comes in and hits nikil, Sanyu says what are you doing? nikil says what have i done? Nikil leeavs. sanyu says you couldn’t see him helping me? World doesn’t run wit you. He says you will never get that cabin, sanyu says that cabin is mine and i will take it. top hell with you.

Kabir tells investors how good branch system is. investors ask him to increase fees. He says i have already takes that decision. vardhan comes in an says very interesting, you said you have called meeting for better future of FITE. what are these people doing here? will they get all this? Am i mistaken Mr. Kapoor are you the same one who got caught cheating in exams. Kapoor says you have called us here for insult? Vardhan says no no i am not insulting you, kapoor says i think we should go. Kabir says please listen to me. but they leave. Vardhan says kabir, i told you i wont let you break FITE. we have made this college with hard work and passion. Kabir says the ball is in your court. Vardhan says you can’t blackmail me. you dont think about FITE but i do. vardhan says yeah all the best for your next meeting.

ishika comes to sanyu and starts fighting with her. She is about to slap her. Vidushi says don’t you try to be smart here. Vidushi slaps her. Vidushi are you okay now? now get lost or i will slap you so hard and make you bald now get out. sanyu smiles. Vidushi says i didn’t slap her for you she was irritating me as well.

some men are making drugs in the lab. Parth comes outside and wonders whats going on inside? He says who is in there? open the door? someone hits him with a rod and he faints.

Raghu asks everyone to change and go to floor. Randhir says have you got changing room duty? kunal says its so hot here. Germany was too cool. He shows off workers about the machines he saw there. He says it was unbelievable. Randhir asks him another question but he couldn’t answer. Randhir says did you go to garden to visit? i know a lot more than you. Kunal asks randhir and question and says can’t you answer it? you have time think about it. He leaves. randhir tries to solve the question. sanyu says can you go out i have to change as well.

Vidushi massages parth’s head. she says didn’t you see who hit you? did you have quarrel with someone? He says why would i have? parth says i have to go and find him out. vidushi says no you have to rest. He says i need to find what was going in the lab. Vidushi says please dont go i am so scared. He hugs her and says i will be all right and dont chase me. She says please dont get yourself in trouble. He says i will be fine now go from here warden must be coming, he hugs her. Vidushi leaves.

SAnyu shoves randhir and says go i have to change. He says if you want to change, change here in front of me. A new supervisor comes on the floor. Agarwal says welcome, please to have you. He says thank you sir. He says i have looked all the departments, i have list of interns and workers. agarwal says my son works here with me and you can contact me or him for anything you want. He says i wont need that. I you wont need mishra to come back. agarwal says i hope you will handle it well.

Precap-sanyu is changing behind curtain. randhir breaks the curtain. sanyu says what the hell are you doing. he says when will you understand this place is not for you. kunal walks in. randhir hides sanyu with the same curtain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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