Sadda Haq 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir is gets dressed in white to meet sanyu’s mom. He says now I should work on my hair and keep them simple so that will leave a good impression. He says I should look like a gentleman. He says aunty is weird. She called me suddenly and asked me to meet. Sanyu is on the pole. SAhil says what are you doing up there? SAnyu says call randhir. Sahil goes to randhir and says whats wrong with you sanyu is waiting for you on pole and you are here getting ready. Randhir says let her stay there and give her something to eat up there. Rajveer comes to sanyu and says wow madam ji you look good there. He laughs sanyu says shut up and get lost.

Sanyu calls randhi. randhir says its such an important interview for me today and this girl keeps calling me, sahil says what interview? Randhir says I have to meet sanyu’s mom. Sahil says wow that’s so good. Randhir says don’t tell anyone right not even sanyu. Sahil says I arranged kaustuki and yoyo’s meeting and never told anyone. SAhil says to till you are back she will be on pole? Randhir says yeah let her. Sahil says are you taking any gft for her mom? Randhir says no. Sahil says you should. sahil says look at your hair. randhir says what can I do now. He says I will buy some gift on the way. SAnyu says you really left me randhir.

Priyali sees sanyu and says ma’am what are you doing there? sanyu says please call randhir. Priyali stops randhir and says sanyu is on pole. He says I am going to meet her mom. don’t tell sanyu. Let her stay there. Tell her that I went to take your books. Priyali says I will say you went to library and I didn’t meet you. randhir says that’s stupid. Go and tell her that you didn’t find me.

Scene 2
Randhir is in café. He is preparing how to say hello. A waiter drops some tea n his shirt ranhdir grasps his collar and says are you blind. anju comes in. randhir says I was asking are you okay? Be careful. Randhir says hi aunty namastay. How are you? Anju says sit down. Randhir says is everyone okay in house.

Sanyu says sahil I asked you to bring randhir and you are here. He says I didn’t find him. SAhil says jump on this stool. Priyali says this is risky. SAnyu says I will have ankle fracture. Sahil says noting will happen. Sanyu is scared. Sanyu says bring ladder. sahil says I went to admin office but they were off to lunch. sanyu says go bring that rope. He gives one end to sanyu. SAnyu binds it. Priyali says please be careful ma’am. Sanyu says don’t scare me priyali. she slides down the rope and falls. Sahil says you okay? They pick her up. SAnyu says did you gys find randhir? SAhil says no. Priyali says he has went to buy books. proyali says you need to change your shirt.

Randhir says would you like something aunty? Randhir says coffee? He says you don’t like coffee. Okay bring lemon juice waiter. Oh but it has ice. Anju says tea. She says I have not asked you to come here to scare you. We love sanyu so much. We can’t forget what has happened. We have no more strength to bear anything more.

sanyu says to priyali what books has he gone to buy? were those books so important that he left me there. Sanyu says I will call him. sanyu calls randhir. He says I am in market to buy some books. Take care of yourself and priyali. Don’t fight with vidushi and don’t go to lab. sanyu says tell me priyali where is he? sanyu says I feel so bad. priyali says he has went to meet your mom. Randhir says it was my friend. anju says I don’t want to ask any stupid question. Nothing is more than sanyu’s happiness for us. We can’t stand her in tears. Anju says do i look strict? If you were a girl your mom would be the same with you. Randhir says I don’t live with my mom. My parents are divorced. I haven’t seen my mom in 10 years much. My family is so incomplete. I live in hostel or with fahim chacha in garage. WHen I met you I wished I has a loving mom like you. And don’t worry about sanyu I will always take care of her. She says I have to go now. randhir says I brought this gift for you. When she opens It, its a juicer. Randhir touches her feet and she caresses his head.

Sanyu is tracking randhir’s location. He goes to canteen and says I am back but sanyu isn’t there. SAnyu comes in. He syas I came to save you. sanuyu says tell me what did maa say? Okay fine I will call her and ask her. randhir grasps her phone. randhir says you are so lucky. She says because I have an idiot bf like you? Randhir leaves. Rajveer’s pals go to manish and say we have a party for freshers come with us. They take him to a class. There is a cake. He says is it for me? Rajveer comes and throws his face in the cake. He pretends on call and says yes ma’am I have done what you asked me to sanyu. Can we go now? Rajveer says please pardon me but they want me to do this. They take off his shirt. He says its her order I cant let you go. She is my mentor I can’t do anything. They take her out in the ground and bind him with a tree. They rope him and leave,

Precap-rajveer says to ranhir I thought you would break my legs? what will you get. randhir says get lost. Rajveer says lets go for arm wrestling. if you win you can do anything with juniors but if i win you wont touch any junior. Randhir says challenge accepted.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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