Sadda Haq 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says how can vardhann leave like this? Maya says I am not his PA. you can go and ask him. Randhir says but ma’am. Maya says why are you still here? Snayu says please reconsider your decision ma’am/ He has helped me too. Maya says I will cancel your admission too leave now. Randhir leaves. SAnyu follows him and says please stop she is angry. You are the topper. Randhir says yeah even after that if have t struggle to stay here then to hell with this college. This college needs me.

At night, sanyu thinks vardhan has already left and now Randhir is leave too. Without them dream team will have nothing. Randhir passes her by with his stuff.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanyu and rest of the team are working. Jiggy says I feel like there is no battery. Yoyo says my circuit is fused without kaustuki. Vidushi says if Randhir was here he would have rectified this machine but sanyu can’t. Parth says who asked for your opinion. Maya comes there and says stop all this. there is no dream team. Sanyu says why? Parth says we are near the competition. Maya says there are no sponsors they have left with vardhan. What will you do without funds? So better focus on studies. Is that clear? She leaves. SAhil says why are we getting shocks again and again. Sanyu wonders where is vardhan.

Randhir is in workshop. chacha comes and asks how long will vacations last?Randhir says I am here for longer. Chacha asks whats the matter. randhir is quite. Chacha says you can share whenever you feel like. This is your house. you can stay here as long as you want.

Sanyu and rest of the team are in maya’s cabin. Parth says no one can replace vardhan. maya says he has left with his choice. I can’t run after him. Go out now. sanyu says we can’t give up. Vidushi says what will you do? Will you protest? Sanyu says I will bring him back. sahil says we have no permission to do that. Sanyu says we don’t need permission. we will bring him back. Parth says yes we will.

Sanyu asks jiggy to track Vardhan’s location. He traces his location. Vardhan is spotted at five different place which means that he has made his number untraceable. Yoyo calls randhir. Randhir hears them talking about vardhan. Sahil says what will we do? Sanyu says randhir would have told us how to nullify the fake locations. Randhir says they can’t do anything. I have to trace his exact location. Sanyu is so worried too. why am I thinking about her?

Sanyu says vardhan is at any of these location. Lets go to his bench we will find something. Yoyo says maya will be there. Sanyu says I have an idea. Yoyo goes to maya’s cabin and says chandu has fallen from stairs please come with me. Maya goes with him. All others come in and start rummaging. Maya and yoyo come there. maya says bring a doctor. jiggy says there is nothing here. Vidushi says before maya comes here lets go. sanyu says I won’t leave before a proof. doctor says he is fine. He us just stressed. Lets get him to sick room. yoyo says maya ma’am come with us he will need your prayers. Maya says shut up he will be fine. He runs after maya to stop her. When he goes to cabin only maya is there.

The team has found an address of a factory. Its one of the locations tracked. They say yes vardhan is there. Jiggy says that’s 200 KM far. Yoyo comes in. sanyu says vardhan is in this factory we have to go there. jiggy says how will we go? sanyu says we will go together. Vidushi says we will fail together. Parth says this is your last chance. You won’t come even if I ask? Visuhi says I will do anything for you. SAnyu says we have to contribute the money. We can do this for vardhan. Yoyo says how will we get a day off from college.

Scene 3
Sanyu goes to maya and says my brother has met an accident I need leave. Maya says yeah sure. All of them one by one get the leave. Maya says I know what’s going on. I want you all to bring vardhan back. Vidushi is packing her stuff. she says I am going with parth for first time its kind of date. she sees a USB there and sees sanyu’s engagement video. She is shocked to see Randhir in the video.

Scene 4
Everyone is ready to leave. Parth says where is vidushi? We have to bring her with us. she will conspire against her. Vidushi comes there parth says everyone was waiting for you. Why are you late. Vidushi shows him sanyu’s engagement video. Parth says he went there because he loves sanyu and so does sanyu. He leaves. Vidushi says fantastic script and main hero isn’t here. There would have been a lot of drama if Randhir was here.

its late at night and they are at a dark and green place. Yoyo says I feel like we are here for some treasure hunt. Parth says lets divide. Me and vidushi will go there and you people decide your directions. A flash light strikes sanyu’s eyes. she is shocked. Its Randhir in front of her.

Precap-SAnyu falls on Randhir. Randhir says I am surprised I didn’t expect you will find this location. Vidushi sees them and says guys come here looks what’s going on. Vardhan comes and says what the hell are you people doing here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. First….

  2. First…. Sanyuwddddcxxxx u can do it

  3. the most hated part – y did not Parth or others even convince RD to stay back or talk to Maya reg the same??? thy did not even try contacting him.. it hurt me…

    last scene of tdys episode – so sooooooo funny… why was sanyu soooooooo shocked on RD at Vardhan’s place??? lol!!! y y y??? sanyu…

    1. Really,i ws in confusion sanyu rd ko dekhkr itna kya shocked ho gyi thi,mujhe lga chomu to nhi aa gya

      1. same pinch….

  4. Awww randhir was lkng damn cute whn he said sanyukta vi kitni paresan hai nd d vry nxt moment he realized wht he hd jst said..epi was nc..sanyukta finally realized nd said dat rd is d tpr nd he is d bst he cn do anythng..lgta hai ab ache din ane wale πŸ˜€

  5. Wow todays epi.os kalas…..

  6. Randhir expelled and nobody cared…
    And randhir not present among them nobody cared….
    And why that look sanyukta its randhir not some wild animal that you are looking so shocked….
    And vardhan decide to appear just like that

  7. Bt i am a bit hurt..i mean how can maya rusticate rd..i knw d idea was of sanyukta’s bt rd md dt..sanyukta cnt evn do dat widout rd’s hlp..acha kya rd ne jo clg chr kr chala geya..sach me do hell wid dat clg which cnt evn cnsdr dr tpr stdnt..huhhh

    1. i think u are right as it is fault of maya
      i hate herrr

  8. i think so tomm will be more interesting…

    right and i agree with u meera

  9. Wht happen to sanyu she didn’t even think abt randhir….she was just abt vardhan nd not randhir

  10. Wow ..precap is awsme n funny also,lgta h ye weekend full on sandhir scene milne wale h,hope ki dono ke beech sb theek ho jaye,
    vardhan sir u r great πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  11. Hello everyone!!!!!!
    Missed u all a loads …….my two little sis AN, aashiqui,my elder sis Meera ,my friends Game changer,pakhi,anamika,nid etc. Sorry I rmbr only these names luv u all :-* <3 <3

    1. Hey dear,welcme back

    2. missed u a lot too..

    3. welcome back dear…. missed u…

    4. It’s not aashiqui it is SADDAHAQROX I am really sorry

    5. missed u toooooo my dear sis !!! πŸ˜‰

  12. @nila lv u tooooo nd miss u toooo

  13. I am back ……
    Epi was nice and precap I loved a lot
    Vidhusi was awesome today kya dialogues mare luvd each and every dialogue she said

  14. I also thought chomu tha or some kind of ghost but it was our hero

    I knew it Parth is the or going to be the cupid in love story of Sandhir

  15. the way they stared at each other was awesome. actually (i think she was shocked because she wasn’t expecting him πŸ™‚ and did she slip and fall on him or tackle him to the ground?

  16. Hi @nila welcum back……guyz vidushi ko sandhir ki luv story k bare me pata chal gaya hai aur hum sab ko to pata hi hai vidu ka data storage capacity 0 MB Hai to iska matlab hai wo zaroor sanyu aur us chomu k beech me prblm crt karegi

  17. @meera aapne kal k epi ka rpt telecst kab dekhe i mean aaj to us epi k rpt tlcst nahi tha mujhe bhi wo epi dekhna tha

    1. tdy morn @ 9 a.m.,, Ranyukta had posted the rpt telecast timings on 19th cs…

      1. i was abt to post the same…

  18. Nice episode.

  19. Rajvi Chokshi

    thnku sooo vry much for d updates…
    keep it doing fr us…THANKU..

  20. I loved the secen whn YoYo enters maya’s cabin and her reaction … Lol

  21. Good epi ! Thanks atiba !

  22. Wow!
    Luved d epi!
    Hope ur exams went well,nila didi!
    Iss week me i m hoping(fingers crossed) for sandhir scenes.
    I mean we r like….kuchbhi karenge sandhir ke liye! Pyaase ko paani se aur sandhir fan ko sandhir scenes se door rakhna paap hai!

  23. i too thought ki wo samir tha… rd ne jab kaha ki sanyu pareshan ho rahi hongi i β™₯ed it !!! sooo cute !!
    vidhushi aur parth ne woh engagement ka video dekh liya i thought ki wo pure clg ko dikha degi (acha hua!) ….

  24. i hope ki u all did well in ur exams !!! gd night & sweet dreams my dear sis & all other sandhirians too ! πŸ˜€

  25. Tnx everyone it felt like taking to my family….my exams gone well
    @ saddahaqrox kya line tha I totally agree with the line you said

  26. Hope engagement video ka bohot bada issue bane….which will bring our sandhir close…..inhe pas lane ke liye plZ kuch contribution vardhan.sir ka bhi hona chahiye….

  27. I think ye sab vardhan n maya purposely kar rahe hain,to bring sandhir closer( because it reminded him of niharika)
    If maya rusticates one of them,maybe he wants to see if the other tries to bring him back
    N he knows that if he goes,every1 will work as a team to bring him back
    And mayas line-asli maza to vardhan ke aane ke baad shuru hoga
    What do ubthink!?

  28. gud morn’ Randhirians!!!

    Shared by Sona di

    Many of u have been asking me the following questions like -What paramsingh eats at home? TUNA SALAD, TANDOORI

    1. PSB loves non-veg items & I am a pure vegetarian… ab mi kyaa karoon..???

    2. ……. Does he check twitter msgs ur tweets? YES..HE TRIES HIS BEST TO READ THEM ALL. What kind of music he loves n his fav song? EDM(ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC) TRANCE, ALSO THIS SONG -STARKALAKAR BY YOYOSINGH Does he checks all ur edits? YES ..HE LOVES THEM ALL. Msg for fans? THANK U FOR LOVING ME SO MUCH N APPRECIATING MY WORK..GOD BLESS ULL.SPREAD LOVE

  29. Good morning Randhirians……….:)

  30. hey gc repeat telecast aaj dupari 1 vajta pan ahe. Bagh.

  31. gud afternn parth knows the truth and he will be chain the sandhir chemistry.

  32. RIGHTO!
    now parth and vids will b d catalyst in d equation!
    btw,meera di, I m non vegetarian…………..hehe

    1. O-o… i am all jealous!

  33. Hehe i m also a thnx meera fr ds infos

  34. Hey by d way suva mahalaya

  35. ya meera di tnx fr d info
    guyz I hv posted my ff at india forums to,, under d name-CRAZY STUPID ISHQ, Do read or comment, I hv dedicated all d arts to u ppl

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