Sadda Haq 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranawat starts screaming and says stop it please. he says i will save it. Run from here, He runs out. Everyone is dazed. Chauhan says i would like to do my task. He continues with the task. Judge says in the end the winner of this task is vivek. We will see you in next task.
Sanyu sees the grease and barrel? She says wonders why ranawat behaved this way?

yoyo says to pals, this is a golden day. we are free from ranawt’s torture and clap for randhir who planned all this. Randhir says i had to do this. sanyu says how could you play with his fears and you are cheering here. You didn’t think what the history could be. Why the coal disturbed him so much. Randhir says enough, sanyu says enough of you. This is disgusting shame on you. randhir says that alcoholic can’t make us win. vid says he is psycho not genius. sanyu says shut up, maybe he has a histroy. randhir says why should we care about it. parth says we can’t win with a mentor like him. sanyu says we lost him when we needed him the most. she leaves.

Ranawat cries and throws stuff in his room. Raghini collides with randhir. she says randhir there is something wrong. randhir says if you keep meeting me it will create problems. when i called in hospital in singapore they said they dont have a patient named karan. randhir says i gave a fake name of him. To save you from your brothers. Raghini says tell me his fake name. randir says i dont know. The hospital staff wrote it themselves. he says please go to your room. Raghini leaves, sanyu is standing in the stairs. randhir comes down stairs. she says you started cigertte again. I dont care smoke it. randhir says i was stressed so i did. sanyu says i know your reality be the good boy in front of whom you want to be. randir says whom are you talking about? she says how would i know? randhir takes her hand but she leaves.

Scene 2
The next task starts, sahil says we have to win this. randhir says ranawat is not here to demotivate us. Vivek says i am really sorry guys. Your mentor is not even with you. i think he knew you are goin to lose. judges say lets begin here is your second task. its simple you have to be in pairs and melt the machines parts. parth says i dont wanna make a team with vidushi, sanyu says i dont want to be with randhir. sanyu says i will come with parth, vid stands with randhir. judge says your hands will be bound while you melt them. Each team has to inter exchange their partner. vidushi says why sir? he says you chose the partner you feel comfortable with, so you have to switch your partner. sanyu comes with randhir and vidushi with parth. They rope their hands. Judges says your time starts now. randhir says i dont believe this you didn’t want to be with me because of that alchohlic. Randhir says keep the flames away from gas pipes or will blast.

Dream team is melting slowly, randir says to LITs team do is carefully there will be a blast if it hits the flame. All of a suddent the lab blasts, everyone goes out. sanyu is working. randhir says come from here, do you want to die? Randhir says i wont go until i complete the task. Viduhsi faints parth holds her. randhr says come with me. ranawat is watchin them. sanyu recalls what thruv said, ranwat says i am coming to save, the table is on fire Randir tries to hold sanyu, he sees ranawat on door ranawat tries to come in for help but he is scared of the fire. He runs. Randhir takes sanyu out she is faint. Randhir gives her mouth to mouth resurrection, she gets up,sanyu says did we win the task? randhir says shut up. And that ranawt he left you alone in fire, you would have turned into a coal if i wasn’t there.

Precap-randhir says you cant fight for that ranawat. randhir says he is weird and irrational. Sanyu says you are irrational and weird too like every genius is. sanyu finds a paper related to history of ranawat in his room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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