Sadda Haq 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

-epi starts with sameer scolding sanyu and sanyu trying to convince him.
-sameer walks away and sanyu trips.. she falls from her bed. It was her DREAM.
– she sleeps and sameer calls her. He keeps talking and sanyu humms and dozes off
– next morning all are wotking in lab. Saarth are working together. Sanyu decides to ignore randhir.
-randhir enters then and hears it. Vidushi comes to him and says if ur restless seeing saarth together then what will happen if she leaves the college.
– randhir covers up. He gets restless and takes Sanyu’s pic with machines and leaves.
-he types sameer’ s id and is hesitate to send thinking she ll fall into more trouble. Jiggi comes there . He trips over the marbles and the send button is pressed.
-randhir shouts on jiggi and worries and rushes to sanyukta. He tries to tell her. She doesn’t listen.
– sameer calls her and asks her about the pic.
-she gets scared and sameer tells that he is coming to her house in 2 hours .
– sanyu shouts on randhir. Randhir gets angry and leaves. Sanyu rushes to jiggi and edits the pic of sameer sitting in ladies parlour.
– sanyu asks him to edit one more pic.
-randhir deletes the pic frm sameer’s email. Sameer wonders hiw the pic is deleted.
-sanyu comes to randhir and does and emotional talk. Randhir feels bad.
– she takes his phone. He says sorry to sanyu and sanyu says she is not sorry and gives back his phone. randhir sees that she has edited his face on a girl’s body.

Precap- sanyu calls sameer to fite

Update Credit to: nidhikotak

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  1. — for the 1st time i liked vidushi when she spoke Randhir’s heart out!!!
    — i simply did not like what sanyu did with Randhir’s photo
    — i don’t believe it, is sanyu going to marry samir??? oh god, pls pls, NO!!!!

    — what if their marriage gets cxld, arpita comes bck to parth n they both in turn make sanyu & randhir a couple??? i wish this comes true!!!!

  2. Plz update correctly……
    Ajj se tum upadate mat kiya karoo.o.
    .kuch vi samaj me nehi ata he.

  3. Bakwas …….update

  4. #Amena Hasan……,..z d Best…updater…

  5. WTH!!
    Wasteful update!
    Its better u do it completely or leave it!!
    No use of reading it!!

  6. 2 din se update proper nahi hai

  7. Pls update in detail…

  8. nice episode

  9. good she is calling that duffer to FITE….
    This for sure that she won’t marry that loser…but the question is how…
    it should be like…she is all set to get married to sameer…its her wedding day and randhir comes to her rescue and she elopes with him…this will be a good sequence… 😀

    1. kaash aisaa ho!!!
      yaar, arpita vaapas aayegi yaa nahi??
      I see Parth working with Sanyu only e/time and not with any other dream team member who is less genius than her, how come?
      samir ke jaane ke baadh, ye dono (SARTH) ek na ho jaaye!!

      1. no no…i have a feeling that they are planning upon some love triangle or something….(just hope not so).
        i read somewhere that arpita is gonna comeback from the dead…and her role will be played by some Varnica singh….
        so keep calm…and wait for the future episodes…hope we get to see more of sandhir… !!!

  10. Dude updatee correctly yr…doo din se updates shi nhi aa rhe…. make it rigghtt or else live it……
    Its rediculs…..

  11. today’s episode was good…
    If anyone watched it… you will notice that apparently even vidhushi is jealous of sanyu-parth friendship…she likes parth i guess..!!its ok…even if arpita does not come back…they can hook up parth and vidhushi..nevermind!!
    jignesh is a stupid fool…dunno how kaustuki fell for him..
    sanyu is one big drama queen
    randhir is a troubled and a troublesome creature of the show…who is not himself anymore… somebody said it tru..”love can drive anyone nuts”
    sameer is the world’s biggest a*sh*le ever created!!

    1. wht u said abt sanyu being a drama queen 100% correct
      abt randhir – pls no!!!! u see i like tht lovable idiot a lot!!!

    2. haha!! nice summary on the characters of the show…based on today’s episode!!

  12. iwant sandhir and not sarth cuz randhir and sanyukta have a nice chemistry and bettre than that of sanyu and parth

  13. ye log spoilers kyu nikalte hain?
    I just liked this one
    Sanyukta plants a spycam in Randhir’s room
    ab dhekhna ye hai ki iska kuch use hota hai ya nahi.

  14. @divya.. update yourself..this track was long ago and this serial has gone far from this..!!!

  15. parth and sameer should get married… dono kebab me haddis will go…pagal people of this show…

    1. look… sameer is a kebab me haddi no doubt..!!
      but pleas stop critcizing poor parth… he has such a good heart.. 🙁

      1. True!!!
        Aisa hi hona chahiye..

  16. baba alok nath

    mera ashirwaad sada tumare saath h… ye serial mat dkho!!

  17. baba alok nath

    aise yuva serial bnane hi nhi chaie
    bacho ki budhi brasht ho jaati h

  18. True!!!!
    I just love randhir
    Especially when he gets jealous
    Lovvvvvveeeee uuuuuuu raaaaannnndhhhirrr!!!

  19. today i watched shq.sanyukta sees a horrible dream.and then sameer himself calls the lab parth and sanyukta works together and sanyu decides to ignore randhir.randhir listens it and he goes to work.vidushi then goes to randhir and tells that sanyukta is going to marry so the saddest one will be randhir.randhir agrees and says that yes he will be the saddest because eventhough he disturbs sanyukta all time yet he wouldn’t be satisfied. then randhir clicks a pic of sanyu working in the lab and then he walks out.randhir sit in a classroom and thinks to send the pic to sameer.but then thinks that sanyu may fall in a bigger problem and stops himself.jiggy comes there and falls because of the marbles thrown over there and mistakenly the send button is pressed by randhir and the pic is sent.randhir dhouts at jiggy and worrries for sanyu.randhir sees sanyu im the corridor and he goes to her to tell what he did but sanyu doesn’t listen.and then sameer calls her and randhir tells sanyu not to pick up the phone but she picks it up.sameer asks her about the pic and tells that he will be reaching her home in 2 hours.sanyu gets tensed and fights with randhir.then in the library with the help of jiggy sanyu edits the pic if sameer sitting in a ladies parlour.and then sanyu also edits another pic.then sanyukta comes to randhir and tells that everything is finished because sameer went to her house and told everything to her father.and then she does a bit of emotional talk and when a hanky falls from sanyu’s hand randhir picks ut up and tells her sorry.but suddenly sanyu’s mode of talki.g changes and she tells that ahe is not sorry and asks randhir to check his phone.randhir is surprised and sees that sanyu has edited his face on a girl’s body.
    precap:sanyu tells randhir that he called sameer to fite not because of him and then she tells sameer to come to fite roorkee as their meeting spot.

    1. to whom did u say good toni

    2. read the comment which i have posted

      1. no no.. i meant that yesterday’s episode was good!!
        anyways…no doubt your way updating was better and mere detailed… nice work… 🙂

  20. guyz arpita is dead she can’t cm back..

  21. exactly!!!!!!

  22. what si sadda haq ?? serial?? actually i watch only zee tv… what to do…

    1. don’t do anything.. just sleep!

      1. read the comment which i have posted it is an update toni

  23. Loveeeeee u randhir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love sandhir-saarth is okay,i guess but sandhir is somehow more romantic.
    And guys if u dont like paarth,atleast stop commenting so badl yaar,
    Anywaya,i cant see how u dislike paarth.Though not as much as randhir,he still IS a cutiepie and u gotta accept it….mai uski fan nahi hu,but i think he is okay…..

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