Sadda Haq 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says my point is when we have invested 15 years on it then why not few more days? If this works it will be beneficial to whole country, why not give it a try. Members say okay we will think about it.

Sanyu goes to an office and fight with guard to let her in. He says no you can’t. Sanyu steals his card and later goes in. She checks a computes and collects some data from it. She prints out some papers. Randhir calls her, she says sorry i was in office. He says you spend more time in office then with me. Sanyu says i miss you. Sayu says where are you? He is in the room where is works. randhir says i am in my room. But i am going to store room i will spend time with the memories. And my phone is not working i will dismantle and fix it. sanyu says oh i love you thank you so much. He says what? sanyu says nothing i will talk to you later. Sanyu hangs up and says yes i will dismantle this plant and work on it, it will work.
A man comes in and says what are you going here right now? sanyu says i wanna show you something, i have cracked the code of win energy transfer, she shows him on computer. He says this so close to the final stage. Sanyu says we can crack it together, he says yes. He says i will share it with my team. Well done I am proud of you. Sanyu leaves.

Sanyu comes to college, randhir says i called you so many times. she says lets go. Randhir says last night there was a virus in core service of agarwal industries all the data is lost, he shows her the new. Sanyu says how is this possible. Its a high level secure system. randhir says i dont know this is weird. Randhir says papa’s all hardwork will go in. Randhir says we will find out a solution. Dont worry.
sanyu and randhir come to factory, he says i will wait for you here, sanyu goes running in. sanyu goes in, ankit says we all saw the cctv footage, you went in the room and currpoted all the files. sanyu says why would i do it. Ankit says get out. Agarwal says leave her. He says you are worth nothing, still you want your right. This is your right? Sayu says yes i went to lab but for this company, I was cracking the code that was needed to proceed that code. Call the scientist that was there with me. He knew how well i worked. Ankit says okay let me call him. After a while the scientist comes in, he says yes sanyu came in the lab. I tried and asked her to leave the lab. I said this is wrong but she didn’t listen to. sanyu says don’t lie, i cracked the code. sanyu says papa i am not lying, i dont know why is he saying that. I cracked the codes, it can change the future of our company. Agarwal says this is not your company, he leaves and so do all the board members.
Sanyu comes out and tells randhir everything.

Randhir goes to the scientist and hits him. He says i asked sanyu to go, after that i don’t remember anything. Randhir hits him more and says don’t lie. sanyu says leave him randhir i don’t know why is he reacting this way.
Parth comes to room and sees a letter, yoyo comes in. Parth hides the letter, it falls under the table. Parth says i have headache go out. Parth reads the letter vid writes you have teased me a lot, now you will be punished. wear these handcuffs and come to store room.

Vid says to tania you are going to lose today. Tania says you look so good in this ordinary lipstick too. She drops her lipstick there and leaves. vid picks it up and says this is imported. She puts in on and faints after a while. Tania comes in and laughs. Parth comes to store room blindfolded and with handcuff, tania takes hi shirt off and takes pictures with him. SHe makes him smell that lipstick too, he faints too.

Sanyu dresses radhir’s wounds. she says why did you have to fight. You shouldn’t have hit him. He says you can’t understand. sanyu says i want to sleep for a long time. He says i know you are stressed out. Maybe you unknowingly corrupted the files. sanyu shoves his hand and leaves. He says i was just asking not blaming you. sanyu says i thought at least you would trust me.

Precap-sanyu comes in, ankit says because of you papa lost CEO position. Agarwal says because of you i lose my respect.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. nyc epi but wen will ankit and aggarwal realise their mistake……………

  2. I heard of some monsoon special epi of sh … When it will be shown or is it already shown ?

    1. @ aisha itss already shown…

  3. nyc epi… Hope that sandhir will solve this problem and ankit will realise his mistake

  4. nyc epi… Hope that sandhir will solve this problem

  5. Nice epi…im sure ankit is behind this lost data thing in company…i dont get tania at all on one way she’s helping sandhir unite and on the other way she makes vidarth apart…its something wrong with her…luv u bubbly & luv u sissys miss u all 🙂

  6. oh god don’t they let sanyu to live peacefully?both father and son must be punished

  7. where is ASR, if not there then why covering of Sadda haq shows him

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