Sadda Haq 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says i have nothing to do with you just tell me where sanyyu it. Adda says if you think i will cheat masons because of fear you are wrong. Adda says we can come to a deal. You will have to work single mindedly for masons. There should be nothing else in your life. Randhir says i agree but assure me sanyu will be fine. Adda says you have to prove your loyalty for masosn through a task. It is easy for you. Randhir says what do i have to do? Adda tells him. she says i hope you know what you have to do. Rnadhir says i will do it but sanyu should be fine. Adda says its upto you. She is in a glass cabin. Locked there and there is a posionous gas leaking in her cell. Saver her if you can. Randhir rushes.

Randhir comes to the place and sees sanyu struggling in the cell. Randhir says sanyu nothing will happen to you. SAnyu sees him,she is fainitng. Randhir says i will get you out sanyu dont give up. Randhir tries to break the glass with cylinder but its unbreakable. He enters keys in the lock, its last attempt. Randhir enters the right key and get sanyu out. She is faint. Adda comes there, Randhir says i wont leave you today. Adda’s men come and point a pistol on her. She says you cant fight us. Randhir says i will expose you. Adda says you have lost everything. This attitude doesn’t suit you. Sanyu breathes. Randhir says sanyy? Adda says she is just unconscious. Adda points the gun at sanyu and says i am leaving her this time, next time the moment you meet her she will be dead. Randhir says she is my life, how can i stay away from her. Adda says okay then. she points the gun. Randhir says stop i will stay away from her. Adda says good. She leaves. Randhir says to sanyu are you hurt? You wont suffer anymore. He kisses her forehead. He says i really love you and I wont meet you ever again. I love you forever.

Scene 2
sanyu wakes up in her room. she says have i slept for long? Tania says you came here when we were leaving for class. Where were you last night? Vid says randhir came and asked about you. Sanyuu says he came here? Sanyu says i guess i slept in the lab and i dont remember anythin. Who brought me here? Tani says how do i look btw? She asks sanyu thinking about randhir? Sanyu says he looks for me and he treats me like stranger. Vid says at the end he always comes to you, chill. Tania leaves.

Parth asks rishap going somewhere? Rishap says special evening with someone special. With tania. Parth stops him and says tania? He says chill we are just friends with benefits. You wont understand. Parth says i hope it doesn’t slip out of your hands. Rishap says as in? Parth says what if you love each other. Rishap says we are not like that all clear between us.
Randhir is hitting the punching bag, he says i have got her in trouble. I wont let anything happen to her. SAnyu comes in his room. He says you?
SAnyu says why are you hurting both of us? Fight with me but dont ignore me. She hugs him. She says i can’t bear this, i love you i cant live without you. Randhir shoves her and says get lost from here. what are you doing here with me? sanyu says why are you behaving with me this way? Randhir says i am not accountable to you. You have not bought me. Sanyu says have you bought me? Randhir says just leave me alone. she says like you left me? Randhir shouts and says shut up and go. Sanyu says i tried a lot to save this relationship but now if you want you will come to me. Randhir says please fogive me sanyu, i am sorry. He punches the punching bag.
Adda calls randhir. Randhir comes to her. She says we are ready for your first mission. Randhir says what do i have to do? She says look at this land? There are wealthy metals there. If we get this we can change dynamics. randhri says can we buy that land? She says that blank portion, there is an institution on it. The owner is so stubborn he wont give it to us. Randhir says how will we buy it then? She says you have to blast this school.

Precap-Randhir writes i am so lucky you came in my life. Sanyu comes in randhir shoves her and says you dont know how worse can i be. Sanyu hugs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. When she can brain wash any one!! Why is she want blast de school man??

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