Sadda Haq 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agarwal asks anju where is sanyu? SHe says I don’t know. Agarwal syas why did you let her go. sanyu comes in. Agarwal asks where were you? Sanyu says I went to temple. He slaps her and says whu couldn’t I see you there. Anju says she is our young daughter you can’t slap her. He says its because of you. I said there will no engineering in this house and still she made that belt. I know she went to college. Gupta had agreed and I will get you married. I don’t know why I got a daughter like you.
Agarwal says you have be the daughter. Don’t try to be the son. I will get you married tomorrow. Vardhan says stop it Agarwal sir. Don’t punish her for seeing dreams. I am vardhan her professor. You should be proud that she is competing with boys. Agarwal says you have made her like this. vardhan says yes I have. I have seen the spark no one else has. Vardhan says you can throw me out but can’t separate sanyu and engineering. Ankit shoves vardhan and says get lost. sanyu slaps ankit and says how dare you to shove him what you think of yourself? sanyu says your slap papa will keep reminding me that I was right. My decision was right. I have decided to go to college I will complete my engineering. You can break my legs still I will be an engineer. I am going. Anju stops sanyu. Agarwal says let her go and don’t ever come back you are dead for us. SAnyu says you killed me that day you stopped me from dreaming. You fulfilled all my wishes but stopping me to fulfill the biggest one. Instead of supporting me you slapped me. All right you can but I have right to live my life and chase my dreams. I love you and I always will but I won’t let anyone steal my dreams Sanyu leaves. Anju says please stops sanyu.

sanyu is on her way to FITE and recalls Agarwal’s slap and his words that we are dead for each other. She enters FITE thinking about what happened today. Vardhan stops her and says, you can’t sacrifice your dream. Let the pain and anger come out. somethings are difficult but we have to them for long term advantage. your parents love you they really do and they will support you one day. Now you will control your life and don’t worry about admission I will handle it. Randhir says you proved yourself sanyu and won the battle. I am proud of you. You did right.

Yoyo syas sanyyu you are back we thought vardhan took you home why he took you back here. Sanyu says sorry maa baba but I was right. Who else will fight for me if not me? Randhir sees her and turns on the other side.

Sanyu is in room. vidushi comes there. She says why don’t you keep two bags one for daily use and other to travel. This will save you from packing and unpacking. SAnyu says I won’t go back now. Vidushi says are you mad? Sanyu says I have no other option. Vidushi says you have no idea what mistake you have done. Sanyu says you won’t understand. Vidushi says no one understands better than me. I would never have done this if I were in your place.

Vardhan goes to maya and says sanyu is back forever. You don’t have to cancel her admission. These are YLC formalities. Renuka wants to conduct it this time. He says okay I will handle that. He asks are you okay? She says yes I am I know what are you trying to say. Let me work.

Sanyu calls kaustuki but she texts I am in hospital sorry can’t pick up your call. Is it urgent? Sanyu says in heart its urgent I am missing you a lot. Sanyu calls anju but she has blocked her number.

Parth asks randhir did she say anything? He says what will I talk to her? She won’t even like to see my face. Parth says why? Randhir says why you wanna know everything. Parth says okay don’t tell me but you know she needs you the most. Sanyu goes to vidushi and says can I make a call from your phone. She says if you give me money only then I can give you money. Sanyu calls on land line anju picks the phone and says sanyu. Sanyu cuts the calls and cries her heart out. Vidushi says why you called when you didn’t want to talk. She takes her phone back. Randhir is looking at sanyy crying. He says if I say her anything she will miss them more. she needs some time.

At night, sanyu takes out pictures of her family and stares at them. She places it on her side table. She is about to go out but then she stops and think of being locked in the room by her dad. She says in heart you are right sanyu. You have taken it so don’t change it. She sits in tears.

Scene 3
next morning, sanyu is in her bed still not sleeping. She calls anju but she has blocked her number. sanyu looks at the family photo. She recalls when she got the application form FITE and Agarwal crumbled it. When ankit took her trophy. When Agarwal burned her books. When Agarwal slapped her and says stay daughter. She says in heart I am proud that I am your daughter.

Precap- sanyu says I am garbage right? You threw me away.You left me for your ego and respect. You said in front of my family that you don’t live me. Randhir says i love you damit.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. RD TO SANYU – I ♡ U, damn it!!! wow…..

  3. thanks a lot atiba for the update

  4. gc & suruchi… did u finally read the spcl epis WU???

    1. ha….meera jiiiii…… 🙂 🙂

  5. Hiii guys…this kushi..frm hyd.. 🙂

  6. Hi khushi 🙂

  7. Omg atlast rd confessed it!
    I luv u sanyu!

  8. Awesooooome epi….:-D loved it n veryyyyy excited fr tmrrw epi ♡^_^

  9. Finally Sanyukta making a stand for himself Prof Vardhan helping her….
    Hats-off to actor who is playing the character of Vidhushi i mean seriously Vidhushi has to be the lowest form of scum in the show i bet sometimes even the girl playing Vidhushi would be irritated to watch Vidhushi in the show……..
    I have a dream a vision that one Vardhan will realize that he is the mentor of dream team and not of Sanyukta and sometime Vardhan will also help and stand up for Randhir like he does for Sanyukta…
    Precap was Awsum
    Randhir finally confessing his feelings for Sanyukta it will help her and will make her a feel alot better since she will have Randhir during these painful times
    And why bring back the YSA arch again ??
    Sandhir FTW.

  10. hope its nt a drm…….

    1. do you think that vardhan will actually stand up for randhir someday?

    2. ofcourse he will ….bt i dnt think so k is ki kabhi zaroorat bhi hogi….cuz rd has guts to take a stand for himself….

    3. Its not about making a stand for himself that is something only randhir and sanyukta can do for themselves that decision is for them to make but supporting like vardhan does for sanyukta….
      For example following the given the spoilers in the upcoming YSA arch will Vardhan try and give some advice to randhir or will it be only sanyukta helping him out?

  11. Jannatul farha

    Nice episode

  12. Hai this is Roja from Tamilnadu…nice epi…thanks for updates

  13. Spoilers
    Monday – sanyu choses fite over her relation with her this decision affecta her a lot …randhir wants to help her bt is confused hw to approach her
    Tuesday-randhir sets up the lab with machines to help sanyu divert her mind from her minds.sanyu confronts him abt his denial of their love
    Wednesday-youth scientists award is conducted by rd mom has been organised in fite . considering wt happened last time sanyu s worried tat rd would get hurt again
    Thursday-even though rd has confessed his love .sanyu wants to know the actual reason behind his denial
    Friday-rd mom has decided to bring her fiance along with her to the ysa competition..will rd pick a fight with him or will he be able to control himself……

  14. i think only sanyukta will hlp him……

    1. see thats the thing if the scenario would be about sanyukta…Vardhan for sure would have done something for her

  15. just three words…OMG!! and not just for today’s episode, but for all that has been happening these days…..awesome

  16. frnds….. i wnt be able to post any comment till 12 dec due to exams …….will miss u all alot…….
    luv u all…..
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  17. Hi guys i an new here. I really love this show and love read ur responses

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