Sadda Haq 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
ishika I calling randhir. She sees sanyu fainted in the class. She takes her phone and call him. Randhir is shocked. He says how she up after so strong dose. He accepts the call. ishika says where are you I have been calling you since morning and you received phone from her in one moment. I am still your gf. He says shut up you are not my gf I told you. She throws away the phone.

Renuka and roshan share their machine with media. Reporter says what if your experiment fails? your company will be ruined forever. Roshan says we have no doubts on our product. Randhir comes in clapping and says hello everyone. I am randhir, renuka’s son. On this venture, I would like to congratulate my new family of their success. He shakes hand with roshan and says hugs renuka. He says don’t be shocked I like to praise you in public. He shakes hand with rehan. He says I am sure the machine is flawless because roshan and rehan have designed. The success story of this machine must be coming any moment from any factory. A reporter says how are you so confident. Randhir says I don’t know design but I know renuka. She can ignore anything for her profession. Reporter says when are you starting the machine? Roshan says after 20 minutes.

Sanyu gets up and says he made me mad. I have to call renuka. He looks for her phone but it broken in a corner of the room. Sanyu rushes out. Randhir sits with roshan. he says what drama are you here for now? randhir says step father I am here to support my family. Roshan says its taking a little time for installation of the machine. Can you wait a little more. Sanyu comes to company. Guard stops her and says where are you going? She says I need to go in, its important. Radhir sees her. he opens the door and says you here? sany shoves him and goes in. Sanyu goes to manger and says please stop machine from starting it will blast and a lot of innocent people will lose their lives. I have proof I just need a laptop. Manager tells renuka.

Renuka, roshan, randhir, rehan and sanyu come in a room. sanyu tells her and shows how the machine will blast due to faulty screw. Rehan asks manager to call all factories and stop the installation. Roshan says comes to media and says you have to wait for sometime. There needs to be a rectification in the machine. Reporters scoff at them. Rehan says to randhir have you done it? Randhir say go and tell media. Rehan says that will send you to jail then whom will I compete with? I will keep you here to beat you at any time.

Scene 2
Parth comes to vardhan and says sir I wanted to talk to you. I couldn’t discuss it with anyone. Its sensitive issue. vardhan says handle it sensibly then. if you will be nervous who will handle her? I know everything. I will help you but I will take back all the money with interest. I am not your personal bank.

Renuka is tensed. she says media has made fun of me. Sanyu is with her. renuka says should I thank you for this or should I be upset that my son did this to me. sanyu says I never wanted to go against randhir. I just wanted to save lives that have no concern with your fight with randhir. renuka says you saved me from a problem too thank you. sanyu says you are responsible for this situation as well. you should have been with him when he needed you. He wont have been taking revenge from you then. She leaves.

randhir takes her to a side and says why did you interfere in my personal plan. sanyu says I just wanted to save those workers. I will kill you he hurts her. sanyu kicks him and says I feel ashamed that I loved you. You don’t deserve anything. You just destruct your ownself and others. She leaves. randhir says I wont leave you.

rana and kabir hear some music. rana goes to yoyo’s room and sees them all in drugs and dancing. kabir says whats happening here? is it some disco? I will rusticate you all. Nikil says we were just happy about the job. kabir says did you take drugs? Yoyo says no sir. kabi asks rana to search them. Rana says there is no drug found. Kabir says their faces are showing they are on drugs. I wont let anyone take drugs here. after jiggy’s death. He leaves. rana says don’t you feel ashamed? I saved you this time but I wont save you always. He secretly gives a packet to nikil.

sanyu comes to factory late. Mishra says what excuse you have today? you women can never work on time. this is not for you. sanyu says I made a mistake but if you teach me there is nothing I cant do. punish me but I wont leave floor. He says I am giving you a task to prove yourself. There is a Furness room go there mold a metal.sanyu nods.

Sanyu goes to Furness rooms its too hot there. Raghu and kunal watch her from outside. Sanyu takes a metal sheet. She starts hitting it with a hammer. Her hand hurts but she continues. Agarwal comes there as well. sanyu is exhausted and she faints. Raghu asks workers to bring water. Mishra says I said already she cant do it. When he goes out Agarwal says I asked you not to do this. Mishra says give me some time sir. Raghu picks sanyu up and gives her water.

Vidushi says I am sacred parth. Parth says nothing will happen. I will be with you no matter what. He gets a call from doctor and stands up in shock. He says okay. vidushi asks what happened? Parth says doctor said according to report you are not pregnant. It was a false alarm. Vidushi hugs him in tears. He says I told you nothing bad will happen. vidushi says yea you know everything. Parth says I just knew that I will be with you no matter what. Vidushi says didn’t you get angry when you got to know that I and varun.. He says yes I was angry. I wanted to go to him and hit him. I wanted to shout at you but then I realized that I don’t wanna lose you. He says I will make you forget all this, thanks for being there with me. she kisses him on cheek.

Agarwal gets a text, you gave a chance to Mishra now give me a chance I will make her forget engineering. Agarwal says who is she. Sanyu is getting her burnt dressed. She screams with pain. randhir comes in. He says to the man this is how you dress I wound? I will do it. He takes her hand. sanyu says when did you start caring about others? randhir says I don’t want others to see you in pain. sanyu says why don’t you change. you cant be that bad. He shoves her hand and says keep your lecture to yourself.

Kabir comes to rana and says ignore this file then I will see. I am privatizing college. I am going to open its branches. all your efforts are in vain. vardhan says with college’s name your name will ruin too. You are dean of FITE. kabir says and you are the soul. you made everything in this college with so much effort and I love to destroy your work. give me those files you stole from military library. vardhan says I don’t know what you are talking about. kabir says go and bring the files, you have time yet but you wont have later on.

Parth sees some boys. A guy is beaten up badly. parth asks who did this to you? parth says I just want to help you. He is so scared. rana comes there, and says what happened boy? your pals told me someone beaten you up. Parth says go and do your work. He says this is my work. And you stop caring about everyone. you have so much to take care of. I can help you if you didn’t find any doctor. come with me kid, you need first aid.

Rana gives a packet to the boy and says keep your mouth quite. randhir is being angry on junior. sanyu stops him and says now you have started bullying these kids? he shoves her and leaves. parth holds her. He says why are you going to him again and again? why don’t you accept that he doesn’t care about you anymore. sanyu says if I leave him he will destroy himself.

Agarwal says to Mishra, you are making sanyu strong day by day. I thought we wont need to do anything and workers will scoff at her. they have started praising her now. I would have appointed anyone else rather than you fo this job. He says sir give me one chance. I will make her run from here.

Kunal says to Raghu and really nice car came to pick me up. Didn’t a car come to pick you? Raghu says I don’t need it, I am fine by walk. Sanyu comes in and takes out her work suit. sanyu says can you be a little fast I have to change as well. kunal says cant you come first. you get a car for pick up. Sanyu says I came in auto.

Mishra says to sanyu you are late again. girls don’t have any immunity here. today you people will do forching, and the one who loses wont get foreman’s panel in next two tasks.

Precap-agarwal says from today we have a new intern as well. Mishra says we already have three? why we need another one? Agarwal says I need him. He says come in. randhir comes in, sanyu is dazed. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Monday: Ankit challenges Sanyukta to beat the other interns in the competition.

    Tuesday: Sanyukta learns about RD’s plan to destroy his mother’s factory, which may threaten innocent lives.

    Wed: Kishore receives a call from a stranger who wants to intern with him, and will help destroy Sanyukta’s morale.

    Thursday: RD convinces Kishore to let him intern at the Aggarwal’s.

    FRI- Randhir and the foreman sabotage the machine Sanyukta is working on, which causes a blast in the factory

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