Sadda Haq 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu says I wont do job in your mom’s company and neither should you. I wont call papa. My dream is same as ten years ago. Randhir claps and says superb. You are renuka are same. you satisfy your selfishness my emotional background. I have decided what I wanted to do. Now its up to you. come with me or.. He leaves.

Parth says on call are you sure her name is Natasha? Jiggy says yeah its Natasha I checked her call list. Did you find the girl? Parth says yeah I am following you. Natasha sees him and says why are you following me? You are the same guy who fought with varun that day. Parth says I am vidush’s friend and I wanna talk to you. She says I don’t. Parth says listen to me once its Important. Parth says just tell me why you get angry with vidushi’s name. Natasha sys she is coming between me and varun. Every time my parents call her she says their divorce happened due to domestic violence. She is lying and she doesn’t wan varun to move on in his life. Naasha leaves.

Yoyo says I have filled so many form. His pal says we will fill it for you. sahil says what about after? He says interviews. Sahil says there will be tasks before interviews. yoyo syas randhir teach us something. His pal says he looks angry. yoyo says okay you can tell us later if you are busy. Randhir sees rehan with a girl. Randhir says what are you doing here? Rehan says see you tomorrow baby. Randhir says what were you doing with my college’s girl. He says she is my gf first before student of FITE. I have been dating her for three years. Randhir says to complete your personal agenda you will call any girl your gf. Rehan says go and ask Ishika. IT second year. Randhir says I am not interested don’t come in front of me again. Rehan says why are you always hyper? You couldn’t save your family at least let us live, its a happy family. Randhir says because of renuka my family broke. I wont let you live happily. Rehan says before my family you have to handle me. He leaves.

Randhir goes to library and sees ishika. He searches her on facebook. Yoyo comes in and says I have all the report. She is in second year IT, attendance very low, all guys are mad after her. She doesn’t give attention to anyone. He gives her a paper and says rest information is in it. yoyo says why are you thinking about me? Randhir says what you mean? yoyo says I am committed. or are you looking her for yourself. Randhir nods. yoyo says why? what will sanyu do. I don’t get you sometimes. randhir says you need randhir like mind to know randhir.

Sanyu is worried in her room. she says will he break up with me? just because I am stopping him from a fight. Why his mind stops. vidushi says till when are you going to do this. I wanna study. Vidushi says I know to all. you used ot say that family is your life and now a guy can change your mind. Stop behaving like idiot. I thought I was stupid but you are more. These guys are like that. if you agree to them they are happy other wise break up. why should we sacrifice our dreams. Now let me study. sanyu says she is right why should I always sacrifice my dream. This time randhir has to sacrifice.

Randhir gets ready. Jiggy comes in and says oh new jacket? New shoes? whats the matter? Randhir leaves. Jiggy says I have one idea randhir can try modelling. I can try it as well though. He goes in mirror and says I am juggy you must have heard.
ishika is studying in library with her friends. randhir comes in. Parth is there too. Her friend says now your mind wont work as well. another says he is so hot. Ishika says he is already hot today he has extra toppings. His pal says what to do with this equation. she says my mind is off. his friend says yeah how will it work now. She says mind isn’t like you I am focusing on the equation lets go to find a book. The go out and randhir solves the equation in her register. Parth wonders what is he doing. Ishika picks her register and is shocked to see the equations solved. His friend asks who solved it? She says Randhir. He has signed down there. ishika goes after randhir and says thanks for solving the equation. you are 4th year’s randhir ? randhir says yes. She says thanks. randhir says you are welcome ishika khana. Ishika says how you know my name? Randhir says I study about interesting subjects but unfortunately someone else is reading it already. Ishika comes back to library. She says he said he solved it for me.
He ad some other reason. He knows my name. but you know I have a bf. his pal says you know I am single. parth says randhir flirted with her? Why? to make sanyu jealouse?

Sanyu texts randhir I love you. Randhir comes in. sanyu wonders why is he so dressed up? Whats wrong with him? Randhis sits on other table. He orders a dinner plate. SAnyu goes to him, he stands up. sanyu holds her hand. he says until you change your decision don’t talk to me. sanyu leaves. Part watches them. Parth goes to randhr and says what are you doing? What you did in library and with sanyu I saw it all. I know its not my business. Everyone is mot as lucky as you to find a partner like her. Randhir says its not your business so stay out of it. Kabir comes and says whats happening here? I feel bad when a mentor flees and leaves his students. And his studnets do these kind of stuff. Go and prepare for your task tomorrow. It wont be easy. Stop doing this match maker job. Now go and prepare. randhir and parth leave.

Precap-kabir says you have to shove and pull down this pillar. They have an equation under them.sanyu says to randhir goof luck randhir says worst luck to you. ankit says to sanyu are you a girl or iron man? don’t you feel ashamed of doing this all? randhir says think sanyu, egoless or jobless.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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