Sadda Haq 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anju has packed her stuff. Sanyu says where are you going? Anju says your dad is coming earlier. Sanyu says is that truth or are you still mad at me? anju says yes I am mad at you but I trust you and I know you wont break my trust. Snayu hugs her. anju says take care of yourself. I have placed vegetables in kitchen. sanyu says keep calling me and come whenever you can. Sanyu says in heart randhir must be sleeping I shouldn’t disturb him.

Parth says in heart why was he scared when I saw his phone? There is something wrong. Vidushi comes and sees parth stalking varun. She says don’t you have anything to do? What are you trying to proof. parth says I am figuring out which baby calls your baby. I doubt she is his sister. Vidushi syas in heart he is genuinely sorry. She says I have no doubts he has a sister.

Sanyu teaches priayli and says call me when you need to as something. Priyali says no one does this for someone else. sanyu says I am not doing anything for you. A man comes in. Priyali says baba come in. she introduces priyali to her dad. He says I wanted to thank you for teaching her. sanyu says don’t embarrass me. He says you are helping her for nothing. sanyuu says I will ask for party after her result. Priyali says come we will drop you. He tells him that he is driver of Shukla. Sanyu says I have to go somewhere in the way as well. I will come by myself. Randhir calls sanyu and says are you free? sanyu says yes. He says I am on my way. He says I should go and surprise your mom. sanyu says yeah why not. Suddenly the lights turn off. Rajveer comes in and grasps her arm. SANyu says who is it? He say sorry ma’am I thought its some student. Where are you going? I just came here to find my book. I have a complain. I don’t like to call you madam lets be personal. He says okay I should go now good night and sweet dreams.


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Parth is stalking varun. He calls on a number. He says I am RJ. your number has been selected for radio dhamal. You can dedicate a song to your special one and have lunch with them. He says whats your name? She says Natasha. She says I would like to dedicated love song to my bf varun. Parth says I will call you when your request is on air. He says I was right. He is getting vidushi in a trap but why?

SAnyu comes out. Rajveer asks a girl and says be on a side. She says wait a minute. Rajveer slaps the girl. She leaves, sanyu is shocked to see it. Sanyu tries to stop the girl but she leaves. Rajveer winks at sanyu and leaves on his bike. Randhir comes to pick sanyu. she hugs him rnahdir says whats wrong? sanyu says nothing. Randhir says you are not fake that’s what I love about you. He says now go home before your mom sees me again. sanyu says in heart mom isn’t home but there is a surprise for you. She goes home and randhir goes college.

sanyu calls randhir at midnight and says please come home. Randhir says is everything okay? sanyu says no please come home. Make sure no one sees you. randhir comes to sanyu’s place. The door is open. He goes in. Sanyu says surprise. he says what? randhir says where is your mom? She says mom is gone. Sanyu says I wanted to plan this special date. We go on boring dates like lunch etc lets do something exciting. We have to paint this wall together. Randhir says this is exciting? sanyu says throws paint on him and says yes it is. Randhir runs with bucket after. sanyu hides her face. Randhir hugs her. They both paint the wall. randhir goes topless. He writes sandhir on the wall. They kiss each other. They are done with the paint.

Scene 2
Next morning sanyu comes to kitchen and sees that randhir has prepared the breakfast already. SAnyu says your are making it for me? how cute are you. his finger burns with milk. He says I was doing this for myself. sanyu says you like this toast like me? She sucks his finger. He says I am fine. sanyu says are you going? I will eat all these toasts alone. SAnyu starts eating. SAnyu says you made this with so much love I had to eat it.

Priyal calls sanyu. sanyu says I have to go. randhir says be careful. Let mje know if he does anything. sanyu hugs him and says I will call you. Sanyu leaves.

Sanyu is outside, Shaureya comes there and says I will drop you. I missed you a lot. SAnyu says I can go by myself. He says sit you will know if its fun or not. SAnyu says actually you are right. sanyu says can you bring me some water. He says yeah yeah I can bring you whole fridge. He goes upstairs. sanyu takes his bike and leaves.

SAnyu is in class. she says I should call randhir. Randhir calls himself. sanyu says I was about to call you. he says are you okay? sanyu says yes I am fine. rajveer comes in and says ma’am ji its class time. you can talk we will study later

Precap-rajveer says so bodyguard? Rnadhir hits his pals and rajveer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Nice episode.

    1. Are queen to vhi hai stupid show khne vali…??

      1. Haan wohi hai, shayad sudhar gai hogi. Dobara shuru na karo yaar. Let her enjoy.

  3. its nice

  4. Arey haa yeh toh wahi queen h
    A/w nice 2 see dat u r lyking d show πŸ™‚

  5. Bt aaj ke epi k start me itna gussa aa rha tha us Rajvir par bt sandhir k kiss k sab gussa gayab kr diya πŸ˜‰

  6. Jst hate dat rajvir. Pata nhi konse angle se state topper lagta h.
    Sandhir scenes wer too good. <3

  7. Aww so adorable! Amazing epi!

  8. Nice episode.

  9. Wow nice epi. Sanyu ne bike chalaya.. Rajveer tera band bajne waala hai, tu toh gayaa…. Lekin yeh precap repeat kyun kiya??

  10. Guys kya aapn last epi ki update p spoiler dekha if not hv a look.. u guys will like it.

    1. Thanx 4 informing @ sanyukta. Rajvir k saath aisa hi hona chhahiye bt uska ans was LOL πŸ˜€ Aise hote h kya state topper?

  11. Hate rajvir ! Hi guys

  12. OMG !!!!! Just saw d epi online.
    Dey actually had a kiss. I toh just can’t get over it n still dey both say that r just good frnds. Hats off to their on n offscreen chemistry πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  13. Atiba dr… At the starting of the serial you used to add pics also…but y r u not including any pics nowadays??

  14. Ahhh! dat wz an awesome hot kiss

  15. hi shika!!!!!
    If u r new, WELCUM 2 TU!!!!!!!
    myself-official welcome
    srry I wasn’t here b4….
    GC DII?
    MEEEERAAA DIII?????????????????????????????????????/

  16. No need to welcome its my wish to come or no

  17. Wht kind of kiss is dis an 80’s type ???
    Y don’t cv show sumthin today’s type in romance jst like KYY ???
    A/w don’t mind it’s jst my POV…don’t wanna hurt any1 here ..
    Gud mrng guys ..
    Hv a gud day
    Keep smiling keep moving wid micky πŸ™‚

    1. Same to u Bhai

  18. But SH is nice serial, and this serial knows it’s limits, KYY me kafi kiss scens he but it’s not fair because ye serial 10-12 years ke bacche bhi dekhte he na.

  19. But I think ye SH wale serial ke rank keliye ye sab dikh rahe he. Kuch bhi ho muje SH pasand he because of sandhir and parsh πŸ™‚

  20. Miss shika hv u any problem if I post any comment here…whether it is true or not..

  21. I agreed with u Parsh.. The all kisses shown only to raise sadda haq ranking.
    And yes we love sandhir & Parsh.

  22. Did i say anything to you sanyukta

  23. I think Param singh should replaced by emran hashmi… or another option is director of shq should replaced by karan johar. . To fulfill Mr. Daksh’s desire…

  24. Dear atiba,
    What is this yellow blank square at top ?
    Is this any picture then where is the picture ?

  25. But guys this show is not meant for only kisses.but romance n many more to b included.
    Emraan hashmi n sanyu lol noooooo

  26. Hello guys and who Is this rajvir

  27. Daksh kya tum KYY dekhte ho kya, aajkal tum SH pe negative comments kar rahe ho πŸ™

  28. Yes shika that mine comment was lol… πŸ˜€
    If audience want passionate kissing scene then we have only one option Emran hashmi…
    I want Param & Harshita come together as Parsh in real life..
    Love them

  29. Miss Samaira, rajveer is new villain of shq… Rajveer is state topper or so called genius & studied in the same institution where sanyukta agarwal is teaching. I hope it’s enough..

  30. precap was Oh My God! precap me ek larka rd ko lathi se marne bala hai,nahi aisa nahi ho sakta!!!!!!aisa nahi ho na chahiye.

    1. Haa pradipta aisa nhi hona chahiye. Bt I think so ki ya sanyu bich me aayegi aur rd ko bacha legi nhi toh rd khud ko bacha lega. Bt dono me se kisiko bhi hurt na ho

  31. Hi samairaa di !!! U came after a long time…. And guys what is this kiss and all …. I m not at all interested in this kiss etc. Mujhe to randhir aur sanyukta aise hi bahut ache lagte hain unhe kiss karne ki zaroorat nahi

  32. Tx for suggestion Sanyukta, as well as I like EH, d serial kisser πŸ™‚ ..
    & Shraddha nthin like that…it’s jst 1 day I was flipping through channels n der in KYY @ Mtv a passionate kissin seen was going on ..
    I already said …don’t mind
    So b happy n keep smiling πŸ˜‰

  33. What thanks ?? I knew it that your liking can be like this… that’s why I recommended his name but unfortunately it’s useless.. sanyukta that’s me I m not ready to work with him.. just kidding.. don’t mind guys. πŸ˜€

  34. Vandy....!!!

    You are right Aisha…

  35. Sanyukta n randhir awesome couple….n sanyu u r greattttt

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