Sadda Haq 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 1st April 2014 Written Update

Sanyukta guides her mum. Her mum sends Ankit for lunch and then goes to CEO room. She finds bunch of files. Sanyukta explains her which one she needs, but her mum is scared and takes all of them. Sanyukta and Parth high-five as they done it. Randhir sees it and taunts them.

Jiggy, Kastuki, Sanyukta talk about some political voting.

In night time, Parth is studying. Jiggy is uncomfortable sharing his bed with Sahil. Randhir taunts Parth that he does time pass in day and now disturbing their sleep. Parth asks him why he brings Sanyukta in everything and he sleeps.

Kastuki is not sleepy either. She asks Sanyukta if a girl can love two men at a same time. Sanyukta says she has no clue about that and sleeps. Kastuki keeps waking up and now Vidushi gets irritated.

Sanyukta gets

courier from her mum, but it doesn’t have blueprints file. Her mum refuses to go to office again.

Vidushi is trying to study. Kastuki gets a text message from YoYo and she laughs. Vidushi again gets mad at her. Kastuki asks her why she can’t become friends with her and Sanyukta instead getting mad all the time. Vidushi says she came here to study, not to make friends.

Sanyukta’s dad is tensed as his loan installment is coming close and he doesn’t know how he will pay it. Sanyukta’s mum goes on a side and calls Sanyukta. She apologizes her as she is not able to help her. Had she studied, then she could have helped. Sanyukta tells her she did her best, and it’s nothing about being educated. She hears her dad telling Ankit to be ready in morning as they have meeting and asks him to get blueprints file as well. Sanyukta hangs the phone and hugs her mum’s photo.

In morning, Sanyukta is hiding in her closet. She calls her mum and tells her there is an important book of her. Her mum opens the closet and gets scared. Ankit comes to check. His mum says there was a mice in Sanyukta’s close which may have gone to his room. He leaves. Sanyukta tells her mum she will need to help her out. She tells her plan to her.

Kastuki is alone. Parth comes and asks about Sanyukta. She says she left early morning and not picking up her calls either. YoYo comes and sends Parth away saying some staff is looking for him. He chats with Kastuki, but she leaves from there.

Sanyukta’s mum is serving breakfast to Ankit and his dad. Sanyukta calls her and tells her to scold her like she does everytime and think she is in her college. Ankit looks at where Sanyukta is hiding and he has a doubt on his face.

Precap: Renuka Sanyal is at FITE. She tells Randhir about a get-together, but he gets mad at her.

Update Credit to: Tina

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