Sadda Haq 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanyukta gets ready in Indian wear to go on the date. Kastuki tells her she looks like a killer. She helps Sanyukta to get ready. Parth messages Sanyukta he’s waiting since 30 minutes. Randhir is trying to free himself. He says the more he stays stuck there, the more Sanyukta will get hurt.

In a restaurant, Parth and Sanyukta are waiting for Sameer. They are sitting on adjacent tables. She asks him if he’s nervous. He asks why he would be nervous? She says she was just giving him moral support. She then tells him to stay a bit away from her else problems will come in her home. He says, don’t worry, I will stay far. Just pretend I am not here. She gets a message from Sameer that he’s reaching. She starts getting nervous. Parth calms her down saying it’s just a date. She tells him she is not thinking about the date, she is thinking about her life. She doesn’t know whom she’s going to marry, how he is. Parth asks her to relax, many girls don’t even get to see their partner. Sameer comes and greets Sanyukta. He goes to hug her, but Sanyukta folds her hands to him and greets him. They sit down. Parth is signaling her to relax. Sameer tells her, only two people come on a date, whom she’s searching. She says this place is nice. He says, his choice is always good. They start conversation. Only Sameer is talking. He then says they will order. Sanyukta gets up and says, she wants to go. He asks what? She says to washroom. He asks her if he should go along. She asks what? He says to drop till washroom. She says she will go by herself.

Sanyukta meets Parth and asks him how he’s finding him. He says, you were talking to him, so you know more. He asks her to talk to him properly, else how she will know what kind of person he is. She says, how can she ask him on his face whether he drinks or no? if he does, then how much? He says he has a way to find out whether he’s a good guy or no. He asks her to judge him by the way he talks to others. Sanyukta thanks him and joins Sameer back.

She asks him to order. He calls a waiter and talks rudely. Sanyukta messages Parth, FAIL. He asks her to see whether he gives importance to others ‘ choice or no. Sanyukta orders Karela’s juice. He finds it strange, but orders it. After waiter leaves, he tells Sanyukta, she doesn’t know, but they have to order like this with them, else they don’t listen you. Sanyukta says, she doesn’t know why she’s even sitting there with person like him. She drinks karela’s juice and he finds it disgusting. She asks him to try. He tries and hates it. He says he should have never listened to her. He orders lemon juice with extra sugar for him. Sanyukta messages Parth, FAIL. He says he will order food now. Parth messages Sanyukta, he looks dominating, and MCP type. Sanyukta’s dupatta has fallen down a little. He asks her to adjust it properly, people are looking at her. Sanyukta adjusts it and replies back to Parth, he looks like the chairman of MCP foundation. He now apologizes to her and says, maybe he got over angry. He makes her understand that she’s from a good house and this doesn’t suit her. She says she will be back going to washroom. He asks her again? She says she ate too many laddus in happiness of meeting him. He gets happy and lets her go.

Sanyukta meets Parth again. She says, Sameer is selfish, arrogant, MCP. Parth asks her to finish her date. She says she can’t stay a minute more with him. Parth tells her not to take any decision in hurry, it’s about her family as well. He suggests her to finish this meeting first, and then they can see what to do. She comes out and is shocked to see Randhir smiling at her.

Randhir rushes to Sameer and starts talking to him. Sameer doesn’t identify him. He reminds he fixed his car. Sameer now remembers. Randhir asks what happened to his alliance. He says it’s finalized and he has come with her only. Sanyukta joins them. Randhir greets her and says, they make a good pair. He asks him if he can their photo. He asks why? Randhir says he fixed his car when he was going to see her, so in a way, they came together because of him. Sameer agrees. Randhir asks them to stand closer. He takes photograph and looks at Sanyukta. Sameer asks what happened? Randhir says he should be in photograph too. He goes to them and puts his hand around Sanyukta. Sanyukta stares at him. Sameer sees it and asks Randhir what he’s doing. Randhir says sorry sorry. He refers Sanyukta at bhabhi ji, and asks her to smile and look up. He takes photograph and says it’s so good. Sameer looks at it and asks Sanyukta, why she’s making sad face. She says, when she’s not happy from inside, how she will be happy from outside. Sameer is confused. She says she doesn’t like taking pictures with stranger. Randhir asks her how long it takes to know each other. He asks what she studies? where she studies? Sameer answers for her that she studies Arts in a Delhi’s college. Seeing Randhir, Parth is trying to do something. He talks to a waiter about something.

Sameer returns Randhir’s phone to him. Randhir tells him that he’s a mechanic, but he can judge a person as well. He tells Sameer, bhabhi ji is saying she studies Arts, but he thinks.. A waiter comes and bumps into Randhir with the plates. Sameer shouts at him. Randhir sees Parth and understands it’s his plan. He tells waiter to leave. He gets back on previous topic, but now Parth comes and asks Randhir, why he left his car open like that and doing time pass here. Sameer tells Randhir to go. Sanyukta is relieved. Randhir looks at Parth angrily. He turns back and looks at Sanyukta and Sameer. Sameer asks what happened? Episode ends on Randhir and Sanyukta’s faces.

Precap: Sanyukta asks Randhir if he has gone crazy, why he called her to meet at 5 in the morning. He says, she gave him such a big thing, so he thought to give her something as well. She says, if you want to give something, then go away from my life, don’t even show me your face. She is leaving. He stops her and asks her to see what he wants to give. He calls someone in. Sanyukta turns and is shocked to see Sameer. He asks what is this? She says she was going to tell him. He says she betrayed him and results of this won’t be good. He asks her wait and watch what he does.

Update Credit to: tina

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  1. wat is randhir upto??

  2. Randhir calling sanyu bhabiji – lol!! He simple cld nt see sanyu with samir. PRECAP – I think sanyu mst be dreaming that Randhir brings samir to their college, pehle se hi woh dar gayi hai. Cn s/one tell me – sanyu once told randhir that she does not wear nail polish, but while pedalling cycle (friday water heater project) i think i saw her toenails with nail polish!!! SH has already diluted randhir’s character, now sanyu’s – where is that sanyukta who once told renuka sanyal during YSA interview that she wl not hesitate to run away from home again if her father arranges her marriage and where is sanyu now who asks Parth to accompany her for her date. With Parth’s entry she too has lost her individuality!!!!!

  3. yeah @DS i totally agree wit u…. it is sanyu’s dream!
    But come on… if its not a dream…its actually good….see the positive side… that ass sameer will break up wit her and she can complete her engg. and b wit randhir…
    ofcourse she will face probs wit her family esp dad…but she will manage like she is doing now..!!
    For the first time i feel like supporting that pakau parth…he actually helped her in today’s episode!!
    I hope sanyu gets rid of dat loser MCP sameer…hopeless beast!!!!

  4. I feel bad for sanyu…… in 1 way randhir did a gud thng bcoz aftr dat i dont thnk dat chipkuu sameer wil marry sanyu.

  5. What abt the scene where Randhir puts his right hand on sanyus shoulder and taking a snap? lol I loved tht scene!!! It ws like a sixer in a no ball free hit

  6. i want pizza….

    1. me to…. 😛

  7. WTF… randhir calling Sanyu.. BHABHIJI…?????chiiiiii

  8. i loved randhir’s reaction….wen he saw sameer’s and sanyu’s pic… totally jealous..
    and ya…that precap is 100% sanyu’s dream!she won’t be able to get rid of sameer dat easily and quickly….so ladies and gentlemen…tadaaaa….its just a dream!!

  9. OMG! Sanyukta ki kya baat hai , bo akeli heroin or uski tin tin hero, or bo vi ek saath.ab yehi dekhna hai ki Sanyukta kise milti hai. mera vote to Randhir ko jata hai.

  10. me too diya – 100%

  11. Mujhe lagta hai ye dream nahi hai ,sach vi ho sakta hai . May be in this way Sanyukta would be able to get rid of sameer.Lagta hai serial me naya twist ayega or sameer naam ka patta kat jayega Sanyu ke life se.

    1. absolutely .ho sakta hi ki sameer sanyu ke dad se uske baare me bura boole aur uske dad hi gusse me uski shaadi tod de sameer se
      and sanyu may give all credit to randhjir for breaking her marriage

  12. I just hate sanyukta . She just pisses me off. But when randheer and sanyuka r together , they look awesome.

  13. miss shekhawat

    upload aaj ka episode yaar…….c’mon

  14. Today’s episode Wu plsssssss

  15. how…annnoying!!!!! some one update today’s episode!!!!!!!!!11 its already 7:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Pls cn sm1 update today’s episode?
    Wots wrong?

    1. No update yet!!

  17. synopsis of today’s episode….

    episode begins with: Randhir tells parth to get off him…he turns back and asks sameer for his that he can send the pics! he leaves. later parth and randhir have row in the restraunt downstairs…where parth tells randhir to stop bothering sanyu and trying to ruin her life….randhir gets angry and he leaves..
    sameer asks sanyu to sit down…while saying that people respect him a lot… he then pays the bill and tells sanyu..ok lets leave i’l drop u home… she says No. MCP sameer gets annoyed and says…y do u have to say no for everything…?? she says…fine drop me home and later u only give expalnations to my dad…then he says, i m sorry i totally forgot abt it.. u have taken risk just to come and meet me… its ok i’l leave..bye! he then leaves and says in his mind…dt lets us get married and then i will show her exact place as a woman!! parth comes to sanyu… to consoles her…as she is shocked, disgusted and worried!! she realizes that sameer is not a nic guy…but still she shows her determination to complerte her engg and fullfill her dream….
    Kaustuki is waiting for sanyu..meanwhile yoyo comes there and starts flirting wit her… sanyu comes and tells kaustuki that she does not want to talk about it.
    sanyu is studying in her room and vidhushi comes and tells her..that its of no use to study so much…she is anyways gettin married and tells her to switch off the lights….sanyu says its ok she will go somewhere else and study..then sanyu goes to the hall to study where randhir is already sitting…but she ignores….
    randhir sends her the cafe pics and tell how cute they all look…. afterall its his bhaiya and bhabhi’s pic… he starts threatning her…that if she does not fall to her feet and request him to not to call sameer and tell the truth… he will do so…she then falls to her feet and wit folded hands requests him not to call him up… he smiles and then while sanyukta is going..he tries to stop and in that act he accidentally falls to her feet.. she says “ghor kalyug,,kya zamana aa gya…ajkal bhgwan b gir jaate h”…she mocks at him and leaves…
    so goes back to her room and decides to sleep…after sometime vidhushi comes and wakes her up and tells someone wants to meet her… she goes and its randhir… after this its the yesterday’s precap thing!

    1. thanks piyali.. 🙂

    2. u are so paagal. kamini ladki!!

  18. hifi.. we share the same name… 😛

    1. lol…. another loser spotted!! -_-

  19. why didn’t the update today’s episode?? anyways thanks a lot piyali.. 🙂

  20. StrawberryPie

    WHere is the 20th may upate?

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