Sadda Haq 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu asks priyali are you ready for lab task? Priyali says yes. Sanyu says keep complete focus. Its very important. Priyali says I am just a little nervous. SAnyu says this lab will make you confident like it made me. Right Randhir? Randhir says yes, if you have any problem I will teach you. Priyali says okay sir. Randhir says not sir call me Randhir. Randhir says sanyu have you seen my ID card? Sanyu says I haven’t seen it. If someone has it he should return. Vidushi comes and asks is parth back? Randhir says I am not his PA. call him and ask him. You run away from him and now you are asking. Sanyu says to randhir why is rajveer so quite? Randhir says he is learning slowly.

PKC comes and says welcome to first task. You have to assemble an engine, mentors will guide you. The time starts now. All of them go to their desks. Randhir says don’t worry sanyu he wont do anything when I am here. Sanyu goes to rajveer’s desk and randhir to priyali’s. Randhir says what are you staring? She says I am trying to understand. Randhir says I will make you learn. sanyu is telling rajveer but is looking at door. PKC says where s your partner vidushi? Vidushi says he is manish I don’t know where he is. PKC says he has started bunking? I will deduct his marks. Manish comes in. He has bruise on his leg. Rajveer says what happened to your leg? PKC says what happened to you manish? He says its because of seniors. He recalls the fight and says sir a senior placed soap in my door. Randhir is shocked. PKC says you should have open eyes. Now get back to your work. Vidushi says come on lets start now. Manish comes to sanyu’s desk and listens what she is teaching to Rajveer. SAnyu says to Manish whats wrong? are you not getting parts? When you were preparing for FITE you must have learned about these part. He recalls the beating session and leaves. SAnyu says I was encouraging him why is he scared? Manish goes back to Vidushi. Rajveer holds sanyu’s hand while working and says sorry. Sanyu looks at randhir but he is busy with priyali. sanyu says why you enrolled when you were not interested. he says you know very well. Now you will teach me how to assemble this. He throws a part on floor. He starts working. sanyu says stop don’t do it this way. She shouts will you burn the lab. Sanyu says I think you have got it all do it yourself. She looks at randhir. Rajveer’s engine starts sparking. Everyone looks at them. Manish says rajveer are you okay? sanyu says are you okay? PKC says who asked you to weld? rajveer says sanyu. I told you that I cant weld. sanyu says you said you will do it. PKC says what is this sanyu. Rajveer says I know you only care about your marks but at least think about my life. Sanyu says I have been asking him to stop. Mansih says in heart she is so selfish. PKC says go rajveer to medical room. pkc says where is your mind sanyu? She says he is not focused. PKC says its your job. go and help him if you want marks. PKC says back to work everyone. MAnsih says in heart they are all so violent.

Doctor says where is it burning? Rajveer says it burns when you touch others. Randhir and sanyu come in. randhir says stop this drama. rajveer says now my mentor will take care of me. Sanyu stops randhir. sanyu says randhir he is trying to provoke you. I can let him deduct my marks.

Scene 2
Agarwal says to anju why is the house not clean? Anju says sanyu’s room doesn’t open much so servants don’t clean it daily. He says I don’t want any room dirty. She syas yes I will ask them. She says in heart I know you care about sanyu’s home.

Sanyu says to priyali I will make you notes. priyali first project was so difficult. Servant finds randhir’s ID card in sanyyu’s room. Anju says randhir’s card? She recalls sanyu telling her that randhir is her bf. SHe calls sanyu. SAnyu says how are you? Anju says I am fine, you? sanyu says now well. anju says give me randhir’s number. sanyu is shocked. SAnyu says why? Anju says I wanna talk to him. sanyu syas I will text you. What do you wanna talk about? Anju says that’s my problem. SAnyu says please keep in mind that you love him, please don’t hurt him. anju says I know what I should say and I shouldn’t. take care.

Randhir is in canteen. Anju calls him, he says who? Anju says I am sanyu’s mom. I wanna meet you randhir. randhir says sure. where? She says in café near your college. Don’t tell sanyu. He says okay okay. Randhir is confused. Randhir says I have to be relaxed. I have not done anything wrong. SAnyu comes and says did maa call you? Randhir says no she didn’t. SAnyu says stop lying I know she called you. He says I wont tell you. sanyuu says sure? He says yes. sanyu says I will climb on this pole and will not come down until you tell randhir. he says go ahead. SAnyu climbs the pole. Randhir says come down. She says tell me first. Randhir says okay bye I am going stay there.

Randhir goes to him room and is picking the best shirt. He says what will she like? He chooses a white shirt. Sanyu calls randhir from pole. He doesn’t pick. sanyu says has he gone to meet maa?

Precap-Randhir is practicing how to mee anju. A waits drops some drink on him. randhir grasps his collar and says are you blind?. anju comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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