Sadda Haq 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randhir shakes hand with parth. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief.
Everyone is seeing the yoyo and his pals playing cricket. Randhir asks sanyu why are you tensed now ? Sanyu says we did all we could what if we still don’t reach the speed. What’s the guarantee ? Randhir says there is no guarantee of anything in the world.
Sanyu gets hit by a ball. Randhir gets up in anger. Yoyo says please leave him bro. He says come play with us as well. Randhir says there I a lot of work left to do and you want me to play cricket. Yoyo’s friend says she is enjoying with the girl. yoyo says shut up. Sanyu says lets go.
She trips over a ball and her slipper is broken. She says what can I do now. Randhir says tries to fix it but he can’t sanyu says you can’t I told you.

Kaustuki says to sanyu we haven’t gone to shop since so long. SAny usays we will go someday. Lets sleep for now.
SAnyu sees chocolates of her bed. Kaustuki says how could someone come in ? Snayu says I ahv to go out to find that. SAnyu finds flowers on her that. There is a note that says come out in open area. She goes there.
Sanyu goes to lab and finds another present. She says not sure he knows me or not but I know him for sure. The present is a set of slippers. Sanyu wears them. She finds another gist with some more flowers. it has a note too. SAnyu recalls randhir said to her you have to act like a girl for three days. She finds a teddy bear too. SAnyu says you have surprised me a lot already now don’t conceal come in front of me. Come out i know its you. She turns Samir is standing there. She is shocked. SAnyu says you ? he says who else could give you these gifts ? Were you expecting someone else ? Sanyu says i thought you would come full on ready. he says why would i ? You are the girl. Sanyu says i thought there must be some plan to go out. He says now smile please, that’s like my sanyu. Sanyu says what are you doing here right now ? I thought you would have slept. You placed so many gifts in college ? How ? Samir says kiss me first. sanyu says this is college and its too late. Try to understand. i like all the gifts. He says okay. i get it now but i think we have to go out next time. And tell me where we have to go for honeymoon. I have to book everything you should understand. now i should leave, bye. SAnyu says bye.

Sanyu takes the teddy bear, flowers and presents. SAnyu says in heat he was right who else could give me these gifts ? Why was I expecting randhir ? Tings are getting weird. I saw him in dream as well. Am I spending a lot of time with him.
Sanyu enters the room. she asks who gave you so many gifts ? Sanyu says Samir, it was. Kaustuki says he gave you new slippers too. He ruined our shopping plan ? why are you so quite ? Did you have a quarrel with him. Sanyu says I think we should sleep.

Randhir is studying a book. he gets a call.
Its sanyu. SAnyu says where are you ? He says i am at chandni chow enjoying the ice cream. He says why are you quite ? I didn’t know that would hurt you. Yoyo comes and says randhir come have the tea. Randhir says wait i am talking to sanyu. Yoyo saes keep talking don’t forget us. Sanyu is quite. He says should i disconnect the call ? Sanyu says yes. He says i will come to your hostel if you don’t speak. Sanyu says just stress for sponsors and our car. He says we will fix everything before they come. now you should sleep i guess.

Sanyu and kaustu wake up. SAnyu’s mood is really off. Sanyu says I will get ready you should focus on yourself. Sanyu is staring at the presents.
Kaustuki says to sanyu please get ready we have to go. Sponsors must be coming. SAnyu says call everyone and ask them to come in lab i will come. Call randhir and parth. Kaustuki says why would i call randhir. SAnyu says please. Sanyu calls randhir. He says good morning.
Sanyu says kaustuki is irritating me. He says why are you getting angry at me ? She says why are you asking stupid questions. Meet me in lab i will meet you there. Randhir says these mood swings of girls. Jiggy comes and says to randhir come and see my swing. Ranhdir says when sponsors will reject you keep doing these dances. You couldn’t move in fest and now look at you. being path with you to lab.

Vidushi asks parth how is your hand ? i am asking about your health. What’s wrong with that ? Parth says problem is with this fake attitude. We know what games you played at fest.

Parth is getting his handchecked. Doctor says i am prescribing some tests. They must cost 8 to 10k. Parth says i think this is general weakness. Doctor says no i think you should undergo these tests. Parth leaves the clinic. Vidushi is overhearing all this. When parth leaves she goes in and asks doctor what is wrong with him ? Doctor says we will figure after tests.
Yoyo is hitting his pals. Randhir asks why are you hitting them ? He says they were teasing me that i will be servant for kaustuki. If randhir could run after a girl even fix her sandal then i will obviously be kaustuki’s servant.
Randhir goes in tha lab. sanyu asks why are you so late. she asks him to pass a tool. Randhir says I am not your servant ask those who follow your orders. Everyone is shocked.

Precap-Randhir starts the car sped reaches 95. smoke come out of the engine. Evreyone asks randhir to sop or engine will blast. he doesn’t stop and the engine blasts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. meera sucide ka reason kisi ko pata nahi chal paya q k us k sucide note me sirf i m sorry mom dad hi likha tha aur sucide krne jaise us k halaat bhi nahi the wo rich tha brilliant tha ek sweet family ko belong krta tha sab kuch tha us k pas…us ne apni problem kisi se share nahi kiya ………..agar share krta to shayad aaj wo zinda hota

    1. kash ki woh apna prblm kisi ke saath share karthe ….

  2. hahaha … sach kehthi ho !!!

  3. enna shari njan povukya enku kulikkanam allengil enne amma vazhakku parayum

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      and i posted that i too am going … is evry one’s mom like the same !!!!

  7. enna shari njanum povukaya …
    ellavarudeyum ammamar ethe
    pole aano !!! what does it mean?

  8. u know gc meri school me ek ladki thi aur use koi personal issue thi[very bad issue not to b said in public] aur usko and uske friend ko hi ya baat patha tha aur usne suiside attempt kiya aur uski friend ko bhi juice me poison milakar mar ne ki koshish ki. par vo ladki mar gai aur uski friend serious condition in the hospital. thank god she went from our school last year.

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  14. enna shari njanum povukaya …
    ellavarudeyum ammamar ethe
    pole aano !!!is me mummy wrd konsa hai

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  16. gc ammamar means mothers and amma means mother .

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  27. @an u asked me mujhe kya banna hai…..and answer is game changer

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