Sadda Haq 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi is secretly coming in a room she says I won’t stay hungry if canteen is closed. I will take some food for Parthh as well. he will need it. She is rummaging through sanyu and kaustuki’s closets. She gets some packets from kaustuki’s closet. Kaustuki and sanyu come in. Kasutuki says you were stealing my food. How dare you? Viduhsi says I was taking them to make for you guys. sanyu says even if we are stuck on an island yiou will eat us rather than helping us. Vidushi says to hell with you and leaves. Yoyo asks kaustuki to come out. He stares and smiles at her.

Sahil says we pay them in lacs and they can’t provide us food. I should have shifted in a hotel. Jiggy says we should go on strike. sanyu says what can staff do in this? There is no benefit of all this. Randhir says why you always have to poke your nose everywhere. what else should we do? Vardhan comes in and says I am here to tell you. we are sorry that the canteen is closed due to some issues between contractor and administration. He has made sure we don’t get any more supply. Help your self with the sandwiches till we sort this matter out. Everyone takes sandwiches from the box. Vidushi takes more than one. Randhir and sanyu are fighting for the last one. Vardhan says problem is here. you all have to make the food through community kitchen. Vidushi says we can order the food. Vardhan says okay vidushi will order food for all of you. we are engineers we can make anything we need. sanyu says we can make it sir. Randhir says this is your future work you must be happy. Sanyu says can you make it? Randhir says no its for you girls. Vardhan says shut up both and get ready before the dinner. Randhir says why don’t you girls make food for all of us. what else can you do/ SAnyu says why all main hotels have male chefs? Randhir says because they don’t want to ruin their business. Sanyu says you can’t make the food because you are scared. Randhir says challenge accepted. Yoyo says its not robot. Its food. Randhir says we can learn it. we have parth in our team. Randhir says the losing team will make food for rest of two days. Jiggy says who will judge? yoyo says I know who is it.
They go to PKC and he agrees happily.

Scene 2
The boys team divides the work among them. Sanyu distributes the tasks as well. sanyu and randhir are making main courses. Everyone jots in the work. Jiggy’s eyes are burnt. yoyo laughs. Jiggy says do your work. Randhir’s get his finger cut. sanyu laughs. Vidushi says to parth should I help you? He says I am not in your team. Vidushi says they are temporary team, you are my permanent team. Randhir and other guys are confused while girls are easy with it. Sanyu and randhir fight over the bag of flour. Its tears and they are both white. Randhir laughs at her. Parth shouts at vidushi leave. she says you had to be my bf. he smiles and says leave please. PKC comes in. Sanyu says start with our dishes. Randhir says no with ours. PKC says I am the judge I will decide. He eats girl’s food and then boy’s. He says both teams cooked really well. My final verdict is a tie. Sanyu says we were better. Parth says who made him judge? Yoyo says to PKC sir take this desert. PKC spits it and says water please. Maya says enough with this non sense. I don’t want FITE to lose its rank because of food. Go and wash off. it should look like a college not a circus. Randhir says to sanyu quick. sanyu says I have to make it. Randhir is making bread and shaping it with moldings. Randhir says I never thought I will make breads with you. sanyu says like I prayed to do all this with you.

The team serves other students food. Maya says such a good idea vardhan. Tell the problem isn’t solved. Arjun and Vishal shouldn’t know. PKC comes and asys lets go food is ready. Vidsuhi says to parth make me eat please. He extends his hand, his hands are shivering. maya gives a dish to yoyo and asks him to give it to aggradation team. She sits on table with Randhir and says this is the first roti you made and I have to eat it.
Sahil says if canteen wasn’t closed we would never have realized we are such good cooks. Vardhan comes and says we have talked to a cater and you both only focus on competition. sanyu says it has a lot of time. Vardhan says just six hours. Vishal told me that they have to leave for some work so the competition is tomorrow. all the best.

Scene 3
SAnyu and randhir enter the lab. The judge says you have to purify water and make a purifier. You have two hours. Labs AC is closed you will dehydrate after two hours and you won’t be able to drink water. So you have two hours and this water is your exit. your time starts now.

Precap-SAnyu and Randhir are working on purifier. Arjun says to randhir good doing you can’t win with that girl. you are nothing without her. Randhir makes sanyu drink the water forcefully. judges says sanyu you are disqualified.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. SHROX – happened to read few comments in y/day’s CS. Rqst, pls do NOT CALL anyone. ok?

    tdys precap – will sanyu really be disqualified in the 2nd task just bcoz she drinks water???

  2. @meera i m damn sure kisi ne shrox k user name ka misuse kiya hai….. mai yaqeen k sath keh sakti hu k wo aisa kuch nahi krne wali

    1. sincerely hope so!!!

  3. @meera i m damn sure kisi ne @shrox k user name ka misuse kiya hai….. mai yaqeen k sath keh sakti hu k wo aisa kuch nahi krne wali

  4. wow… After so long_:”dont mess with me agarwal”..

  5. Randhir fan all the way!!
    Disappointed after seeing the precap randhir u fell for arjun’s trap u lost ur calm and now it will cost fite as well as u and sanyukta….cant see that plzz it should not be like that

    1. how on earth is RD responsible??? it is shown that sanyu is drinking water… and RD stops her…

  6. if rd do this then it is not fare…..

  7. Guyzzz yeh kal ho kya raha tha wu mei..jiso dkho bas ulta sidha cmnt kye ja rhi thi…nd shrx hp dats nt u..!!! I jst read ur ff nd its really strt..

  8. Wht get into arjun trap….he drank water to sanyu just becoz of tht idiot arjun. Sanyu will be disqualified frm task and randhir will loss task…..cant wait fr sun episode….

  9. @pakhi kal ho raha tha seriously yaha k kisi bhi regular member ko bhi samajh nahi aaraha tha…..aise lag raha tha jaise mental hospital k sare pagal is site pr aa gaye the…

    1. Ya i also feel d same dats why i prefer nt to cmnt anythng yesterday

  10. Today’s epi ws nice,bechara parth kaha vidushi k chakkar me fans gya h..
    randhir ki banayi pehli roti vo bhi heart shape me šŸ˜€ kisi ne notice kiya

  11. @meera,rd is forcefully making sanyu drink water na…plz rd dont do that…

    1. oh, i did not see the precap properly then!!!

    Rustication’ drama in Sadda Haq’s maha episode

    Channel Vā€™s Sadda Haq ā€“ My Life My Choice (Beyond Dreams Productions) will witness huge drama this weekend, Sunday
    (21 September) when Professor Vardhan (Kripp Suri) will get out of FITE, after he would get majorly disappointed with Randhir
    (Param Singh) and Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur).
    As per the storyline, Vardhan has been having repeated frictions with Randhir and Sanyukta and the gap between them will
    further widen in the coming episodes.
    Yes, you heard it right!! This time, the man will get so frustrated that he will decide to get out of FITE. With Vardhan getting
    out of FITE, the college authorities would decide to rusticate both Randhir and Sanyukta from college. However, the twist here
    will be that the college would leave open one small door of hope for both of them, wherein the college would decide to take
    back one of them, if they would complete a given task properly.
    And this will only mean that Randhir and Sanyukta will have to fight against each other for that one spot that will take them
    inside FITE again!!
    Who will get back to FITE ā€“ Randhir or Sanyukta? Will the students be able to persuade and get Vardhan back to college?
    We tried calling Param, but he remained busy shooting.
    Get ready for this exciting Maha episode of Sadda Haq.

  13. I founnd dat prt vry cute on tdy’s epi whn rd eats d frst roti made by sanyukta nd sanyukta eat d frst roti made by rd..nd ya also lv d nw bg tune..its jst awsm..

  14. guyz krip suri(vardhan sir) kisi aur serial bhi me aane wale hai…koi mujhe us show ka naam bata sakta hai??

  15. sorry i mean kisi aur serial me bhi

  16. nid i too am sure ki wo nupoor nahi tha aur wo ajith naam ka user patha raha tha ki wo ye sab samidha ko ek lesson sikhane ke liye kar raha tha !!!!

  17. @game charger vardhan sir maharana pratap me as akbar role karne wale hai on sony tv

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