Sadda Haq 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parth says both of them have 3 votes, which means that you will both lead the team. and i hope you both will work for the team. Sanyu says and i still believe in ranawat sir, I am sure he must be compiling some plan. Randhir leaves. Rest of the team starts working.

Raghini stops randhir and says i am so happy karan called me. Randhir says if you keep talking to me it will create problems. Raghini says why? randhir says for your safety. No one should know that you are unofficially. Vid sees them. she says that day she called him verain and now? what are they upto?
the team is working. Yoyo comes in and says LITS guys are here in college. vid says but they have to come after two days. randhir says where are they? yoyo says downstairs with ranawat.

Ranawat is with the LITS guys, he gives them drinks. He says my team is trash and you are flies. Dream team comes. Ranawat says trash is here. One LITs boy says the losers we are going to beat. Parth says have you forgotten what happened? LITs guy says we have been trained at MIT now. Randhir says this time you will be even worst. parth says what if we break your bones. All of the bys start fight and beating each other. Dean and PKC come. They say stop it they are oour guests.

A LITs guy comes and says hi to sanyu. He says we have met before. sanyu gives him a cold shoulder. randhir sees them.He says why are you disturbing her? The guy says i am not. he asks sanyu am i? sanyu says no. randhir says you are not a guest here for me. I will kick you out. The guy says who are you to her? randhir says i am her bf. sanyu says you are not my bf. The guy laughs and says wow. They both start hitting each other. Ranawat comes and stops them. He says show this power in ground not here in canteen. sanyu says ranawat sir you will go back to where you come form. sanyu says you talk to him this way. you don’t know his intelligence. randhir says you care about alcholoics not me.

Thruv comes to anju’s place. he says i need to be strict with you no carelessness at all. Anju says i am fine. He says to sanyu you have to take care of her. sanyu says i can’t ignore her. he leaves. anju says he is such a nice guy. He cares a lot about patients.

Vidushi comes to room she says you are reading magazine whole IT batch is upto their assignments. raghini says i have done it. Vidushi says a guy from your class said that there is no new admission. raghini says i never went to the class. I was in lab. Vidushi says what subjects have you taken? She says all the IT subjects. Vid says how you know randhir? she says i dont know any randhir. She leaves. Raghini says i am even scared to go to room. I should start studying the basics. She reads an article that a guy died in an accident and the girl is hiding in FITE. The guys name is Karan. she recalls her accident and is shocked. She starts crying. randhir comes and says are you okay? did anyone says something to you? she shows randhir article she says he isn’t my karan right? where is my karan? randhir says this is a fake news. I got it printed to misguide your brothers. They can chase you. If you cry like this we have to get you to hospital again. don’t shout like that ever again, it will make people doubt. now you can go to your room. She goes. randhir recalls the accident.

Randir and sanyu both can’t sleep at night. Randhir gets up and updates his whatsapp status. He goes out. he goes to anju’s home. he hides from anju.

Precap-judge says we have seen both engines. Mentor has to increase the speed to 200. dream team is shocked. ranawat comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Gm frndz dis song is dedicated to u all luv u guys

    Hum se hassi
    Hum se khushi
    Hai hummi se tho zindagi
    taare bhi hum jami par le aaye
    Hum laye hai roshani
    Dil jaha dost waha aisa manjar aur kaha
    Hum tho chale ek dost banke
    Jane kaha dil mil gaye

  2. Enjoy d day n hope dat dis song keeps u energetic whole day bye guys c u all soon tc guys

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  4. One advice to u Vidushi mind ur own business … you’ll oly increase der problem idiot….

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