Sadda Haq 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanyu tells Kastuki to go and give breakfast to MITE boys and she goes to LITS boys. LITS boys are working on their robo-car. Sanyu knocks the door. The boys tell her she finally look like a girl. They tell her to put it on a table. She says, she is a girl, not their servant. She asks them to make their robo-car well because what they are making, LITS robo-car will look like a crap in front of theirs. LITS boys get worried. Sanyu says what they thought that they will steal their parts, and they won’t be able to make robo-car? It’s their college. She leaves and hides outside with Kastuki. The boys eat the breakfast and something starts happening in their stomach. They all run outside. Sanyu and Kastuki go into their room and search for their toolkit. Kastuki sees her photos with YoYo, but Sanyu says they will discuss that later. They continue searching and Sanyu finally finds them under the bed. LITS boys are fighting to go inside toilet. Their captain understands that Sanyu made them fool. He runs to the room and doesn’t find FITE toolkit. Sanyu laughs. He says she did wrong. She says, wrong was done by them. If she wanted, she could have taken their toolkit as well. He says he won’t spare her, and runs to the toilet again.

Sanyu and Kastuki go back to the classsroom. Vidushi informs them everyone left. Sanyu asks her to call everyone, but she says she’s not her boss. Kastuki says she will go.

LITS boys continue working on their robo-car. Other hand, FITE team is back and they also start working on their robo-car. Randhir is missing. Sanyu asks Kastuki why he didn’t come. Kastuki asks her to go and check, but she says, she won’t give him any attention this time. If he wants, then he’ll come on his own.

Randhir is recalling Sanyu’s words. He says he has came over with bigger issues, he can easily get rid off Sanyu, but then says she keeps coming in his mind no matter what he tries. He decides to go back to the team and fight.

YoYo and Sahil joke/argue with each other, but Parth doesn’t like it. Randhir comes there. Sanyu sees him and goes to him. She asks if this is any time to come, she messaged to come 30 mins ago. He says he’s not interested in this circus. She tells him to tell Vardhan to withdraw him out of this team, so she won’t message him. He asks her why she’s dragging Vardhan. She says she is not crazy to run behind him every day. He then points out how they still couldn’t make robo-car despite taking so much time. Sanyu asks him why he doesn’t do it then. He says his robo-car will take part in the competition. Sanyu is relived and says in her mind, he finally joined back. Randhir says, LITS gave them parts because they know they wouldn’t be able to do anything with parts. He informs that his robo-car is done half way and they are still wasting time. He leaves. Everyone is shocked as they are struggling to assemble the parts and Randhir made it from scratch. Sanyu says in her mind, that means he knew everything and he started working beforehand. They get back to working on their robo-car. After a little while, Randhir brings in his robo-car fully working.

He asks them if they are ready for the show down. Sanyu asks the team to finish their car. She looks at Randhir’s and tells the team what they have to do. Randhir laughs. He says God knows what would happen to engineering if it all came to them. Randhir and Sanyu stare at each other.

PK meets Vardhan and asks why he seems upset? Because his team almost lost? Vardhan reminds him that his team won. PK reminds him how they won. Vardhan says it doesn’t matter, they won in end. PK tells him he doesn’t even know what’s happening in his team. He says see you in the evening and leaves.

Vardhan comes to the FITE team and yells at them. He says same thing like village is happening here. He thought they would get sense after the first round. They won first round with a broken team, that doesn’t mean it will happen in every single round. LITS and MITE both are trying their best to win and Vardhan wants FITE to win no matter what. Sanyu promises him that they will win. He asks her how to trust her? She broke promise that she gave to herself and is leaving. He leaves. Sanyu says in her mind, this promise won’t break. FITE team will make the best robo-car and will beat others as well.

All teams continue working on their robo-cars. LITS boys are proud of the outcome. Some of their boys inform the captain that FITE team made 2 cars and they will fight against each other.

FITE team’s robo-car is also done now. YoYo praises it. Parth asks if they should check it first. Parth tries to start it, but it doesn’t. Sahil says, it broke even before fighting against Randhir’s. Parth checks it and there is no remote censor. Sanyu says it was Vidushi’s task. Parth gets mad and walks out.

Vidushi is in canteen. Parth comes to her and shouts at her. He says she doesn’t care whether team wins or loses. If it loses, she would say what was her fault and if it wins, then she will enjoy the victory on others’ effort. He calls them useless and leaves.

Parth returns and FITE’s robo-car is working now. Sanyu tells Parth, they couldn’t wait for Vidushi. She tells YoYo to call Randhir. Randhir comes in and asks if any finishing touch left for their toy car. Sanyu says only one thing is left to beat his robo-car. He laughs saying it’s a toy. Sanyu says she has a condition, whoever’s robo-car wins, will represent whole team. He agrees. Parth interrupts and says, they have no idea what risk they are taking in this internal competition. Right now both cars are good, but there are possibilities that due to internal competition, both cars may get destroyed. And then what will they take to the competition? Randhir says no car can beat his car. Parth tells Sanyu they don’t have much time, and this is a huge risk in this, so think carefully before taking any step. Sanyu says in her mind, she has already thought what she had to… that is why she’s doing all this to keep team intact. Nothing wrong shall happen. Sanyu tells him, nothing will happen. Parth says, fine, when your stupid fight gets over, then call me. He leaves.

Sanyu and Randhir stare at each other. The competition between their robo-cars start. They will have to throw the other car out of the boundary line. They operate the cars with remote. They both point out the mistakes how they are operating which would make them lose. Kastuki thinks this fight will never get over. Sanyu’s car’s tire comes off. She gets disappointed. Randhir glares at her upset face. In the mean time, Sanyu pushes his car outside. She tells him he lost. Randhir asks himself what he was doing. Where was he concentrating. Sanyu says he will have to support her in the competition now. He says, sure, but he doesn’t think her car will support her. She says no matter what, her car won in end. His car is flop. Randhir leaves with his car. Sahil looks at the car and says it’s not in condition to fight. Vidushi says they will quickly fix it. Sanyu says they don’t have time and accepts that Randhir’s car was a top car. She says in her mind that her car’s condition is really bad. She hopes her gamble works out, else it would be impossible to win in this round.

Precap: Randhir destroys his car saying it’s a loser. Sahil asks the team what they will take in the competition now. Both cars got destroyed. The competition is about to start and FITE team has no clue what to do whatsoever.

Update Credit to: Tina

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  1. Fast dude!

  2. gayathri manilal

    fast yaar
    missed the ep today so pls faster

  3. Omg! Now what will happen?

  4. PRECAP – OMG!!!! LITS is going to win the 2nd round….

    Well, well, well…. I liked the robot fight between R & S…. Our brilliant Randhir single handedly made the robot, he was back as our old hero, full of attitude… but, Randhir was silly & Sanyu damn STUPID!!! Randhir smashes his own robot car and it is of no use now…….

  5. this is not fair u again made sanyunkta win by cheating, bring old form of randhir back

  6. Sometimes these guys act like crazy…n sanyu so dumb…the writers need to improve this storyline

  7. Its enough now … I am getting bored seeing these 2 people fighting in all the episodes …Moreover its a competation among 3 Top colleages..
    and this competiation has NO proper uniform to represent their college …

    Looks like Director never been to college; specially Engineering colleage where these kind of inter-colleage competitions have values by the representation…

    The set is lacking of all these things…The passion in the team is missing here .. I do agree to Vardhan .. the team is a complete loser and Sanyukta and Randhir … enough …

    Can someone please make this girl shut up .. Stop showing her superiority all the time … Looks like NOBODY here knows the meaning of SADDA HAQ … it means MY RIGHT …

    It can be the RIGHT of Randhir to prove to his Mom that he can make his identity by himself …

    It can be the RIGHT of PARTH to prove to himself that he can make his future with the sweet memeories of his GirlFriend….

    It can be the RIGHT of VIDHUSHI, SAHIL to prove to themself that even after not being that SMART .. they can still be the PART of Vardhan Sir’s Dream Team….

    It can be the RIGHT of KAUSTUKI and JIGI to prove to themself that they can do the things too like Randhir and Sanyukta …

    It can be the RIGHT of Vardhan Sir to prove to that he can get his Dad’s dignity back..

    It can be the RIGHT of YOYO to prove that he can be successful too…..

    If all these people are in MECH engineering .. means they have SOME Potential to reach at this stage ….

    So .Its a “SADDA HAQ of EVERY INDIVIDUAL” .. So please stop Showing Sanyukta Superior; inferioring others ….Thats not call “SADDA HAQ” … Thats call humiliation

    1. As you say, may be the director of this series hasn’t been to college, who knows, but, 1 of the writers, 26/27 yrs old DURJOY DATTA himself is a mechanical engineer, a multifaceted personality…..

      If anyone has noticed, Parth is shown as a MFP with lots of qualifications…. (Our Randhir has only 1) even our Vardhan sir has seeked / reserved his help reg Prof.Rao’s attempt to suicide…. for future…

      Even I want SANDHIR together, but that does not mean Randhir has to be shown as a dimwit time & again…

    2. I completely agree with you.

    3. Actually u may be right… but if u see the serial is based on a girl…who is underestimated by her family and society because of the fact that she is a girl!!
      the serial is about her struggle….infact the struggle of most women…who want have an identity of their own in this male dominant society!!
      the serial makers can’t give importance to all characters…it would be a mess otherwise!!

      1. want to*

      2. — Personally, I agree with you that it is a women oriented series and hence sanyu is being given importance….. but all I want is — Randhir also be given more or less the same importance — when Parth can be given so much importance, I mean next we will get to see Parth handling the dream team as he is the captain, also Vardhan has asked for his help reg the mystery surrounding latter’s dad… so we will be shown Parth frequently in near future also…. Randhir does not have any major hold as of now….

        — I am s/how fine with the cute lil’ fights R & S have now & then… it is not that i am against at….. I do not want Randhir degraded or shown as a complete jerk…. It is irritating when he is shown that way….

    4. @ absent – are you Rashmi Adikane and are you on facebook???? If so, as & when new spoilers are out, I think you can post them here imm for the benefit of others……..

    5. Talking about male dominant society…..This serial is not based on any 20th century Indian family .. Its today’s storyline ….
      If there is any opposition.. we start blaming its the male dominant society……
      There are reasons behind the family to oppose their kids to go in their way … as showed .. in Sanyukta’s family ….there might not be any girl
      who joined Eng/ medical is past .. that does not mean that .. her family does not want her to continue her studies ….They want her to be an educated
      girl .. and wanted to choose the line which they are familiar of …There is offcourse an opposition in selecting the course .. but definitely no
      opposition in getting educated

      My family opposes me a lot when I chose MECH…The Indian family plays a very imporant role in their Kids education ….and they dont want
      them to be regreted over their choice …

      Moreover Sanyukta does not have any financial difficulties .. she is from a very well settled family …

      There is no male dominant society left in India now .. as every well settled middle class family want their kids to grow .. learn….

      I completely disagree with the STATEMENT

      Secondly …This is the age where irrespective of middle class or rich class … the students posses the passion ….

      they want to prove themself superior …specially in these kind of technologies MECH and electrnics and Electrical .. where we get

      plenty of chances to prove ourselves through Practicals ..vivas …we always pass comments on others .. that indirectly hurt them .. but then

      its that age .. where u can not expect Maturity of a 60 years old personals …

      We always have issues in our praticals … where we try to be better than other groups …

      But still .. as mentioned earlier … “its a SADDA HAQ of Every individual” and not the “HUMILIATION”.. which our professors always says …

      and definitely not the male dominant society .. as we are the part of 21st century since past 14 years….

  8. Pl u only update the epi nd pl dnt allow othrs to update.. nd meanwhile put sme pics too…

    i wanted him to win!!
    whatever it is….. now Randhir has to defeat those LITS ke chomu bandars…. and not Sanyukta or that Parth!
    Randhir is acting like a one sided aashik nowadays…..lost..unfoccused…restless!! Why can’t he just let it out…accept and confess his feelings…and be done!!
    when will sanyukta reciprocate to his feelings??
    RANDHIR…. we want u back!!!

    1. – Our SANDHIR will compete against LITS… friday we will get to see that…
      – Randhir is all love-sick now….. & for sanyu to understand & accept him, there is still time… 3rd & 4th years ke liye bhi story hona chahiye naa???
      – Poor sanyu, she has to tackle Samir who had asked her for a 2nd date…. may be after Techfest we will get to see this.

  10. and bdw… whats up with this vidhushi taking medicines and all??

    1. hope nothing serious….

  11. Total boring episode, the show earlier showed that randhir was a topper, but now he’s shown as a total dumbo., add some more.interesting things na yaar!!!!!’$£€¥§¤¡¿

  12. sandhir s dashing, i dont like, uske attitude muje bilkul pasand nahi

  13. i dont like parth*

  14. Hey directors!
    Whn r u gonna bring back our old fiery, passionate, egoist, full of attitude randhir?
    Hate this one-he looks like some lovesick bird now.

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