Sadda Haq 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu and randhir get the trophy for winning the fest. Maya says that was a wonderful competition. Now I would like vardhan to honor doctor rao. Vardhan says this is my honor to say about personality like professor rao. I don’t think there can be words to define the status of professor rao. Rao stands and says thank you. He hugs vardhan and everyone claps.

Sahil says you won the trophy with closed eyes. Vardhan comes. Sahil says we thought we will be ruined through this fest. Jiggy says we didn’t know we have these talents too. Vardhan says now focus no the car. from now you will be thinking about car and only car. He leaves.
Maya stops vardhn and says how it feels vardhan ? You gave me a shock and surprised you. Vardhna says should I write on notice board that I am surprised. Maya says at least you can say thank you for bringing out new talents of your students. he says I would thank you for giving me opportunity to felicitate professor rao. and mind you I will beat you some day.

Scene 2
Vardhan is directing the team through speakers. He says its time to being this prototype to reality. So start working and keep doing. Randhir says if we put two cylinders it will be on the required speed. Parth says it might burn the engine. randhir says I won’t do anything that has risks. SAnyu says yeah randhir won’t make any mistake he is so hardworking.
Sanyu sees the grease on her hands and enjoys its smell. Randhir stares at her and the song, ‘banjara’ plays in background. He recalls all the time he saw sanyu working with dedication and enjoying. He recalls sanyu’s hugs, their bike ride. He says in heart she loves engineering I will express my love using her love. He says you like grease’s smell. He puts a little on her nose. Sanyu says thanks and puts on his forehead. Vardhan comes in and says fest is not over your mind I guess. Let me remind you that next challenge will be here by next week and will stay with us. you know for what ? To reject you. They reject stupids. They are coming to see what this dream team can do. They are ready to eliminate you and you have to impress them but I don’t think what you are doing will impress them. Randhir says sorry sir. SAnyu says we won’t give you chance to be bugged. he asks sanyu to come with him.

Vardhan says to sanyu I asked you to bring randhir back to team not to joke around with him. for this competiton you came from home. You are taking it all lghtly now. You can’t make a mistake you need to understand that. SAnyu says I am sorry sir. Parth over hears everything. He leaves.

Sanyu comes back and says there was nothing he was just teaching lets continue. Randhir says he must have scold at you and said stop talking to randhir. Sanyu says lets start the work. Randhir asks parth to bring the cylinder. Parth says are being over confident ? I am finding it risky. I think we should add one cylinder first and then second and stand by one. Lets go for a break. We will come after freshening up our minds. They all agree and leave. Parth says I wanna talk to sanyu, randhir. randhir leaves SAnyu says why didn’t you talk in front of him ? parth says he is not my best friend that i would talk everything in front of him. So in all this game vardhan sir is with you. You are deceiving him with vardhan. Sanyu says there is nothing being done here for my benefit. Parth says I was quite I thought you will end this. You are doing this drama for team. SAnyu says you have no right to judge. You judgment is wrong. I know that my friendship with him is for real. i am doing all this for him. Parth says you are lying to him. SAnyu says I am doing this for his better. I am his friend with all my heart, at least this makes him forget all his miseries. I tried to be your friend too but you couldn’t see.

Everyone is in canteen. Parth comes there. he is about to fall but randhir saves him. Parth says thanks. Randhir says before tea, friends are for each other. Like you were helping sanyu, Whenever you slip me or anyone will come to save you. Sanyu smiles.

They all get back to work. Yoyo comes and says where is the car? Whenevr maya teaches I will run away in this car. Randhir says let me give you a demo. He starts the car and its burns. Randhir says why is there so much stream / Part says I told you to check cylinders one by one. randhir says I was in canteen with you all. Parth says you came after all of us. You added these two cylinders. SAnyu says parth why are you balning randhir? He is saying he didn’t do that. Parth says I am sure he did this. He tried to show how genius he is your best friend. Radnhir says better talk to me. I know you don’t respect our friendship but I do. Parth says that’s why you did tis to impress her. Parth says you ruined the engine I have to ralk to vardhan sir. Randhir says I will talk to vardhan sir that our captain is so irrational and rude. Now either you will stay in team or me.

Randhir leaves. SAnyu says If randhir leaves the team I will leave the team as well. SAnyu stops randhir and says I will leave the team. He says I said all the for me why are you saying this ? SAnyu says I couldn’t see them insulting you. Can I stand there and just let him blame you. Parth comes there and says sanyu I wanna talk to you. Randhir says stop taking her support in everything. Sanyu says let him speak. He says I wanna talk to you in oerson. Randhir says there is no need.

Parth says actually engine didn’t blast I connected wrong wires so it was nothing engine is fine. SAnyu says why you did that ? He says I wanted to see if your are loyal to randhir or not. I was wrong you are really best friends. But he is still weak you have to be with him you are the most important parts of the team.
Randhir comes and asks what was he saying ? Sanyu says he was apologizing. Engine is fine it was just a short circuit in wiring.

They both come in parth says I am sorry I said too much in anger. Spark was not from engine. I hope you will pardon me. Now you are back lets focus on our target. Friends again ? he extends his hand.

Precap- SAnyu sees teddy bear, flowers and presents. She says you have surprise me a lot already. I know its you come out now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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