Sadda Haq 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya says don’t worry about the results Mr. Arjun. FITE has always been on top. maya asks randhir and sanyu to escort them to their rooms. Maya says to vardhan do you know Arjun? Vardhan says he used to be my assistant. His mind worked more than his spot. he is intelligent and genius. he has everything what a genius should have but he didn’t do anything a mentor wants his students to do. He passed but as a mentor I failed.

Sanyu says to them we are excited about the competition. Arjun asks define excitement. In the first place I doubt if you deserve this spot or not. We will get to know in a few hours. Sanyu says, sure thanks. Lets go Randhir.

Outside randhir asys to sanyu why do you have to be smart. Sanyu says you will show attitude and FITE will have to pay for it. Randhir says insecure people like you fear them. Sanyu says listen to me. he says I better suicide than listening to you.

Scene 2
Sanyu and Randhir have some tools in front of them and rest of dream team students are there too. Arjun says first task is a bridge building task. Both teams have to make a bridge that will sustain weight of 10 KG car. Arjun says we leave it up to you to decide the time. Randhir says 30 minutes. Sanyu says two hours. Arjun says excellent bonding. Randhir says 30 minutes is done. They say okay its deiced you have 30 minutes to construct the bridge. Randhir says we will make steel suspended bridge. Sanyu says not suspended. We will give it support. Randhir says you keep your 100 year old ideas to you. All the bridges these days are made on suspension technology. Arjun says we should have given time to argue as well. Randhir says I will beat them with latest technology. He starts building the bridge. SAnyu says listen to randhir. He says I don’t want lose by listening to your idea. SAnyu says you have wasted 10 mins already. he says you are in the team how am I not supposed to wase time. Randhir is working alone. Arjun says they need to bridge their gap first. Parth says 12 mins are over. Randhir says I am starting construction I can’t waste time in your stupidity. Sanyu says you bridge is not even standing. Randhir says if parth were in your place he would have completed it. He is not letting sanyu do anything. He snatches the welding machine from her. SAnyu says behave yourself. You are a champion in ridiculing others. They start making the bridge. 25 minutes are over. Sanyu says bridge is weak. we have to give it bamboo support for endurance. The aggradation team is working calmly. Time is up. They can now only give finishing touch. After five minutes testing ahs started on aggradation team’s bridge. Sanyu says we are not even done. randhir says you are not done I am ready. Randhir puts in the car. sanyu says randhir bridge isn’t ready listen to me. Randhir starts the car, the bridge is weak. SAnyu says I told you. he says you only say don’t do anything. Ropes are weak come rebind them. Arjun says shall we start? Vidushi says what will they do now? The actual testing begins. Arjun says there is no need to test but its official so we will. The car crosses their bridge smoothly. Randhir’s car struggles and reaches the border line. Arjun says your car has struggled just like you. Randhir says I don’t struggle and FITE never comes second. randhir adds some extra bamboo and says lets check once again with double speed. Arjun’s bridge is down and sandhir’s car passes smoothly. They all enjoy their win. Vardhan says I am really happy, you have worked hard. Sanyu says we added bamboos for extra support. Randhir says we considered speed while making this design. Randhir says to snayu look I used your idea better than you. problem is with engineer not idea. sanyu says yeah if we had used your idea we would have failed.

The college canteen is closed. Yoyo tells sanyu. sanyu says the canteen owner has ran away. maya and vardhan are worried. maya says he was making unhygienic food how couldn’t I stop him. he has asked people not to work in FITE. PKC comes and says what will people eat now. But he the food was unhygienic you better fired him maya.

Precap- vardhan says to students task is in front of you all. you have to cook yourself. Sanyu says will you make food with us girls in kitchen. Randhir says yes I can. I have parth in my team. Sanyu says lets see who cook better. Radhir says losing team will cook for next wto days for everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. First again!!
    Wow randhir u rock as soon as the task was given randhir already knew what he had to do he was already on it and as for mr.arjun if u mess with the bull you get the horns u insulted randhir using words and randhir got back at u not by using words but by proving himself by his actions and embarrassed u in front of the judges and u mentor and sanyukta even though randhir didnt wanted ur help u did a grt job by giving the idea of those bamboo but randhir improvised it and made it better randhir owned the day as he dominated but ir wud be unfair if i didnt gave sanyukta the credit…..curious abt arjun the guy knows how to manipulate the weakness of an individual he was trying to make randhir as much as angry he could so that he would make a mistake and for second i thot randhir wud actually fall for such a trap randhir needs to stay calm else it will cost him…
    Randhir ftw.

    1. a doubt does ftw mean “for the win”????

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  5. Wow….awesome episode yaar….sandhir ke bich competition……khana banane ki
    Joke of day-pkc said examination hall me student ne ek dusre ka paper kha liya….

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  14. PRECAP – Excited.. very excited… 1st task Sandhir have won.., were the SPOILERS “fake” then???

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