Sadda Haq 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
priyali comes and hugs sanyu. sanyu says finally you are here. why are you here so soon? Priyali says its orientation program for us. I wanted to surprise you. sanyu says I am so happy to see you.

Sanyu comes back to the class. Maya is there. She sits with randhir. maya says is everyone in? Maya says welcome the first year students for orientation program. This leadership program is for 15 top students of first year, and you final years will teach them and train them before they enter the college practically. They deserve the best. We have designed especial orientation program. The fourth years students who have opted this courses, you will be assigned one student and you will train them. They will give you marks that will be your 30% of the finals marks. You will soon find out what you have to do. You have the schedule that you will have to follow till the end. sanyu says lab assignment? we will teach them. Maya says the first years will pick a chit and the name in their chit will be his/her mentor. Sanyu says I don’t wanna face this rajveer. lets back out. randhir says are you scared? sanyu says I am irritated. randhir says he is just a junior. this Is FITE my college he cant mess with us. Rajveer writes names on the chits. Maya asks all the students to come forward and pick names. Priyali gets randhir. Rajveer says in heart get ready for surprise sanyu. Ranjveer picks the chit and says sanyukta Agarwal. SAnyu and randhir are shocked. Sanyu is tensed.

Later randhir says he wont be seen around you. sanyu says I am not hyper but I cant even see his face. lets go and back out. randhir says I will beak his legs. sanyu says I don’t want you to get in trouble. He says okay I wont. SAnyu says don’t be bad to priyali. Don’t say that engineering is not for girls. randhir says yeah I will make her so impressed with engineering that she will go and join IT. Priayli comes and says hi both. Priayli says radhir sir, randhir says come let me give you a quick round around campus. Sanyu says she is tired she should settle. priyali says yes and leaves.

Vidushi is getting ready. priyali is in sanyu’s room. Sanyu says its all like a story. Rajveer comes in, vidushi is in a towel. Vidushi says how dare you to come in. rajveer says you are so daring you are in a towel in so cold. vidushi covers herself with bedsheet. rajveer says if you cath cold sanyu wont help you, she isn’t doctor she is my mentor. sanyu says get lost or I will call warden. rajveer says our story is very interesting. He lies on sanyu’s bed. He says our story is flavored now. sanyu says get lost. Rajveer says I can deduct your 30% marks. Warden comes in and says its a girls’ hostel. you are not allowed here. rajveer says its my first day I didn’t know about regulation. warden says out. Ranjveer leaves.

Rajveer comes in yoyo’s room. Yoyo’s pal says are you in circus? Lets be a joker. The other says there is no place for juniors. this room is our since 7 years. on this bed only yoyo pa ji can sleep. Rajveer picks the bed and throws it away. He says don’t play this junior senior game with me. He leaves. Yoyo’s pal says we have to do something with him. Jiggy comes in with his stuff. His pal says you can’t sleep on yoyo’s bed. Bhabhi ji is sleeping here. jiggy says what you mean? They pick the sheet and there is kaustuki’s picture there.

Yoyo’s pal are rigging a junior. admin says its not allowed in campus we shall inform the dean. Randhir is doing push ups. Rajveer comes in. Randhir is shocked to see him. rajveer says why are you staring at me like that? Randhir says vikram saved you in TCC but no one will save you here. this is not your tcc this is my college. rajveer says this over confidence is not good. Your girls’ 30% marks are in my hand. I can even make her flunk. Vidushi calls randhir and says don’t leave him randhir he came in our room. He lied to the warden. sanyu says why did you tell randhir. He will lose his mind.

Randhir grasps rajveer by collar and says how dare you to enter sanyu’s room. rajveer says you have no idea how daring I am. they start hitting each other. Rajveer hits ranhdir on head. Rajveer is over randhir and hits him. Then randhir hits him. All the guys cheer up for randhir. Randhir says even if you says sanyu’s name I will kill you. Randhir is throttling him. Sanyu comes and says please leave him randhir. Randhir says apologize to her. the warden comes and says please leave him. Respect the college you can be rusticated for harming a junior. And you rajveer mind your limits. Rajveer says next time I will do full and final with your girl.

Scene 2
Sanyu calls randhir but he is not picking. He receives. sanyu says come in canteen. Randhir freshens up. jiggy collides with vidushi. vidushi says where are you glasses jiggy? He says I am wearing contact lenses. You should use these lenses as well.

Sanyu says to randhir did you create the scene. this wont change. He is an idiot. randhir says I will hit him again I will shove him from college terrace. Sanyu says we will get in trouble this way. I am trying to handle everything. He has no respect for anyone and he is provoking you. radhir says I am ready to be rusticated.

Precap-sanyu mistakenly throws water on someone’s face. He goes to wash up. RAjveer covers his face with sheet and starts hitting the guy/ He says how dare you to shout at my gf.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Heyy me batana bhool gayi… as u said i practiced on abhi mujh me kahi n my frndz said u r doing well
    well thnk u 4 suggestion! Bye

  2. Bye n good night! Dear

  3. Ok sanyu bye you too tc

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    So no need to hide u can comment here as before…
    i hope our timings will nt be same

  5. Its nt like i dnt wanna tlk to u
    I hv cleared d mttr already

  6. No its ok…
    N i said tht as i askd u twice bt u didnt answer
    so bye…tc

  7. Wht did u ask as idk abt it

    1. Dont think i am 12 yrs small girl… i understands when ppl ignores u… alright so dont explain

  8. Yeh kya bakwaas chal raha hain show mein…plz bring Vardhan sir n all the tasks/competitions,dream team of sadda haq..plz…n remove this blo*dy mcp rajveer!!

  9. Hey! So many new names!
    myself-official welcomer of TU
    Gud morning all sandhirians!!!!!!


  11. sooo less comments of sdh. jst see d comments of kyy. almost 400. n sdh is only 55:-( dont cry

  12. @Riya,
    yes, u r right. And that is because sadda haq teaches us to work hard…like sandhir. And we take inspiration frm dem and work hard. So now I shud assume that ur kyy teaches u to do timepass like this and taunt others

  13. so u understood

  14. so u understood dt kyy is d best.

  15. n if sdh inspired u so much then dont see comments n go to study.

  16. Riya r u alright dear ?? *i m asking because u have some mental problem* so go to a doctor …. Don’t waste ur time here !!! I think u r an expert in crying thats why u know when to cry and when to not !!! Right ??? N don’t try to bully or compete us !! Ok ? Because we had already made a record by posting more than 1000 comments …. Now is that ok !! Please don’t cry now and calm down dear !

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    that was a gud 1
    hi aishuu

    1. Hi noopur di …. Really it was needed for this riya cuz she/he *don’t know whether she is really a girl or a boy is doing prank by using the name priya* is doing too much …..

  18. Thats the problem ! Why can’t u go to study when ur kyy *sorry kyy people except riya madam* inspires u soo much ?? Do ur work don’t suggest us !

  19. OK EVERY1
    So now v can safely assume this @Riya aint gonna stop taunting
    so from now on lets I-G-N-O-R-E her
    just like sanyu wants rd 2 IGNORE rv……

  20. sdh is older show then kyy. Even then kyy is so popular. so really u should cry.

  21. Riya koi kaam dhandha nhi h kya tujhe??
    Jab humne 1000 cross kiya tha tab kisine tujhe aake bola tha kya…this shws tht u do show off…aur ye to kal hi pata chal gaya tha ki waha par tujh jaise log name chnh karke comments karte h n v r nt like tht

  22. kyy inspired us to do frndship so I have frnds but sdh inspited us to study. understood?

  23. Ok just ignore this extra genius creature aka riya ….

  24. I really don’t think so that u r inspired by ky2 cuz u bully every1 !!!

  25. TELLY UPDATES can’t u do anything ?? Throw this riya out !

  26. yes Riya shq inspired us to study and v r PROUD of that
    v r PROUD of every single detail of shq
    v r PROUD of the way sanyu teaches us to handle challenges
    v r PROUD of our Sandhir,kausgy,kauyo,vidarth and varya’s sizzling chemistry
    v r PROUD of sandhir’s love
    v r PROUD of randhir’s possessiveness n protectiveness
    v r PROUD of yoyo’s aashiqui
    And v have better things 2 do than taunting ppl-catch one of us in UR KYY w/u?

  27. chodo aishu

  28. Really noopur di let her do what she wants to just ingnore her !

  29. yeah aishu thts best!

  30. Guys are we going to get anything by posting more comments?? Lol riya dont waste your time checking no.of comments on other pages.
    How much you comment doesnt matter what you comment matters!!

  31. ignore her di

  32. Waiting for the epi !!!

  33. nupur I believe u. I know u r not like dt. mere saath bhi same hua hai. ami toke trust kori.

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