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Sadda Haq 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randhir’s idea is not working and he gets frustrated. Sanyukta and her team begin working on the task now with their cycles. Randhir watches them. Sanyukta tells them that they have to reach certain level on power output by pedaling. They fail to succeed in that. Vidushi says she said from start, whether they use 1 cycle or 10 cycles, it will be same thing. Randhir taunts Parth for making decisions based on his personal issues. He leaves. All students lose their hopes. Only Sanyukta and Parth are left. Sanyukta say she won’t give up that easily, she won’t return home with a failure.

The students are protesting against the Dream Team. Vardhan comes there and asks what’s going on. The students question him about inefficient Dream Team. Vardhan says there is no mistake of PK in that, then why they are bothering him? He asks them to protest in front of people whose mistake this is.

The students come to Dream Team and start their protest. They ask Parth to surrender in front of Vardhan, else they will have to take some action. Randhir comes up to defend the Dream Team. Before the argument gets heated, someone comes in and says, hot water came back. They all rush to see.

Sanyukta has connected all the cycles. She is pedaling on one and it pedals with same frequency on all. She said she realized that they were pedaling together, but frequency wasn’t same. Parth says he knew only she could do it. Everyone claps for her, including Randhir. Vardhan praises her and says, Dream Team won’t be dissolved now. He tells them to get prepared as their exams are coming up and their next task will come up any time. He leaves. PK also praises Sanyukta.

Later, Sameer calls Sanyukta and says he really wants to meet her. He asks her for a date. Sanyukta says they are not boyfriend and girlfriend. How they can go out. They are getting married soon. He says that is why he wants them to spend time together. Sanyukta says her dad won’t allow. He tells her to talk to her dad. She says she’s feeling shy. He says now he wants to take her out on date even more now. He gives her time and location. She asks how she will be able to come there. He says he doesn’t want to hear anything. He hangs saying, love you, Sanyu, which surprises her.

She turns and Randhir is standing behind her. She tells him people who interfere in others’ lives like this are called losers. He asks and what do you call to those who go on date with their boyfriend hiding from the authorities? She tells him to mind his own business. She’s leaving. He grabs her hand and pulls her back. He asks her with whom she’s going on date without telling anyone. She says she is not going on any date. He says, right, he is not going to sit in the cafe and watch what’s happening. She warns him not to even think to do anything like that. He asks why? You can go on date, and I can’t? She says, no sensible girl can spend even 5 minutes with you and you will go on date? He says, okay. I will forget that you’re my enemy. You also forget it. Let’s go on the date.

Sanyukta is surprised. He asks her to leave Sameer, one doesn’t get chance to go out on a date with Randhir. She says this is not a joke and he knows very well what happens to him when he messes up with her. She leaves. He says, I wasn’t joking Sanyukta. I just wanted to show you how inefficient you’re as a girlfriend. He smiles. Sanyukat says to herself, if Sameer wasn’t less, now this idiot will bother me as well. I will have to stop him somehow. I can’t let him come behind me. She thinks she will handle Randhir, but what about Sameer? Will she go alone? She sees Parth playing basketball and goes to him. She tells him about Sameer asking her for a date. Parth says that’s great, you will be saved from college’s stress. Sanyukta stares at him. He gets serious and asks what’s the matter. She says she is finding all this very strange. What she will say there. Parth says, you, Sanyukta, have to think what you will say? She says she can’t act of a housewife. He asks her to relax. She asks him to come along, she will feel better that way. He doesn’t say anything. She asks him why he behaves so indifferent. He says he will go with her.

In night, Sanyukta is wondering what he will order, what she will order? She should maintain different taste than him. What do you do on a date? If he tries to be too romantic, then she won’t spare him. Kastuki asks her if there is someone else in the room with whom she’s talking. Sanyukta tells her about Randhir. Kastuki tells her to take it easy, Parth is coming along. Nothing will go wrong. Sanyukta says, she hopes so, but she can’t take any risk.

A peon is running and he bumps into Randhir. Randhir asks him what he’s doing. He says, Sanyukta is crying in the store room, and is not saying anything, so he’s going to Dean. He tells him not to say anything to deal. He will handle this, they are classmates anyhow. He rushes to the store room. Sanyukta is crying there. He says seems like she forgot what he said that it’s his right only to make her cry. She stares at him. He says, you’re staring at me like I made you cry. She says, yes. He says what? She makes him realize the pain she will have to go through by what he will be doing today. It’s all joke for him, but this is her life. She requests him to stop all this. She will leave after few days anyway. He agrees and promises her that he won’t disturb her date. He says to take it as a farewell gift. She thanks him and asks him to give a hand. Randhir gives a hand. She ties his hand with a lock. He asks what nonsense is this? She gets back to her normal tone. She says this is return gift of farewell gift that he was going to give her. He asks her to open it. She says until she doesn’t return, he’s going to stay here. And last thing, no one has right to make her cry. She leaves.

Precap: Sameer tells Sanyukta they should get married by Nov-Dec. Parth is hiding there. Randhir is trying to free himself. Sanyukta asks Sameer whether it’s not too early, she has to finish her studies and she also has some work. He asks what work she has? And what she’s going to get by studying? She’s not becoming an engineer or a doctor. Randhir is also there now. Sanyukta is shocked to see him.

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