Sadda Haq 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu and randhir are about kiss when the laptop beeps as the program has debugged. Everyone gets up. Jiggy says its rebooted. Randhir says lets try it. Sanyu try it. sanyu says its PKC’s invention. It should have a grand opening. jiggy says what now? Sanyu sees randhir he understands.

Next morning PKC goes to maya’s office and gives his resignation. He says I am leaving the FITE which I gave 15 years. We are just employees here. Maya says I don’t want another scene. please leave. pkc says one day there will be my name everywhere and you will regret this decision.

Randhir and everyone is flying the drone. Everyone watches it. maya and pkc watch it from window. PKC is very glad. A reporter asks sanyu what is this? Sanyu says this is the result of hard work of our teacher PKC. It can kill mosquitoes with sound waves. SAnyu says we have a camera in front of it. it can save lives from slums. Reporter asks where is the inventor PKC? Sahil says lets go to him. They send the drone to Maya’s cabin. PKC is so glad and holds it. sanyu comes in and says there is he, our genius professor. It the result of his hard work. And of course maya ma’am support and contribute in everything. Reporter asks when pkc told you about this did you had any doubts? PKC says I wasn’t in doubt to trust it. we all know that PKC is a genius. He will always enlighten FITE’s names. Reporter asks did you think that you won’t be able to complete. I want to make is full proof. FITE’s reputation was linked was this drone. The entire credit goes to dream team. They gave it the anti mosquito idea. Agarwal watches sanyu giving interview to reporters. sanyu says I wanted to do something for the slum people. this will eradicate the problems. my parents always taught me that talent is useless if it doesn’t help other. Anju comes and says is that sanyu? She sees randhir and says in hear what if Agarwal sees him. Agarwal says this is what sanyu is doing. when family sees it they will talk ill about her. Media makes anyone hero. Reporter says your parents must be so proud of you.

Later there is a samosa party with PKC. He says I will pay bill for all of you. sanyu says we are really happy for you. Randhir says and we are sorry. He says don’t mess with attendance next time and if you touch drone I wont pay canteen bill. He says where is yoyo? His pals says, sir there was some issue in his house so he had to leave. He really wanted to see the end. Randhir says sir you have such a hidden talent. sanyu says we became your fan after seeing this. He explains the design to all of them. PKC says I am not stupid as you think. And you are not smart as you think. He says where is parth and vidushi? they must have helped too. randhir says they have helped us. SAnyu gets a call from priyali. Priyali says can you please check my name in FITE list. sanyu checks on notice board.

Rajveer gets a call from a man. he syas paa ji you are third rank here. SAnyu says to poriyali you have cleared it you are coming to FITE Priyali is so glad. she says thanks you ma'am I am really happy. Randhir comes and takes her phone. He says I have a good news. Sanyu tells him about priyali he is so glad. He shows a circular to her and says you can discard your any course and take this program. we can bunk classes and go on dates. SAnyu says why would be discard out field related courses. He says internships need them. Lets enroll for it.

Parth gets a text to come to admin department. When he goes there varun is there holding Viduhsi’s hand. Admin says parth we have complaint against you. you misbehaved with vidushi. you should be glad that she just complaint verbally, I will go to dean if you repeat this. Parth says to vidushi I will make sure I don’t make such mistake again. varun says lets go vidushi.

Varun says why did you save him? you should have rusticated him. vidushi says I don’t want any drama. she says varun wont you cheat me? He says what are you saying? She says I felt something for parth but I left him for you. I can go against you too I am not weak like before. He hugs her and says I cant hurt you I wanna spend my life with you. I love you. He says in heart I know you are not weak I have to plan something.

Sanyu and randhir are in class. sanyu says why isn’t ma’am here. She goes to bring water and says text me when ma’am comes. sanyu is filling her bottle someone closes the tap. she truns back its rajveer. sanyu is shocked. sanyu says what are you doing here? I will call security. He says FITE invited me. They said come and make our college interesting. what are you doing here? sanyu says that’s not your business. He says are you here for tuition or you were missing me? jiggy comes and says sanyu class has started. Rajveer says oh you made entire TCC fool? rajveer says no more madam ji. You are sanyu for me now. its my turn to teach you. sanyu says I am not scared of you. this is my home ground. rajveer says I am not scaring. sanyu says I will pass out soon. He says I am really impressed with you. sanyu sees maya going to the class. a guy comes and says rajveer lets go to the class. rajveer says many suprises are waiting for you. sanyu says first year batch this soon?

Precap-Rajveer is in sanyu’s room. vidushi says what are you doing in our room? SAnyu says get lost or I will warden. vidushi calls randhir and tells him everything. sanyu says why did you tell randhir. He will get infuriated.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  20. Hello! Sanyu
    tm i m having singing comp. i m hell nervous.
    suggest some songs plz

  21. what kind of songs??
    i guess patriotic??

  22. Noh! Film songs…

  23. Actually 5 rounds hone wale h
    Usme se do round bata diye1. Solo
    2. With other grl or boy

  24. Sanyu tum ho yaha????

  25. well try out some meaningful lyrical songs
    like abhi mujhme kahin..
    .meri maa…

  26. Hi akira …. So do u want to sing soft songs or the loud ones ??

  27. Soft one
    n sanyu thnk u!!!

    1. anything for you 🙂 :*

  28. My frnd suggested jo bheji thi duaa or kal ho na ho….

  29. yea go through all these and choose the one which if good to you

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  31. if this is the case then choose one of his songs.

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    last time i sung kal ho na ho. So nt this time

  33. haan toh choose abhi mujhme kahin..

  34. Ok! Thanx dear!
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