Sadda Haq 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 16th April 2014 Written Update

It starts with Randhir opening up Sanyukta’s hair and giving her pin back to her. Both continue working. Sanyukta starts yawning. He asks her if she’s not interested now. She wanted to get involved. She says, she’s just taking 5 minutes break, unlike him who took it for 15 minutes to bring coffee. He says she’s awake until now because of that coffee. She keeps falling on his shoulder. He moves her head a few times, and then just carries her and takes her to a bench. He puts books under her head and then removes his shirt and covers her up with it. He goes back to work on the model. Seeing Sanyukta sleeping, he tries not to make any noise.

It’s morning. Sanyukta wakes up all of a sudden taking her dad’s name. She can’t see Randhir and wonders where

he is. She then sees the model is ready now. She gets up to look at it and smiles. She says finally, I had told dad that I will find solution to his problem. She thinks of thanking Randhir first. She’s walking in the lobby with Randhir’s shirt. Other students wonder why she’s going around with shirt in her hand. She bumps into Vardhan and apologizes to him. He tells her that he hopes that she’s done with her “home-science” as all that won’t be allowed her. She says yes and leaves. She finally finds Randhir outside whose jumping rope. He tells her that she disturbed him a lot for that model, not anymore. She goes under the rope and starts jumping the rope with him and says she just came to thank him. He tells her not to disturb him. She asks why he’s making her jumping with him. He says she likes to interfere in everyone’s life, right? Now she will also do the jump rope, 20 left. Sanyukta gets tired. She asks him to stop. She finally loses her balance and he catches her. Both have eye lock. She then tells him, she feels like thanking him, but by pressing his neck. She returns his shirt to him. He checks and it’s dirty. She takes it back and says will return after washing it. He says good, she at least got girls’ like courtesy in 3 days. She leaves.

She’s drying his shirt. Kastuki teases her. Sanyukta asks how about talking about YoYo and Kastuki. Kastuki then asks if model is done. She says yes, but wonders how to send it to her dad. She thinks of using Randhir and Ankit.

Parth comes to Sanyukta. Both praise Randhir. Something goes in her eyes and Parth is checking. Ankit sees both close and asks Sanyukta if that is why she called him there. If this is what she does in the college. He then asks Parth who he is and what he was doing in her eyes. Parth says, cleaning. I am his classmate, and something went in her eye, so I was cleaning it. You can do it yourself if you have any problem. Parth leaves telling them to spend time together.

He asks her what kind of emergency was that that she called him here. He came leaving his so much work. She brings him to the lab and tells him she knows about their problem and she found solution too. He can’t believe it and thinks she’s just wasting time. She asks him to listen to her at least. She shows him the model. He says his dad spends so much money and she’s making useless things like this? She says it’s not useless, it’s blue prints model and she has fixed all the issues in it. He refuses to take, but Sanyukta tricking him saying top Dream Students have made this and he can take credits saying his dad it’s him who made it with his friends help. He agrees in the end. Sanyukta tells him to let her know how presentation goes. She gives him a list of all issues and changes that are made.

Ankit shows it to his dad and his company partners. All praise Ankit and his dad is relieved now. Ankit sends a message to Sanyukta that model is approved. Sanyukta is happy.

She talks to her mum. Her mum tells her that everyone is so happy and blesses her. Her mum says she wishes to tell the truth to Sanyukta’s dad because he thinks Ankit did it all. Sanyukta says she didn’t do this to get credit, she just did so her dad can be happy. Her mum says she has grown up now. Sanyukta looks at her family photo and gets emotional.

She then comes to Kastuki and tells her about model getting approved. She is very happy. Kastuki says she’s proud of her. Sanyukta says, everything became possible because of Randhir and she should genuinely thank him. She sees him coming and runs. Randhir wonders what she wants now. She stops him and asks if he didn’t listen to her. He asks her if she doesn’t get when someone is ignoring. She says, I am sorry to stop you like this, but I just wanted to say.. Randhir cuts her off and says, thank you Sanyukta. You proved it that you’re like other girls who is dependent on boys. You finally kept your ago aside. If it wasn’t like that, then you wouldn’t accept my condition and go around in college like a joker. She says, she came to genuinely thank him because she thought no matter what kind of he’s from outside, he’s okay from inside. He says he doesn’t need her validation. He’s leaving. She stops him again and thanks him for proving her wrong that he can be good from inside. She further says, she is dependent, and she didn’t have any issue in asking him for help because she was doing it for her family, but he won’t understand that. How he would understand someone’s family problem when he himself is running away from his family problem. Randhir tells her enough. Don’t dare to talk about his personal matters. He gets mad and asks her to stop else he will forget she is a girl. He leaves. Sanyukta says threaten someone else.

In night time, Parth can’t find his phone. Jiggy tells him to find tomorrow morning. Other hand, Vidushi wonders what happened to Sanyukta and Kastuki that they are sleeping so quietly. She goes to sleep. Sanyukt and Kastuki are actually in the lab. They are doing something with chemical. Kastuki tells Sanyukta it looks just like water. Sanyukta says in her mind, I can do a lot without boys help, Randhir. Now I will see who helps you out tomorrow. She smiles looking at the chemical.

Precap: Sanyukta is waiting in the lobby for Randhir. Parth comes . She stops him and asks him to move on a side. Then comes Randhir and she curiously watches him.

Update Credit to: Tina

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