Sadda Haq 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samir is calling sanyu, she opens her eyes while randhir is still fainted. Sanyu picks up the call. He ask where are you? SAnyu says my phone was on silent. he says I am in your canteen. Sanyu puts the chloroform on Randhir’s face and says yeah I am coming. she says now you will have wear my bangles as I will send Samir home before you get up.
SAnyu goes to Samir and says sorry I took time to get ready. He sasy we at lats you look good. He hugs her. Randhir comes there sanyu is shocked. Samir asks what are you doing here? Randdhir says to sanyu will you tell him? Samir asks what is this sanyu? Do you know him? Randhir says don’t impose on girl. I wil tell you am I here. He says I think you have lost your memory after the engagement incident. Where else will mechanics be its an engineering college. Samir says I will hit you hard today. Randhir says this isn’t your dad’s place. Sanyu says please Samir leave him. Samir says what are you doing here? Randhir says I don’t your invitation to be here.

parth comes there and says to randhir you are here vardhan is looking for you. he looks at Samir and says him hi. Randhir says come on fix vardhan’s car. Randhir says two minutes. Samir says don’t ever try to do that again. Radnhir says this isn’t your house. SAmir hits him twice and says think before messing with me. Sanyu holds Samir’s hand says please Samir come with me. she takes him out. Randhir gives fierce looks to sanyu as she goes out.

Samir says why does he have to come here? he ruined my mood. He asks sanyu what are you thinking? why are you quite. tell me why you called me? he holds sanyu’s hand. Samir says you said you were missing me and when I am here you are quite. Randhir comes there. sanyu says in heart why I feel bad for him. He came there deliberately and got hit. Sanyu says I was missing you. Samir says if I knew you will get romantic after sending you to college, I would have sent you much before.

Randhir is hitting the punching bag. He says I hate her. parth comes there and says I don’t know whats wrong between you people but you should remove the misunderstanding. Randhir says you were right people are not what they look like. Parth says I also said don’t hurt your own self. Randir says please parth say out of it. Parth says why did you call Samir? Randhir says you won’t understand. he leaves.

Sanyu thinks why randhir didn’t say anything to Samir. She tell kaustuki that randhir didn’t say anything to Samir. she says I hate him I don’t care what he does or says.

Vidushi comes to parth and says take these medicines. he says stop pretending to care. Vidushi says you have to pretend like my bf. Parth says we aren’t in a relationship and you can’t dominate me. Vidushi says just go to hell why should I care when you don’t worth it. She is leaving, but she thinks I should treat him better he isn’t well. She turns back and sees that he is taking the medicine. She says I will always love you parth.

Someone jumps in Sanyu’s room and starts rummaging through her stuff. He takes her bangles in pockets. Its Randhir. He looks at sanyu sleeping and goes closer to her. he smiles but then he sees sanyu’s engagement picture on side table and leaves.

Scene 2
next morning sanyu and kaustuki are in canteen. Kaustuki says all the stuff was scattered in the room. SAnyu says I couldn’t find my bangles. Kaustuki says vidushi must have stolen them. Randhir comes there he is wearing the bangles. Sanyu is shocked. he says I am not sanyu that I break my commitments. I am randhir I fulfill my commitments. Kaustuki says he is mentally retarted. Guys are laughing at randhir. Yoyo asks is that a new task of vardhan sir? He says why do you want to wear these? Randhir says this manly commitments. Some fourth years say why this third year hero has become the heroin. is he confused about himself? Randhir says not as much as you are confused about this equation. They says we are in fourth and can’t solve this how will you? he solves the equation for them and says years doesn’t deicide your caliber and similarly, accessories or cloth don’t define your manliness, its the attitude that makes you manly.

Scene 3
Randhir says I lost a joke. maya says is this some joke? He says absolutely not. Vardhan says enough Tomorrow engineering aggradation team will be here to grade FITE. Every five year they come to colleges and grade them according to the level of their students. Maya says FITE wants to retain its first grade. Vardhan says two students will be there to impress them on basis of confidence and knowledge. Maya says you will impress them about FITE and we have decided to choose those students from dream as vardhan says best students of FITE are in dream team. Vardhan says who would like to represent FITE? PArth says in heart my medical condition won’t let me. Jiggy says if its computer related I will do this. Randhir says sir I will do this. Sanyu says I wanna do this ma’am. Maya says rank 1 and rank 2 of third year, I think this will go well. Vardhan says think people if anyone else wants to come in? No one says anything.
SAnyu says thanks for the opportunity madam but I won’t team, up with radnhir. Randhir says I won’t team up with he either ma’am If she works it always ends up with a blast.

Precap-SAnyu says why have you called me here? Randhir says you texted me to come here. Sanyu says I never did that. Someone locks the door from outside. its vardhan, he says you can be angry on each other and pour out whatever is in your heart. Whenever your egos have stricken, the outcome has been good.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. First!!!
    And kostuki the most annoying character ever….since day one when randhir amd sanyukta turned friends she was the only one against it a good friend is someone not only support friend but also make them realise that what are they doing wrong…randhir man of his words even though could have opted to tell the truth but refrained and decided to wear those bangles…randhir the best

    1. totally agree… our hero indeed is A MAN OF WORDS….

  2. Worst epi ever 🙁

    1. S, a big YES i am very very upset…

  3. 1st scene – i simply hated it… wth was that? SAMIR hit RANDHIR 3 times aur RD ne ek baar bhi nahi maaraa… and SANYU romantically was caressing SAMIRS HAIRS.. RD WAS HURT, there was lil’ blood on his lips… i was hurt…. i hate u sanyu… damn it… i do…it is high time CVs roped in a new girl….

    2nd scene – RD did wear bangles!!!! SANYU WAS NOT IN THE LEAST CONCERNED…. i hated it… i hated it… it reminded me of 1 of the earlier epis where RD hids the tea cups behind his back, seeing Sanyu & Parth together laughing, drinking tea… (When Parth rescues aher from the water tank). it hurt me like hell then…. it has hurt me soooooo much the same way the 2nd time now, other students laughing at him…..

  4. i hate u sanyu so much,n randhir m helplessly falling in luv wid u 😉

    1. me too… i hate u sanyukta i simply hate you…

  5. when the hell is this SAMIR track going to end???? 21st special epi – what is it about…

  6. Sanyu aise hi chup bhiti thi jab Randir usske paass chudiyaan pehenke aaya… Randir kaa pyaar sachchaa hai….

  7. one thing is sure that randhir loves sanyu and sayu loves randhir thats why she stoped samir

  8. i dont think todays episode is that boaring but eah it is not nice but i liked sandhir scean very much

  9. sanyu is a drama queen… no feelings at all? Randhir fir se tumne meraa dil jeeth liyaa re….. iss chomu kaa track kab katham hogaa???

  10. jab samir zor zor se randhir ko maara, meraa mann kar rahaa thaa uss chomu ko maar daaloon….

  11. Hope to see sandheer back after getting locked in the room!

    1. Ye teesri bar h jb vo lock ho rhe h,sandhir ko hr cheej me record banane ki adat h!
      1st time galti se hue the,2nd time sanyu ne deliberatly kiya..ab 3rd time hmare cupid aka vd sir ka kamal h

  12. Randhir truly loves sanyu..Kya yr Cvs ko koi prsnl problem h kya rd se..use hi bakra kyu bnate h

    1. itna pitwa diya mere cutiepie ko,mujhe lga aaj randhir chomu ko nhi chhodega,but pyar ke liye phir se mar kha li,or vo chomu rd pe hath uthakar apne apko bhut bda hero samajh rha tha,loser kahin ka 😛

  13. Please creatives randhir aur sanyukta ko milva do !!

  14. mai ne kaha tha na rd sameer ko kuch nahi batayega…he pretends like he is emotionless guy he doesnt care about anyones emotions… reallity is he is very soft from inside and he cares for everyone……aur us chomu ki itni himmat k rd pr hath uthaya agar wo sanyu k fiance na hota na to rd us ki band baja deta

  15. 2days was the WORST epi EVER !!! i felt like to hit samir back when he hit rd …. RD IS SOOO GOOD agar wo chahtha toh samir ko sach bathatha par usne esa kuch bhi nahi kiya….
    but on the other hand sanyu did’nt even care when rd put those bangles ….. i jst felt ki kash samir ne jo maar rd ko diya tha woh sanyu ko mila hotha on my behalf !!!

  16. jab wo students rd ka mazak uda raha tha toh mujhe bohoth bura laga par jab rd ne wo difficult prblm 5sec mein complete kar diya i was like thats randhir singh shekawat the one and only

  17. param singh…<3 <3 <3 randhirrrrrrrrr…:* :* :* samir…tight vala slap….:/ :/ sanyukta agarwal..sorry no cmmnts.. whtevr it is..sanyun loves him she is rlyyyy ovrreacting thts it!! n m hating her for tht….n yaa tht kaustaki..the most dumb..irritating character of sadda haq…vidhushi is way bttr than her.. 🙂

  18. hey aaj ka epi acha tha randhir is a man indeed he showed his love and concern to sanyu through not breaking her engagement and sanyu also did the same she stoppes sameer from hitting rd. sameer ke dimaak me rd boora hai aur sanyu ka dushman so issiliye usne rd ko mara ab vidhushi ki baari vn tho parth ke liyen apna concern hamesha dikhtai hai ye kya sadda haq se pyaar haq ban rahi hai omg

  19. Aaj no long cmmnt. Only:
    Precap luks INTERESTING….V.INTERESTING….(vdhan sir ishtyle)

  20. Request to showmakers…dnt spoil randhirs character..we knw his capabilities…dnt shw him as a loser..Plz plz..:(

    Kabhi kabhi jeetne ke liye kuch haarna bhi parta hai … aur haar kar jeetne waale ko baazigar kehthe hai

  22. hey that’s my user name with a lil modification !!! “khushi”

  23. anyways dear sis khushi !!! i toatally agree with you !!! 😉

    1. guise ye show jarur wamen oriented hai but frankly PSB her episode me bhari pad jata hai us SO CALLED ABLA NAARI SANYUKTA pe…..
      RSS ko jitni baar dekho utni baar usse pyaar ho jata hai….
      PSB ROCKS..:)

  24. Gud mrng to all!

  25. hi guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    any1 saw d new promo?????
    plzzzzzz guyz if u hv seen d new promo on youtube den plzz post d linksssssssssssssssss

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