Sadda Haq 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 15th April 2014 Written Update

Vidushi asks what kind of task is this. Vardhan says this is to prove they can handle pressure as this is what will happen at the Dream Team competition. He reminds them that they have 2 hours and 15 minutes are gone. Now Sahil complains, and Vardhan shuts him up as well saying time starts once the problem starts happening. He leaves. Randhir says he got this. Sanyukta tells him this task is so silly, but he decides to finish this task first. He starts working. Parth comes to Sanyukta and asks if he should try talking. Sanyukta says he won’t listen and she thinks of a plan and shares it with Parth.

Parth comes to other students. He says Sanyukta had some personal work, so they have to handle her part. Randhir says Vardhan gave task to the whole team and Parth, the captain, is being biased. Others say, it’s good way to run away from the task. Randhir brings the lights back at one place. He now rushes to the library to stop Sanyukta working on the model. He asks Sanyukta to step back and starts working on it. Sanyukta is happy and says he’s so foolish. She leaves to work on their other task.

Sanyukta comes back to the library and lights the candle. Randhir stares at her. She says she didn’t touch the model. She asks him to carry on and leaves. She again joins other students who are thinking that generator is not working. Sanyukta remembers one of her past experiences and tells everyone that Vardhan is purposely increasing the load, so generator is creating problem. They go to find what’s taking so much load. Randhir wonders in the library, what they are doing. Sanyukta and Jiggy stay beside the generator. The students bring the lights back, but they go off again. Randhir says they are good for nothing, he will have to do something. Lights again come back and this time it stays on. Randhir says if it was him, he wouldn’t take so much time. He says at least Sanyukta did something. Vardhan is also impressed.

Randhir takes a break from working on the model. Just then, Sanyukta comes to see Randhir and can’t find him. She checks if model is completed. She was about to touch it, and Randhir comes back. He shouts at her. She says she was just checking. He asks who she is to check his work and asks her to leave else he will destroy the model. Sanyukta says, okay. She’s leaving, but her dupatta is stuck under Randhir’s shoe. She walks and gets pulled back to Randhir. Randhir loses his balance and they both fall down with the model. Model gets destroyed. She ask him what he did. He blames her, and she accuses him as he was saying he will break the model if she goes near. He calls her badluck for herself. She cries and says, he will never understand what she lost. Everything’s finished. Randhir looks on. Sanyukta gathers all the parts. Randhir wants to help her, but stops himself. She continues crying. He says, whatever it is, you won’t get anything by crying. He asks her to get up. Parth comes. Randhir says, not you again. He asks him what he’s doing there. Parth looks at Randhir seeing Sanyukta crying. Randhir lectures him and asks him to help his best friend. Parth says he just came to get his stuff. He picks up a book and leaves looking at Sanyukta. After he comes out, he says in his mind, I am sorry, Sanyukta. I really wanted to help you, that is why I got out of Randhir’s way. If anyone can help you now, then it’s only Randhir.

Sanyukta hears machine’s noise and gets up right away. Randhir has started re-working on the model. He asks her to save her shock-expression for tomorrow morning as her model will be ready by the morning. Randhir hurts himself and Sanyukta shows concern for him, but he again stares at her. She tells him, it’s her father’s project, so she has to get involved. He asks her to sit quiet and see then. She says she has no doubt on his ability. He says she can’t doubt it either. She makes him realize that before he had 3 days, now just a few hours, he can’t do it all. Randhir is in thoughts. He agrees in the end, but warns her not to argue or distract him. They both work together now. Randhir keeps looking at her and gets irritated with the way she’s working. She’s then taking out her bangles. He looks at her and she puts them back in. Randhir stretches and then gets up to go somewhere. She asks him where he’s going. He says he loves to destroy his project, so he’s going to get someone who can fall on the model and it gets destroyed again. He leaves and comes back with coffee. He gives a cup to Sanyukta and she’s surprised. He says, there was extra and you’re a girl, if you fall unconscious working on the model, then blame will come on me. Sanyukta says in her mind, 2 paise’s (cents) attitude. She drinks it and then ties up her hair. Randhir looks at it and opens it again. Both look at each other.

Precap: Sanyukta falls asleep on his shoulder. He carries her and takes her on a bench. He then covers her with his shirt and puts a soft thing under her head. He then resumes working on the model. He looks at Sanyukta sleeping and tries not to make any noise.

Update Credit to: Tina

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