Sadda Haq 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to canteen and sees randhir, she says do you even know whats going on in college? Randhir whats wrong? sanyu says we have to compete with LITS. randhir we beaten him last time. sanyu says our mentor will change. randhir says we will get rid of that drinker. Sanyu says there is something really important that is keeping you out of all this but please this is important as well. randhir will you stop your lecture please? his coffee falls on her hand. he cleans and says i am sorry. sanyu leaves.

Raghini comes to the room, she asks vidushi is this room no 3? vid says yes. raghini says i have been allotted this room. vid says who are you? raghini says i am transfer student, Im in IT branch. Sanyu comes in, Vidushi says new roommate. sanyu says welcome to FITE, feel free in you need anything. vidushi says yes have a social service. sanyu says we have to think about something else right now, lets start working.

Randhir is playing darts. Parth says i am going to meeting with the dream team. randhir says i will beat them these meetings are useless. Parth says dont be over confident. Randhir says you are underestimating me. parth says you are overestimating yourself. Randhir hits him and says you guy can’t win without me. Parth says then don’t come at all. parth hits him. he says we have fight with LITS not each other, he leaves.

Sanyu says lets divide responsibilities. Vidushi says we will win this way. sahi says at least we will get a new mentor. Parth says randhir is not coming, he doesn’t need meetinggs. yoyo sees randhir coming and says who is he then? Raghini is in canteen, she waves randhir. sanyu wonders how she knows randhir. sanyu asks randhir how you know her? sahil says new girl in college we don’t even know her and she is you pal already wow. Randhir says i don’t know her. Raghini says i know you. You are verain. randhir says no i am randhir. she says on social media yo name is verain. Randhr says how can i forget my name. Yoyo says he is my pal randhir madam. She says sorry your face looks like verain, i am sorry. randhir says lets start working now.

At night, randhir takes raghini on a side. She says i am sorry i called you in canteen. Randhir says its okay. Randhr says keep a low profile. sanyu says i just talked to sanyu and vid. Randhir says dont talk to them. especially that sanyu, she is a spy. Raghini says she was really nice. Randhir says they are both spies. dont share anything with them.

Sanyu calls anju, anju can’t talk. Sanyu says are you okay? anju says yes i am fine. Anju hangs up. sanyu leaves for house. randhir asks her are you going home? SAanyu says thats none of your business. randhir says i should drop you. sanyu says no thanks, come for meetings thats all you can do. sanyu leaves. randhir says in heart i know you are worried for me but i can’t involve you in all this i care about you as well.

Raghini asks vidushi where are you from? she says from jupiter.Raghini calls on karan’s number but its off.She says should i call randhir?
sanyu comes home and sees that anju is on floor. She says maa please open your eyes. She is worried. Raghini comes to ground and throws a stone to a window. A guy opens and says who is it? raghini says i thought its randhir room. he says his room is the other one. she throws stone in randhir’s room. parth wakes up and opens the window. he says who is it? Randhir says someone must be joking i will handle it.

Sanyu takes anju to hospital. randhir comes to ground and says what are you doing? she says karan’s phone is off. i feel lonely. randhir i was sleeping i couldn’t attend your call. sanyu calls him but he hangs up. Raghini says i wanna call karan. I want to talk to him please. sanyu calls him again and again.

Precap-sanyu takes anju to hospital she is under treatment. she calls doctor and says my mom is in ICU, thruv comes and says sanyu what are you doing here? she says maa is in ICU. thruv says to dr. Mahesh you should have been here. I told you about her case, she has a tumor in brain. sanyu overhears it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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