Sadda Haq 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randhir tells Sanyukta this is why he wasn’t telling her anything, he knew she would react like this. She says she will always love him and asks why he was asking that. He says just a thought. She says what kind of thought that is. Tomorrow he will say he will go on moon. Randhir then leaves from there.

He comes to his room and feels dizzy. He faints. Ada comes there. Someone on phone instructs her to wipe Randhir’s memory about Sanyukta. She puts a finger on his neck and all memory about Sanyukta gets wiped out.

Ankit meets Sanyukta and tells her that he also has doubt on Akash’s intentions now. They join hands to stop Akash from overtaking their father’s factory.

Parth wakes Randhir up and says Sanyukta has been calling him. He asks why she’s calling him. Parth is confused. He says he doesn’t want to interfere in their fights and leaves. Randhir checks his phone and he has gotten 20 missed calls. He wonders why so many calls and then says when did he save her number. He deletes her from his contact list. He gets up to get ready and then it strikes to him that Sanyukta must have called to make fun of him. Hence, he decides to reach the class on time before her.

In class, Sanyukta is asking Ada to let her get started at least. Ada says it’s partner’s task. Sanyukta says her partner must be coming. She can at least get started. Randhir comes and Sanyukta is relived. Randhir acts odd in his old style and refuses to work with Sanyukta. Ada lets them work separately. Sanyukta wonders what’s wrong with him. She makes excuses and goes to him, but he insults her and she goes back to work on her own. She burns something and Randhir rushes to help. Sanyukta gets happy, but Randhir again taunts her and asks who admitted her in FITE. All are surprised with Randhir’s behavior. Vidushi takes Sanyukta for the aid. Ada is very happy.

Sanyukta tells Vidushi don’t know why Randhir’s mood is off now. Vidushi says he has just taken her for granted. Sanyukta tells her to go back to the class. Tanya comes there. Vidushi tells Sanyukta to ask her why Randhir’s mood is off and leaves. Tanya is irritated. Sanyukta tells Tanya about Randhir’s odd behavior. He’s acting as if he doesn’t know her. Tanya says he might need space or he’s doing purposely. Sanyukta says he had to do that now? She’s already stressed due to factory. Tanya suggests her to seduce him and he will get back to normal in no time. Sanyukta says no. Tanya asks she doesn’t trust herself or she doesn’t find Randhir hot? Sanyukta then agrees.

Ada asks Randhir about Sanyukta. Seeing his hateful comments, she gets happy.

Randhir is in library. Sanyukta comes and tries to get his attention, but he ignores her. She tries to seduce him and he gets mad. He tells her to do these cheap tricks on someone else and leave him alone. He leaves. Sanyukta now decides not to give him any attention. He will stay alone for a day and get back to normal.

Ankit calls Sanyukta and informs her board meeting is preponed. They only have 2 hours now to do something. She’s with Tanya and Vidushi. Tanya suggests some stupid ideas and Vidushi makes fun of her. Tanya says she’s at least thinking something unlike her. Vidushi wishes there was some law against those who illegally take over others rooms. From this, Sanyukta and Tanya get idea of sending notice. Sanyukta thought she will send notice to Akash, but Tanya says she has to send notice to her dad as it’s all done by him. Sanyukta is not ready to do that as that may spoil her relationship with her father. Tanya and Vidushi try to convince her for the sake of their factory.

That’s the end of episode. Not sure if there was any precap.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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