Sadda Haq 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sahil says yes guys we did it. Sanyu hugs randhir she says I can’t believe it. Vidushi comes there and then leaves. Vardhan comes. Sanyu xays we didn’t know media would come. Randhir says you trusted us. Vardhan says not just on you I had trust on media too. He tells that media called him. Sahil says did they tell you they would come ? Vardhan says real challenge will start now. Peon comes and tells them that maya has called them
Vardhan says to maya congratulations. Dream team will win the competition and everyone will know you are behind them. She claps and says congrats vardhan I didn’t know your team could do this. I am surprised. Maya says yeah your team will have a special treat fro this. Vardhan says we came to thank you for appreciating the dream team. And yes tomorrow don’t forget to watch the new . All you said will be a breaking news. And yes I forgot to sign by resignation letter, well now its useless.

SAnyu says thank you sir we knew you won’t leave us. He says you all have done well. You have got the sponsors. Someone will come to check your car. He leaves. Yoyo says there should be a party for this. They all leave. Randhir stops sanyu and says I wanna say something. Sanyu says yeah go ahead. He says I.. Yoyo comes and says lets go everyone is celebrating the main players should be there.

They are all gathered. Sanyu cuts the cake and gives a bite to randhir. He gives a bite to sanyu. They make each other eat the cake. Vidushi comes there. Parth says why are you standing there ? You have helped us too by staying outside the team. Congratulations have the cake. And yeah you can give this information to maya that we are celebrating. Vidsuhi says in heart if maya hadn’t threatened me to rusticate I would have been here.
Sanyu says randhir you were telling me something. He is trying to say latter by actions. Everyone watches them talking with actions. Yoyo says what an interesting performance. I think we should dance a little. I can’t get the actions still I will dance. They all laugh.

Scene 2
Maya gets a call from sponsor an says yeah its such a strong team. Thanks for your support and appreciation. Vardhan says interesting maya is thanking people for appreciating team. Am I in a wrong team ? Maya says you are sitting at wrong place. That’s my spot. She says you can manipulate media and be a star in front of them not in front of me. Up from my chair. He says give me back my cabin and I will. She says just like you did for the team, create some drama for your cabin too. He says okay if you want me to watch you lose in front of you, then all right. Maya says in heart I will watch you lose vardhan.

Scene 3
Randhir is in front of mirror and tries different ways to propose sanyu. He says sanyu you know what made for each other is ? Two people who love one thing, like engineering. Then he says what the hell am I saying. I can’t take this lightly. Parth comes there. Randhir says I mean the second inning of the dream team. Parth says are you making me fool ? Go and say sanyu what you wanna says. Randhir says do your work.

Randhir is in class and says I have thought this much for the exams. Kaustuki comes with jiggy. She sits and yoyo sits with her. Jiggy just watches him. He says to randhir can I sit with you ? He says no go back. PKC comes in and sees on the board written happy birthday sir. We love you. He says stop all this I will suspend the one who is behind this.
Vidushi and sanyu come in too. Viduhsi sits with randhir when sanyu is about to sit. PKC go to your seat you are already late. PKC takes the attendance. Randhir is looking at sanyu. When he says randhir’s name randhir doesn’t respond. PKC throws a chalk at him and says where is your mind. Randhir says absent sir. Everyone laughs, he says I mean present. Randhir says in heart I can write it if I couldn’t say. He writes I love you on a paper. Vidushi says there is the dustbin.
Randhir says mind your business. Everyone is busy in doing the practical. Both yoyo and jiggy are staring at kaustuki. Randhir throws a paper at sanyu. Maya comes there and throws a paper and pkc. She says quite everyone. PKC pick up the paper. PKC sees you are special written on paper. He asks maya what is it ? Maya says you should tell me what is that ? All of you if I see you talking in PKC’s class you will be punished. Learn some manners. She leaves. PKC says silence please. Yoyo says you are talking we are silent. Randhir says in heart I think your GOd wanna test me. He writes your are.. and his pen stops. Parth is welding then he picks up a too. Suddenly he drops it, his hands are shivering. Everyone looks at him. He wonders whats wrong with him ?

Precap- the fest starts. Yoyo says if vardhan goes to look for a girl, what will he say. Vidushi dances. Parth says ‘kabhi jo badal’.
Vidushi says today’s last act will be by randhir and sanyu and they will be blind folded. SAnyu says we didn’t write blindfolded in details.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. mujhe ek aur chota mota sawal poochna tha KYA AAPME SE KOI YHM KA FAN HAI ???
    mein ne SS ke fans ko mere friend ke liye poocha tha aur ye sawal apni taraf se hai !!!!

  2. Aftr reading few comments and posts in FB I think Arpita will be back in Parth’s life …..but still have one doubt why was Parth’s hand bleeding during his performance in annual fest

  3. Hi…AN …..I like it earlier but now I only watch Sadda haq nothing else
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  4. yes yes yes hurray !!!! we completed 100 congrats !!!!

  5. AN the FF posted by saddahaqrox now is written by her and the one posted earlier is FF that was written by someone called anuradha in India forums

    1. oh !!! really nice FF !!!

  6. akshara di jamai raja toh mein dekh nahi paathi hoon kkyunki mere paas zee tv
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  17. Hi!
    Happy independence day to all of u!!!!!
    Gud to see u like my ff…..

  18. And ofcourse ss ya saurabh raj se toh param 100 guna bettr hai!!!!
    U know what…….aaj hamaare society main flag hoisting tha…toh vahaan par ek ladke ne gaana gaaya-guess who?
    I think he came to liv here just a few days back……….. I m intending to strike up a friendship with him,just bcoz of his name!

  19. Independence day is a good time to examine who we are and how we got here..
    Happy Independence Day to all! 🙂

  20. happy independence day to all of u…………india is my country. all indians exept one are my brothers and sisters……………..i luv my country…..and i m proud to be an indian.

    1. Arrey! Brothers list se kisko hata diya?! 😉


  22. no sh rox u should nt watch sh infrnt of ur mom…..respect ur moms decision…..tum baad me youtube pr dekh lena…its my prsnl opinion….

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  25. waise kya yahan par koi kaise yeh yaarian dekhti ho? on mtv

  26. ye ye ye mai ne sh ka rat ka episode dekhi wow yar it was superb..i liked the scene wen randheer sits besides sanyu to eat the d cake

  27. ye ye ye mai ne sh ka rat ka episode dekhi wow yar it was superb..i liked the scene wen randheer sits besides sanyu to eat the d cake by her hands

  28. guys this sandhir vm is made by me plz like n share it

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