Sadda Haq 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu says to Agarwal he did all this because he loves me. Randhir says what are you saying sanyu? I don’t love you. you are my biggest rival. Whole FITE knows how much I hate her. You can come to college and ask how many times we have been suspended. I just came here to seek revenge so she never comes back to college. dadi says why is she saying that then? Randhir says there is nothing between us she did this so she can come back to college. I am leaving.

Sanyu throws the ring at Samir at Samir’s face. She says sell it and invest the money in your tyre manufacturer. Go buy yourself a doll because the type of girl you want is not me. How can we find a robot. Return the money you have taken from my dad or I will file a case of dowry. Mital says lets go Samir. They all leave. Sanyu says to Agarwal I am sorry papa.
Sanju sits in Anju’s feet. She says I am sorry maa. She says you don’t deserve this insult. anju slaps her on the face and says not even a single world. you will never step out of this house. Agarwal and she go to their room.

Agarwal says now I know why she loved going to college. Our respect is gone. SAnyu goes in and says you don’t have to answer them. I did this for all of us. They would blackmail us all our lives. Agarwal says don’t even say a word. A man who has a daughter loike you, his should always be down. He says to anju she should never come in front of me. I don’t wanna hear her name. Take her laptop and phone from her and don’t even let her step out. SAnyu says papa I did this to save our house and everything. Ankit drags het to the room. He takes her laptop and says give me your phone. Sanyu says I broke it. He is about to slap her. SAnyu stops him saying don’t you even dare. He leaves. SAnyu says I have to prove that I did this for my family and I will go back to college. I will make my family more strong but first I need to ask randhir why he said all that. SAnyu goes down and calls randhir from landline. Randhir wonders whose number is that. He disconnects the call. SAnyu calls again and again. Sanyu says in heart you ran like girls when I confessed everything why you did that randhir. Randhir isn’t picking up the phone. Randhir says in heart I did that for your family so they can’t be shocked any more. I happy that you threw Samir out of your life. SAnyu says I will come back to college and I need an answer randhir. I confessed my feelings in front of everyone and you just left. She sees anju sitting on sofa in the living room. She sits in her feet and says I am sorry maa for putting you through all this. But this was better than getting insulted and blackmailed all the life. I love you and papa so much. Anju is sleeping.

Scene 2
Randhir goes back to college and sees some people trying to solve vardhan’s question. Randhir says for and engineer its important to solve each and every problem. Ranhdir goes to his room. parth asks what happened there? Is she coming back? Randhir says I left where she deserve. Parth says what you mean? Randhir says she is happy wherever she is. Don’t worry.

Class starts PKC comes in the class. Someone has made his cartoon with maya on board. He says who did this? yoyo says we have heart too. PKC says as you know 4th year has started. This last year is very important for you all. All your career depends on these days. we will conduct practical and they will effect the final grades. Maya comes in and asks where is sanyu? Randhir says she is where she should. Vidushi says she ahs gone home because her wedding has to be fixed. Maya says did she ask for permission? Randhir stays quite. Maya says all right I have to talk to vardhan. Randhir says can we start with practicals sir. Vidushi says to parth I will change you in charming romantic man from this angry your man. meet me at canteen.

Vidushi comes with a cake to parth and says here it is. I had to break some rules to make this cake. He says you even break people’s trust. Parth says what you had to do with sanyu and randhir? What misunderstanding have you created now? Vidsuhi says I did nothing. You should care about me not them. parth tosses the cake in trash. He says look this is how much I care about you. You just need attention. If you ever loved me you would never have done this to randhir and sanyu. He leaves. vidushi says I will do anything for you parth I will even compromise with my enemy. I will bring sanyu back.

Scene 3
Anju screams with pain. sanyu says are you okay? Ankit says she has chronic back pain. how would you know you never stayed in this house. sanyu says I will do all this go let me handle. Anju says I will do it I don’t need you. Agarwal comes and says I told you I don’t wanna see her face. Till she is here I won’t eat. sanyu says In heart they can’t jail me like this.

Precap-Vidushi comes to sanyu’s house and says where is sanyyu/ Anju is quite. She says sanyu is happy in that college. Please let her come with me. Anju says her dad doesn’t want her to got to college. She goes to guest house and asks sanyu to run with her to college. Ankit sees her making the rope.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. Oh!!! u r not 1???

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    Harshi aur PSB – ummmmmmmm… let me see… ummm.. ok – dono ek saath — achhe lagthe hai!

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