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Sadda Haq 12th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir goes to Sanyu’s room. Vidushi is there but not sanyu. He calls her but he number is switched off. Vidushi says don’t you feel ashamed to come in girls’ hostel again and again. Sanyu is gone. He wedding will be fixed tomorrow. Will you attend her wedding? There is some major problem in her house. He says she was fine you are lying. Vidushi says why are you grunting at me. Look at her closet its all empty. I don’t think she will come back. Btw, I heard about your parents’ divorce. I feel sorry for you. He says I don’t need your sorry. She says sanyu is so mean she should have said you bye. I told you she is mean. Randhir says in heart I made a mistake by trusting you. You are so selfish and mean. No one cares for others. Vidushi says there should be a subject drama. Randhir and sanyu made fun of my problems now its my time.

Scene 2
Sanyu reaches the house. She comes in and says papa. he doesn’t respond so doesn’t anju. Sanyu talks to Ankit but he ignores her as well. Sanyu says will anyone tell me why am I being ignored? I am here look at me. Anju asks the servant to take her stuff to guest room. Anju says you will stay in guest room till your wedding. SAnyu says what have I done? She says go to guest room. Sanyu throws a bowl on the floor. Anju says have you gone mad? She says yes I will be if you keep torturing me. She says papa please talk to me. She says if you don’t talk to me I will break all this. Ankit says I will break your bones if you don’t stop shouting. Samir’s family came and they said they will call off the engagement. papa had to plea in front of them. he had to pledge this house because of you. Sanyu says what is he saying papa? Is that true. You pledged our house for that Samir. Why you did this? Agarwal says I asked you to stay quite ankit. he says why should I? Because of her we have no house now. Anju says are you happy now? Samir and his family are coming tomorrow. They gave us a chance to rectify our mistakes? Sanyu says what mistake? They are blackmailing us in the name of wedding. They took everything from us. Anju says its their right? Sanju says what right? They didn’t nurture me. Agarwal says stop it. This is how world runs. Samir let you go to wedding. They didn’t even break your wedding after that fake signature. Now go to your room. Agarwal starts coughing. Sanju rushes to him but anju says go to your room before I beat you. Sanyu goes t her room.

Scene 3
Randhir finds sanyu’s letter in his room. She writes, I know I have been wrong with you for few days. I don’t know if I will rectify them. I have to get control of my life. you are a nice human. You have to stay on top don’t let anything stop you.

Vidushi is seeing parth’s photos/ Randhir goes to her and says you are such a liar. She says I was concerned for you. She has gone to her house. She thinks she can cancel her wedding. You were always an option for sanyu. She could do this before? Why is she doing it now? She just manipulated you. I know you won’t trust me. Randhir says yeah I won’t. you know why parth never gives you attention? because you don’t even deserve hatred. Vidushi screams who are you to judge me. I love parth and he loves me too.

Parth reads sanyu’s letter. Randhir comes there and says why you and your gf interfere in other’s lives. he sits in anger. Parth sits with him and says I am not intruding but I think you should, in sanyu’s life. She needs you because you know how it feels when your family doesn’t support you. She is facing a difficult part of her life. Go to her. Randhir says I am not her lawyer. What will I do there? he says what you did last time. just be there for her.

Scene 4
Randhir hops in the house looking for sanyu. He goes to her room she isn’t there. he wonders where can she go? Ankit feels like someone is there. Sanyu is sleeping in guest house. Anju is saying you should have told me before doing all this. We don’t have to cross our limits. We have to live with these certainties. I can’t let the respect of my husband go. Samir is a nice guy he will keep you happy. Randhir is overhearing her. Randhir says in heart I thought there will be an action scene but we have a senti scene here. I can’t make it a tragedy. I don’t have a family but I can’t take hers from her. sAnyu wakes up and says Randhir. he leaves.

Next morning, sanyu wakes up. Ankit comes and says sanyu I will throw you out if anything happens this time. Samir and his family must be coming get ready. sanyu says in heart everything was a dream that happened. Now I have to live this life. She recalls all the FITE days and the fights with Randhir. She wonders did Randhir get that letter? SAnyu calls jiggy. he asks where are you? She says I am home. is everything okay? he says yes. she asks where are you? he says I am in room. sanyu asks how is parth?He says be clear you want to ask about randhir. he isn’t here I haven’t seen him since last night. Sanyu says okay thanks I will talk to you later. Sanyu wonders where can he go? Did he get the letter. She says I hope you are fine Randhir. Anju asks sanyu to come downstairs. Randhir is having tea at the stalls.

Samir’s family come in. Agarwal welcomes them. Dadi says same old sofa covers and curtains. You have be like us before wedding. Mital says is sanyu in mood to give us a new shock? Dadi Sanyu isn’t like what he wanted for Samir. Well Samir likes her what can we do? SAmir asks where is sanyu? Ankit says she is getting ready. SAnyu is looking down from a window. Anju sees her and asks her to come. Sanyu comes and meets everyone. Mrs Mital says you complexion has darkened. Samir says she don’t get time from her engineering. Anju says she is home now she will take care of her wedding. Agarwal says mital pundit ji will take some time, lets go and have lunch. dadi says I am not in mood to have lunch with you after all this but lets have it if you want. SAnyu serves the lunch. Dadi says your daughter is quite clever. Samir says she will be fine after wedding. dadi says yeah we have to teach her a lot. dadi says anju I don’t like this vegetable at all. Samir says yeah she leaves food when she sees brinjals. dadi says I think this food has been ordered from some hotel. mital says thank God we have cooks otherwise sanyu would make us diet four days a week. he says sit and eat with us. dadi says our daughter in laws eat after everyone is done but since you are not pat of our family yet you can sit. Samir holds sanyu’s hand from under the table. Sanyu shoves his hand. He says go bring me water. SAnyu says its right in front of you drink it. Anju says I always ask servants to keep glasses on table. dadi says when your own daughter doesn’t listen to you why will the servants. SAnyu grasps the fork in anger.

Randhir is having tea cups after one another. he asks for more. Shopkeeper says I won’t give you anymore. Go and tell her everything. Randhir says how you know? he says I kept drinking teas and she married someone else. You must have to gone to take her with you but you couldn’t. go and tell her. if i had listened to my heart she would have been making tea for you. Randhir says how much i owe you? He says i will take money when you come here with her.

Mital says where us pundit ji? its been more than an hour. dadi says what type of pudit did you call. Mrs mital says do they want this wedding to happen or not? dadi says why are you upset now sanyu? Anju says her eyes are just flamed nothing to worry. Anju asks sanyu to wash her face. She goes up in her room and cries her heart out. Randhir is coming in from the window. He jumps in. SAnyu what are you doing here? he says what are you doing here. SAnyu says they are all down. go please. Randhir says you said too much in the letter. go down and tell them everything. I came to see how much courage you have. SAnyu says my parents’ respect will be ruined if i say anything. He says you won’t get respect this way either. SAnyu says you are not in my place that’s why you don’t know. Randhir says i would never be in your place. i am not scared of anyone. SAnyu says why you hopped in from the window then? why didn’t you use the main door. Randhir says do you have courage to bear what will happen afterwards. SAnyu says that will be my headache not yours. Randhir jumps out and sanyu goes downstairs. dadi says pudit ji is here how long will you take sanyu? At least think about our time. Sanyu is looking at the door again and again. Randhi opens it with a thud. Everyone is bewildered to see him there. Samir says what are you doing here? Ankit says he didn’t forget the last hits? Randhir says to sanyu saw the courage? What will you say now? its your turn. SAmir says they are talking like they know each other. SAnyu holds Randhir’s hand and says yes i know him. Ankit says leave him. Sanyu says i wanna apologize papa. I don’t any explanation to the strangers. He is Randhir my classmate not any mechanic. Samir grunts what is happening? Mital says will you ask her Agarwal or not? You caught us for money and she loves him. Dadi says no everything is clear why this guy broke in the engagement function. You all are liars. SAmir says now i know why they were ready to give us all the money. Dadi says they wanted to sell this rotten piece to us. Samir says sanyu saved you in college that they. Who will save you now? He is about to hit him sanyu stops him. She says i am not rotten you all are. You want to take all the money from my family in name of wedding. You will make my future? by seizing my house and factory? Wow shame on you. My papa kept on listening to you. people like you should be in jail for blackmailing others. SAmir says stop is non sense. sanyu says you stop your non sense. You will send me college? Who the hell are you? Who are you all? And you know what i am in relationship with him because of you. you know who is he? The only heir of Saniyal empire. SAmir says another lie? SAmir says if he was family gut he would never have shoved your dad. SAnyu says he made a mistake and apologized for it. what you did? You got my house and factory sold. My dad is get depressed day by day because of you and your family. She says no papa don’t say anything. They don’t deserve us. Mital says what is she saying? dadi says we were just here for Agarwal. Samir says i should have known what kind of girl are you. sanyu says i don’t need a character certificate from you. And about Randhir, I love him. Everyone including Randhir is dazed.

Precap-Sanyu puts off the engagement ring and throws it on Samir’s face. She says go sell it and invest the money you get in your tyre manufacture unit. i am breaking up this engagement. Return all the money you have taken from dad or i will file a dowry case against you all.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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