Sadda Haq 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardhan makes an announcement and asks Dream Team students to reach to his cabin in 30 seconds. He throws stuff down from his table and gets ready. Vidushi and Sahil are not happy with another task as they had already planned their holidays. They rush to his cabin.

All students come to his cabin. Parth and Randhir enter together. They stare at each other. YoYo also comes there and says he also came to village and as Jiggy is not here, he thought to join them. He promises he won’t disappoint. Vardhan lets him stay and tells everyone he called them to test whether they are really a Dream Team or just a team in their dreams. He informs final class exam papers are leaked and now instead toppers of the final class exam, Dream Team students will participate in the fest. Sahil says but they are 2 years behind than final class students and that competition is very tough. Vardhan says that shouldn’t be mattering, if anyone is afraid, then they don’t deserve to be in this Dream Team. Sahil apologizes to him. Vardhan tells them about their opposition college which no one knew 5 years ago, but today everyone is talking about them. If FITE beats them, then it will create a history. It doesn’t matter if they lose, they will at least try. He further tells them that the opposition team is not afraid of anything, they can do anything to win, and they compete to win. Sanyu is nervous for some reason.

Now it’s time to pick a captain. He says they don’t have time to pick a captain by arranging a task, so they will choose captain a different way this time. He spins a bottle. It points to Vidushi. She gets happy, but Vardhan tells her she will decide who the captain will be. She will pick up a chit and whoever’s name is on it will be the captain. Randhir asks how a chit can decide the captain. Vardhan says sometimes randomness and chances have their own login. Kastuki is relieved and says in her mind, thank God, had she (Vidushi) become captain, then she would have made FITE’s team a circus. Vidushi picks up a chit and it’s Sanyu’s name in it. Vardhan tells everyone to leave now as he wants to talk about something to their captain.

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Sanyu tells Vardhan, she’s not avoiding anything, but even he knows she is not going to be in this college for long. She doesn’t want to let him down. Vardhan asks, so you have decided to leave engineering in middle? Sanyu says, she made the world against her for engineering, but for how long she can do that? She can’t survive for long in this male dominant society. She is crying. She suggests him to pick a stronger captain. Vardhan claps and says, she is running away from captainship. She won’t get another life to fulfill her dream, and in fact, whole world is male dominant. Sanyu says, but my family. Vardhan says it’s his mistake, he thought she would fight. Sanyu says, I just saw dream of becoming an engineer and didn’t know I would have to fight every single day. Vardhan asks, so what did you think? That you saw a dream and it will be fulfilled easily? If everyone gets their goal so easily, then there would have been no failures? No one wants to fight, but if you’re not prepared to fight, then you don’t have right to dream. Sanyu says she didn’t know she will face so many people that will come in her dreams way. Vardhan says, great, so you have decided yourself that you are a loser. I feel so bad that I was mentoring a loser till now. He continues lecturing that she proved everyone else right, she ruined every girl’s hope who wants to be an engineer. He will make sure now there are no girls in this college from next year. He goes on, engineering is not needed for girls to get married and work in kitchen after studies. He was just wasting his time. He further says, it will be her responsible for every girl’s tears who get rejected from this college. He leaves.

She starts walking slowly and chit’s bowl falls down. She checks them and it’s her name in every single chit. She says Vardhan trusted her so much, and she disrespected his decision unitentionally, she hurt him. She asks herself what did she do. She recalls Vardhan’s words. She wipes her tears and gets up confidently. She says to herself, she won’t lose, nor she will let Vardhan lose. She will make him realize that he did no mistake by mentoring her and will make sure she makes him proud.

Sanyu shares her decision to Kastuki. Kastuki says it’s really a brave decision, but you don’t know how long you will be here. Sanyu says, she can’t stay with a loser face in front of Vardhan. Kastuki asks what if she really has to get engaged between the competition. Sanyu says she can’t say no to her family, but she also can’t let Vardhan down. Kastuki says she is always with her, but asks her to have a clear plan about her future.

Randhir gets a call from his dad, but he doesn’t pick it up. His dad calls him again and he finally picks it up. His dad says, he made it a habit of not picking up his call. Randhir says, he just doesn’t feel like talking. His dad asks how he can do this to him, he’s going through the worst phase of his life and he left him alone. Randhir says, they were never together. His dad says, I left everything just to be with you. And I don’t deserve anything in return? Randhir says, so you came about give and take finally like mum, right? His dad what’s wrong if someone expects something after giving their whole life. Why don’t you understand? Randhir says, expectations are always to break. His dad controls his anger and tries to convince him to speak in his favor in court. He hangs saying if he’s his son, then he will definitely come to the court for him.

Precap: Sanyu talks about Sadda Haq and Dil Dosti Dance being 45 minutes instead 30 minutes for next 2 weeks.
Parth seems to be having a fight with some boys. Randhir also interferes. Sanyu comes and stops their fight. She tells FITE boys that the boys are from opposition team and this room is allocated to them. The opposition boys ask who she is. Sanyu says, I am the captain. The boys laugh and say they were expecting it to be a solid competition.

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  2. loved today’s epi… vardhaan sir hats off to u!! i wished i had a teacher or a mentor like him!! too good!! vardhaan sir was the real hero of today’s episode!!

  3. today’s epi was good …………… finally got to see vardhaan sir and loved his idea of chits

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