Sadda Haq 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu says you said there is fault in coding ? Are you sure ? Radnhir says yes. SAnyu says what if there are other problems ? Randhir says we have to check coding. SNayu says it will take a lot of time I wish jiggy was here he could handle coding and we would do the rest. Jiggy comes and sasy you would have called me if you were missing me. Team is here and so Is mu girl They all hug him. He says you were missing me so I came back. Sanyu says are you fine now ? He says yeah I am ready to work for dream team and fight with kaustuki. When I heard that there is some problem with team so I came back. Sanyu says who told you ? Yo yo says I did. He says I am sorry I am not in team but I called him. SAnyu says why are you saying sorry you saved our time.
Kaustuki asks yoyo you were asking about team. Yo yo says I was just confirming. I couldn’t be selfish when team needed him. Afte all we met because of this team.
He says I can’t see this team in trouble. They explain the stick to jiggy. Sanyu says what’s with yo yo when he became this good ? Radnhir says ask kaustuki. Yo yo loves kaustuki. Jiggy tells them the problem with software. He says it will take some time. Sanyu says sponsors will be here by tomorrow. We don’t have time. he corrects the code. They start testing it. Sanyu closes her eyes and the stick directs her well. They are all so happy. the stick is working properly. Sahil hugs jiggy. Jiggy gores to kaustuki and hugs her. Sanyu hugs randhir and says I am so happy. He says me too. Parth is standing alone. he says what now ? Its ready what about the work we ahd to do with this? Yoyo says yes that’s my question whom will we show it ? Sanyu says to whole world. They record the video. Randhir in edits and adds thanks for watching share and help us in promoting our device. They all leave.

Scene 2
Sanyu and kaustu check. there is just one like on video, SAnyu says just one like in 8 hours. Parth says we won’t get likes this way. Jiggy says I can manipulate the number of like. randhir says we need people not likes alone.
Yoyo wakes him men up. They are socked to see there are no more moustache on his face. HE says leave that and share this video.
They’re are all asking their class mates to like and share the video. Vidushi wonders whats going on ? Parth checks they have 1600 likes/

Sanyu says I hope 1600 converts to 10k. He says in heart please give her what she wants its must be small for you God but her smiles is everything for me.
Some people are watching the video they appreciate the effort. Randhir says my prayers are working I mean yours. SAnyu says your prayed to God? He says no. vidushi checks the phone of those pupils. They say look its such a nice idea. They say you were going crazy for this stupid video ? It can only work for stupid like you.

Scene 2
Vardhan watches the video, randhir says in video if we get 10k like for our effort we will reveal our identity and will set the patent free. Vardhan says interesting, very interesting.

Some other students are watching the video maya comes there. Vidushi come theer. maya asks what are they watching. Vidushi says they are watching some stupid video. Maya says video that so many people are watching, the people who ignore it are stupid. Maya appreciates the video. Vidushi says yeah I said that. I likes the idea. Maya says but what you are doing is not right. she wonders who are these people who are giving free patent.

Scene 3
Dream is busy on working on prototype. Sahil checks the video, Jiggy comes there and says you are not going to get likes by checking again and agaian. They still need 1600 likes. SAnyu says best will happen lets work, video is working herself. After one hour the likes are same. Randhir says we have to wait for more time. SAnyu says we should reveal the identity. Its difficult to get 1600 likes in one night. Jiggy says I think we should wait. Parth says our target is not achieved and our video is not even viral. jiggy says very less people know about our video and Media won’t come here but maya will if we reveal our identity.

They are all worried for the like. Yoyo comes and shows that the video is being shown on media. The news caster says we need 10k likes on video to know who came up with this innovative idea. Randhir says I think we will achieve our target. Sanyu checks again but they are still not 10k. Randhir holds sanyu’s hand and turns the laptop off. He takes sanyu out. She says why have you brought me here ? he says I am hungry lets eat something. Sanyu says I am not in mood to eat neither to cook.
He says who asked you to make something ? Sanyu says so are you going to bring a chef. He says who needs a chef when I am here. Sanyu says please randhir its not your cup of tea. Have you ever cooked ? He says you need a demo.
She says so master chef what are you making for dinner ? He says be quite. They both start cooking. Randhir cuts his hand. She says you can’t do anything. She sucks his finger.

Precap- Radnhri is drawing something, it says I love you sanyu. He asks sanyu to come in her eyes are closed. Sanyu says this is too much of suspense show me what is it ? He asks sanyu to open her eyes and stands aside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. its interesting

  2. its upcoming episodes are going to be more interesting

  3. hey atiba

  4. wow nice epi !!!

  5. Randhir’s little WINK at Sanyu – I simply loved it… O man, u nail every expression to perfection….

    1. yeah soooo cute na !!!

      1. So cute ๐Ÿ˜€ yr mujhe pyar ho gya h is bande se <3

  6. thnx atiba u r really fast keep it up !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. In today’s epi I liked the last part…very awesome and I think tmrw going to be interesting very interesting!!!!!
    Sorry I will not be able to comment further as I have a lot of HW to do……BYE and GN

  8. finally our Jiggy is back… aathe hi dhamaaka machaa diyaa…. and and yoyi without moustache.. new look..

  9. Hey atiba..great job…keep it up.;-)

  10. I miss rd’s million dollare smile nd smirk a lot..jbse p deppression chptr strt hua hi tbse bs ek hi exprsn ๐Ÿ™

  11. Nikhil Sharma

    check out sandhir scenes collection ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. luvd 2days episode n just waiting 4 2mrw’s episode.

  13. oww…. cool device ๐Ÿ™‚ anyways, 2days epi ws pretty gd especially the hug of sandhir n the last cooking part n also the praying part it ws cuuuuuute :* But I am curious to knw abt wht sanyu’s reaction will be abt the confession??? ANY GUESSES GUYS ๐Ÿ˜

    1. i guess she will accept it only 4 the sake of the dream team (just a guess but i really don’t want that to happen !!!):(

      1. I’LL NEVER ACCEPT IT… never, never ever…

  14. today in my school i & my friend i had a small arguement on who is the best serial actor my friend said it is Shaheer Sheik (arjun in mahabarath) & i said its Param and finally we stopped it agreeing that i will watch mahabarath & she will watch SH for 1 day !!! i’m glad ki aaj ka epi bohoth acha tha but she’s not the 1 who is intrested in luv and all she like’s mythology i hope she watched it &luved it(i mean rd too ) !!!
    sorry if my comment bored u !!!

  15. but i know that u all will support me right??? well not me but rd he’s truly the cutest actor in the whole world and his wink to sanyu in 2days epi was sooooo cute yaar just want him to be my brother !!!

  16. the walking stick was magnificant so nice & rd cooking well i saw him preparing chineese in the interview but i would luv to see what he’ll make, maybe chineese !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. @AN Yeah I think u r ryt ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess the same thing…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. i guess ki sab chale gaye toh mujhe bhi chalna chahiye bye but i’ll be back ok !!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. nice episode and the precap was really good…..thanks atiba for the update….

  20. It was this RSS, the same RSS who once wrote in code language all over the college walls thus :
    โ€œI don’t know why I keep
    thinking of you Sanyukta. I hate you.. I will never fall in love with you, Sanyukta.”

    & NOW, it is this lovig and caring RSS who is preparing a grand surprise for Sanyukta… with ” I LOVE YOU SANYUKTA” & ‘S’ written in โ™ก….. what a fantastic change… & also loved his expression when he says to sanyu that yoyo loves kaustuki…. U r the king of expressions!!! it never tires me to repeat this again and again…..
    SANYU, no fake โ™ก…. pls, pretty pls… I can’t see Rd hurt…

  21. I wish our sandhir lov story is a unique one..not like typical melodramas in wch d hero jzt like a sugar factory..instd a mere touch,a single look and evn silence should b enough to share their all sort of feelings…guyz itz jzt my POV.

    1. pehle, sanyukta Rd kaa โ™ฅ accept kare, thab naa…

  22. and that SANDIHIR hug… it is like…. arre, this always happen with us.. it is so natural, so common, nothing new..

  23. a rqst from my side… jo bhi jab bhi yahaan update padne aathe hai…. pls drop in a few words or a line or two in appreciation of SH and the actors’ performance… ofcourse, without bashing… apart from thanking and praising the updater..

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  25. @AN. shaheer sheikh is also so cute yar……….yeah his acting is nt as gud as params…bt he is so gud luking …..

  26. @AN. shaheer sheikh is also so cute yar……….yeah his acting is nt as gud as params…bt he is so gud luking i like him so much….

  27. Hi!
    @AN,u r absolutely right…..param is a fab actor,but shaheer shaikh too is no less…..i m a regular watcher of mahabharath and shaheer is nearly as gud as param. No offence to any1, and param is still my favorite actor!

  28. now i m also feeling so bad for randheer… se bheegi billi ban gaya hai wo sanyu k liye….bt jab use pata chalega k sanyu ye sab drm tm k liye kiya wo kitna bikhar jayega…..

  29. @meera..ofcrz yar..”thab”!

  30. Yeah @game changer u r ryt randhir will break down completely I can’t see him like tht ;( I liked the Mr. Hot n Attitude Randhir Singh Shekhawat….;)

  31. Hi AN ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. Ok,here is the nxt pt…
    Sandhir immediately broke the hug,as soon as they saw sanyus mom standing there.
    Mom:Sanyu beti,ye sab kya hai? Ye toh rd hai naa? Vahi ladka jo tumhe cllge me pareshaan karta tha? Tum ussey gale laga rahi ho? Aur ye yahaan kaise? Aur tum donon……..
    Sanyu: maa,mai apko sab bataati hu…..
    She tells her mom the whole story of her very-weird relationship with rd.
    Mom: Acha,toh ye baat hai….
    Sanyu: maa,aap papa se kehkar ye shaadi ruka toh nahi doge naa??
    Mom: arrey,jab meri beti ko aise insaan se shaadi karne ka mauka mil raha hai jise vo jaanti hai aur pyaar karti hai,toh meri kya akkal mari gayi hai jo mai ussey rokungi!
    Sanyu: thank u soooo much maa,aap world ki best mom ho!
    Mom:Ha,ha,ab ye sab maska lagaana bandh karo. Randhir,beta tum apne parents se kehna ke kal subhe shaadi ki baat karne ghar aa jaye.
    Randhir looked at sanyu,sadly and looked for comfort which he found in her comforting expression and the sudden, short squeeze on his palm.
    Sanyus mom saw the exchange n was worried

    Mom: arrey,kya hua,beta tun itne udaas kyu ho gaye? Maine kuch galat keh diya kya?
    Sanyu: voh actually,maa,rd ke mom dad nahi rahe ab…(she did not say the truth as she had seen the warning look on his face)
    Mom:He bhagwaan! Ab kya hoga? Sanyu,agar rd ke parents nahi aaye toh tere papa teri shaadi issey kabhi nahi karenge!
    They both look at sanyu helplessly
    Sanyu:(after thinking for a while) Maa,rd,dont worry. Ek plan hai mere paas
    Rd& mom: kya????!!!!
    Sanyu: randhir,vardhaan sir aur nihaarika maam ( yes,she was alive) kab kaam aayenge????
    Rd: brilliant idea,sanyu;
    And so the plans were made. All was said n done. Vdhan n nihaarika had agreed to pose as his parents. The date of the wedding was fixed for 3 weeks later. In those 3 weeks,rd often came to visitsanyi (through the windows,ofcourse!)
    One week prior to the wedding,kaustu,vidushi,sahil,jiggy n yoyo came to delhi fr their wedding. The guyz wre @ rds house n girls were wit sanyu.
    Vidushi was extremely jealous of sanyu. After all,rd was handsome n RICH. The boy viduahi had dreamt of…
    Vidushis POV: sanyu,u stole my boy of dreams. Teri ahaadi mai itne shaanti se hone nahi dungi. Now just wait,and watch!!!
    What was going on in that cute cunning brain of vidushis? What will she do to sanyu? To find out,wait fr the nxt pt!

    Ok,i m dun….

    …..liked it?
    This one is dedicated to our lovely meera didi…

    1. Nikhil Sharma

      check out sandhir scenes collection

    2. Thanks a lot saddahaqrox for the precap !!
      Everyday I come here to read them… ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. thank u dear….

    4. the FF was very nice thanks !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I just love this Sandhir Lovestory !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Shaheer Sheikh — He is also very well educated just like our PSB…. DOB : 26/3/1984
    . He completed his studies from New Law College, and Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. He has a Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B.) and owns an event management company.

  35. Amrutha Nidhisha

    I some epi it’s just lk an epic epi…..lived it lot Sadda haq always rckzzzzz no doubt in it at all………..rocking episode……muahhhhhhh……^_^…………,…<3

  36. good evening!!! (as i was not able to say gdn as my mom didn’t allow me to) so we’ll meet in the next WU bye bye !!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. Nikhil Sharma

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  38. guys this sandhir vm is made by me plz do watch like n share it plzzz

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