Sadda Haq 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Eklaviya says don’t be hasty. This car was totally damaged and azan repaired it whole night. I will call whole team. give me some time I will try to get things back in place. Chohan says okay considering the performance of FITE dream team we give you one month. but this is one last chance. Eklaviya says we wont disappoint you. They leaves.

Sanyu finds a letter for both herself and vidushi. Parth and randhir get a letter to. When to open it, they are taken aback as it says from Vardhan. Sanyu reads i tried that you don’t withdraw you admission. I knew you would come back, no one can take engineering from you. when you will be reading this letter i would be gone. Randhir reads there is no student like you in FITE, you are best when sanyu competes with you. I have used this tactics. Vidushi reads you are always looking for shortcuts. when you will be fully responsible? Parth reads, I know parth what you came FITE for, you came for dream team. sanyu reads this is most difficult challenge of your life. Randhir reads i have seen you all grow. Parth reads but now it pains me to see that you have attached to me so much. Vidushi reads, because attachments make you weak. Randhir reads will my absence not make you weak. sanyu reads i don’t know the reason but i have gut feeling that when you read this i wont be around you. randhir raeds, you have to do tasks, the water in tank is toxic, you have to fix in radhir. vidushi readds there is some problem in power house. you have stop phases from sparking. parth reads you have to fix it. Randhir reads sanyu is your partner in this. Parth reads sanyu will be your partner.

They all gather in hall and are shocked to see they have all recieved those tasks. Sahil says why has he given us so basic tasks. radhir says is someone playing a prank with us? Sanyu says but date is written on it. and vadhan knew us this well. parth says they all have vardhan’s signature. yoyo says we need to check the signature, randhir says they are exactly same. sanyu says they look genuine. vidushi says what now? sanyu says lets do the tasks. Vidushi says i can’t do this, i need a break. parth says so do i. sanyu says i will think about it. randir says so will I. they all leave.

sanyu sees some students talking about the taste of water. sanyu goes to the tank and sees that randhir is already working on it. SHe says you will complete it alone? he says you came alone as well. sanyu says i don’t know the letter is genuine or not but the problem is. randhir says i hope we get such letters every year. sanyu says lets do it for vardhan sir. randhir says lets electrify and pruify the water. I am done with testing. sanyu says lets do electro staring directly, sanyu says that’s dangerous. sanyu says i wont let you risk the lives, sanyu says if someone drinks water it will give them shock.

Nikil has got a shock. Eklaviya says there must be some wire in tank. No one will drink tank. SAnyu says you have ruined the machine, they start fighting. Eklaviya comes and says what are you doing? Randhir says i was purifying the water. Eklaviya says who asked you to do this, sanyu says vardhan asked us. Randhir says we got letters from him. Sanyu says we can’t say no to him. eklaviya says you have already insulted him so much, shame on you guys. he leaves.

Vidushi and parth are working on power house, vidushi says in heart he doesn’t care about me at all.She slips on the floor, parth comes to her. Parth says you have to take care about yourself. vidushi says i was already sprained. He picks her up and says i could do this alone. Parth takes her to medical room. He says it will pain just be strong, vidushi says in heart you are here, you are my strength. Parth sprays it. Arpita comes in and asks what happened vidushi? Parth says it sprained. Vidushi says parth are you stay here? He says i will be working on task, don’t worry about it.

yoyo and sahil are working on their task with asiter.Randhir comes to cafe. Renuka comes there, randir says i didn’t pick your call why don’t you understand that i don’t wanna talk to you. she says i went to hospital but you left from there. I just want to spend time with you. randhir says you can only give pain to people. you are responsible for this condition and vardhan’s death. renuka says what are you saying randhir? Randhir says i am right, you care about money more than people. He leaves. Renuka says to sanyu, you must be thinking as well randhir is right. I need a favor from you, please take care of him. you are the only one close to him. sanyu says he doesn’t listen to me but i will try my best. she says thank you so much and leaves.

Sanyu goes to randhir, he is in tears. randhir hugs her. He says whenever i expect something from someone they leave me. First mom, then vardhan and then you/

Precap-sanyu says we are so lucky that vardhan gave us those tasks, randhir says it all looks so scripted who did this? Parth comes with arpita and says i will tell you all.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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